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Amazing Invention: Carry 120+ lbs Easily/ All-Terrain: Monowalker

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The worlds most durable, military grade, largest payload, agile hiking trailer is now even better. Introducing the completed Monowalker fatmate. A truly revolutionary system that takes the back out of backpacking. Hiking is incredibly easy with large loads of gear.

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7 thoughts on “Amazing Invention: Carry 120+ lbs Easily/ All-Terrain: Monowalker

  1. I like it, would put some sort of shark fine bracket in front of the wheel to get over fallen trees/obstacles easyer. Maybe small efficient DC motor to assist on hills.

  2. @canadian prepper Can you please make a video about traveling very long distances. Preferably one about traveling across the US (west to midwest) if possible.

  3. Yes, yes, yes! I have been saying for years that a good cart is incredibly beneficial and a force multiplier for bugging out with more gear. Of course in the snow you’d need a ski attachment. Believe it or not, the wheel should be even bigger. Also, the bottom point of the weight bearing part of the frame should terminate below the axle. This will stabilize the left to right out of balance problem a lot more, which is why the wheel needs to be bigger so the axle is higher and the weight fulcrum can be distributed lower below the axle.

  4. Hi Canadian prepper can you do a countdown list of top 20 skills for prepper/survivalist. Thank you for the good content.

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