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99 WAYS TO DIE in the Apocalypse!!!

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A new hard hitting series that cuts to the chase where discuss all the ways you will meet your maker when the proverbial “ish hits the fan!” With the 8th season of the walking dead zombie apocalypse at hand its time to get down to the nitty gritty details about how you will bite the dust! You’ve heard of 1000 ways to die, well this is the apocalyptic version!

Water Purification (Small filter)

Water Purification (Large system)

Mountain House Food

Anti-radiation (potassium Iodide) tablets

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8 thoughts on “99 WAYS TO DIE in the Apocalypse!!!

  1. Well it’s a little different style than your other videos, trillions and bazillions of people dying? I get it you want to be more energetic and engaging but, and don’t take this the wrong way, it’s not you’re strong suit. Still love your content I just think your best video are the candid and in-depth looks at situations as well as your product reviews. Best wishes from America, officially the shittiest country on earth at present:)

  2. Canadian Prepper, I like your videos, however, reactors have multi-level failsafe systems, even if all power went down. The only way the reactors would melt down is if they were in the epicenter of a disaster.

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