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Prepping with Pride: Stop Being Paranoid

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7 thoughts on “Prepping with Pride: Stop Being Paranoid

  1. Very well said Nate, damn the words just flow out making perfect sense. I am new to the crowd but definitely not ashamed to talk with people about it. So many great reason to be ready for even the smallest situation.

  2. 2 days ago had an executive from my company approach me ( never happens where I work based on company culture). She is WAY up there. She said she heard about my channel and said she wanted to prepare for her family and asked me for help/advice. Wait…my bosses bosses boss wants my advice?! Done. Talked to her a bit and saids he would do it all right after work. I was humbled, a little flattered and really happy to help.

  3. I believe every one is sort of a prepper…I have supper in my cabinet for tomorrow and this weekend,,,I have knives,forks spoons in the drawer for years,,I have gas outside for cutting the grass,,but it can be used in self sefense or making a fire to warm myself. I have a four wheel drive truck,,its good for snow, but also climbing the mountain road,or taking the wifey to the grocery store….but I consider myself ready at all times for anything…no paranoial here,,, just readiness. Oh and I do carry 24/7……

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