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Window Smash Test with Security Film: Deter Burglars

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A must have prepping item that will act as a great deterrant to break and entry. Get some here!

Window Security Film (8mm)

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9 thoughts on “Window Smash Test with Security Film: Deter Burglars

  1. What I like about stuff like this the most:
    Where you mentioned for a second that something like this enhances a burglar hurting himself…. you were spot-on; and when a burglar injures himself then there’s a better chance he’ll leave behind DNA.

    Now if a person lives in a large crime-ridden city, then the cops probably wouldn’t collect any blood DNA found at a simple burglary; but in a mid-sized or smaller town the cops will almost certainly collect that found DNA and see if they can’t identify the burglar.

    One burglary (that a friend of mine investigated) the burglar cut himself on the window when he broke it. The burglar actually then ‘helped’ himself to the victim’s band-aids in the bathroom. My friend was able to lift a latent print off the Band-Aid box and identify the burglar that way.

    Anyways long story short: products like this makes the job harder for the burglar. And the harder a burglar has to work, then the more chances he’ll injure himself and leave behind DNA or evidence that will allow him to be later identified. 🙂

    1. Someone broke into my old home in 2015 they broke a window out with a hatchet and dropped the hatchet inside the house, while entering the building the burglar cut his leg and he was bleeding like a deer that got hit with a .308 the police had footprints, tons of blood, and fingerprints on the hatchet they dropped in the house…..needless to say they caught the idiot within a week, and the funny thing is it was my hatchet I stupidly left outside lol

  2. This would work great if you popped the beads off the window before installing. That way you could apply it all the way to the edge of the glass and people wouldn’t be able to see the edge of the material making it work on the outside as well. The window beads would also supply extra grip to the material.

    A consideration before applying would be the age of the glass as old glass gets very brittle. It could be a benefit applying this to new glass as it would stop UV light from the sun deteriorating the glass. New glass can be REALLY hard to break even without protection so this would only serve it better.

  3. Thanks man great video. it would be awesome to see you, Joe Robinet, and John from the prepared mind do a vid together. just sayin.

  4. Hello CP thanks for that video , you should have used gloves with your protective googgles for shattered glass and risks of cuts ? Maybe you would have lost your grip …

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