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Spoiled Brats in the Apocalypse!

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7 thoughts on “Spoiled Brats in the Apocalypse!

  1. CA, what will be displayed by those spoiled people is the immediate killing of their love ones. Somehow it must be their fault that their piece of the world no longer have wi-fi and the mall is now an emergency shelter.

  2. You forgot one major thing…..most of those millennial nitwits from the wealthy burbs r probably on prescription meds. Once the chemistry is all outa wack…..then the psychotic behavior really starts

  3. It would be the real life Hunger Games and in the real life version, the majority of people wont survive the first day without their phone…

  4. Hey Canadian prepper I’m in middle school and was wondering what you think would happen to all schools and students in a shtf event

  5. Well, to quote my wife, “welcome to now!” Values certainly have changed, and that is reflected daily in the condition of our society as a whole. We are beholden to the monsters that we have created. And they will become the policy makers of the future, or the brigands of a fallen world.

  6. Some days I have to skip a meal cuz I don’t have time to eat. When that happens i become ill tempered and loopy but I don’t know how I would react if I had to go without food for more than one day !! Getting more food would be the main driver for me who knows who I would beat up or con to get more

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