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Barrel Blok Dry Fire Training Aid – Prevent Negligent Discharge

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The Barrel Blok firearms training and safety aid allows you to practice dry fire drills safely without the risk of a negligent discharge. The Barrel Blok makes it impossible to accidentally chamber a round and gives you a clear visual indication that the pistol (or rifle) is safe. They also allow you to cycle the slide and reset the trigger for a wider of variety of more realistic drills. Dry fire drills (or dry training) are a proven way to improve your proficiency with a handgun without going to the range or spending any money on ammo. They just make good sense to me.

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14 thoughts on “Barrel Blok Dry Fire Training Aid – Prevent Negligent Discharge

  1. I practice shooting at the range but always asked myself how to practice drawing and mag changing and 100% make sure I don’t pop a cap on accident. Good product and good video!

  2. Since , as of now , we are in NY still waiting for Confederates to take over the North of America and , obviously , can`t enjoy american Constitution,
    could you make a video on your audio / mic setup ? What camera ? Is it lavalier mike , wired or not ? Connected to video cam or to the digital sound recorder ? Software and thoughts ? Thank you .

  3. I just made this channel I’m doing survival gear reviews…I’ve been subbed on my other account for 3 years

  4. Where did you get that cool flag shirt. Plus, thanks for the Spyderco video…. because of it I bought it. Very cool knife. Even bought one for my son. It will be his first Spyderco.
    Enjoy your video’s..
    Regards , Ray McC (Buffalo NY )

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