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KAYAKs vs CANOES for Bugout/ Survival: Pelican Catch 120 NXT

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I review the Pelican Catch 120 NXT Kayak and talk about the benefits of kayaks over canoes.

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7 thoughts on “KAYAKs vs CANOES for Bugout/ Survival: Pelican Catch 120 NXT

  1. tnx for sharing, being in the Netherlands it’s deffo a thing to consider. Lots a water here, and the main large scale thread (besides a Belgian reactor blowing up) is probably large scale flooding. 1954, and a large % of our country being below sea-level, is actually why we build the worlds largest coastal defence system in the world, basically stretching all around our lovely country, some parts of which can be seen from space… one thing i also found rather cool, seeing you all probably know the Eiffel tower in Paris, we have 2 structures as large on either side of one of our rivers, that can actually maneuver a dam into place, in case you are interested.

  2. Great video, CP. I plan on buying one of these soon. One thing I’d like to throw out there as a suggestion. Instead of thru bolting whatever you plan to mount to the deck of the kayak, use epoxy. I’ll check to see if pelican has an epoxy product that works good for the polyethylene material or find it elsewhere. Of course the more stuff you mount, the more stuff you might break or get tangled up in the brush. I’m in the lower midwest. Maybe in the late spring/early summer I can post some videos of catching catfish and stripers from some of the rivers here to see how our boat handles with larger fish. There’s not too many northern pike or muskie where I’m at.

  3. This boat is to a kayak what a bus is to a bicycle. Nice boat, but I wouldn’t call it a kayak. In my book you don’t sit in or on a kayak – you wear it.

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