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The Near Perfect Survival Tool: Renovo MUV

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In this video I discuss an amazing new innovation from Renovo called the MUV water filter/ filtration system, it is a modular system that allows for dozens of possible practical configurations, filtering out everything from viruses, chemicals and bacteria!

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7 thoughts on “The Near Perfect Survival Tool: Renovo MUV

  1. Query: Does the pump system float on it’s own or while attached with filters? The blaze orange is nice in case you ever were to drop it in water. Altogether I’m pretty impressed and Renovo is a solid company.

  2. Looks like a good kit, so long as you live within its limitations. It ia a modular system where the modules each can do what a number of individual filters on the market do. My ONE issue with this AND most other filters is the limited life of the carbon stage.
    ANY carbon stage will become ineffective by its very nature: carbon bonds to SO MANY different elements and compounds, thereby removing them from the water, that eventually it “fills up”. Yes, it “improves the taste”, but more importantly it removes various harmful or toxic chemicals, heavy metals, “volatile organic compounds”, etc. My preference is a REFILLABLE carbon stage, so you can carry the carbon and recharge that stage periodically.
    However, the most effective carbon stage employs what is referred to as the “torturous path” where the carbon is so tightly packed (essentially into a porous block) that water must be forced though many minute channels. This multiplies the effective surface area of the carbon, letting it bond in more locations with the contaminants in the water, pulling them out more effectively. Granulated activated charcoal will do a good job if packed tightly, but it will never be as good as a compressed block of carbon, whose micro fissures create that torturous path. Those refillable carbon stages I mentioned were my preference use granulated activated charcoal as the carbon stage. These do provide a lot of surface area on all sides of the carbon granules, but they do not do as good a job as a solid block.
    Thus the trade off is carrying multiple carbon stages (with solid blocks of carbon) to replace periodically, or carry granulated carbon (activated charcoal) to refill a carbon stage periodically. It also depends on the “fixed” replaceable carbon stage, and whether it employs a solid block or granules to start with. If it has granules, then it is probably no more efficient than the refillable stages that use granules.
    It also depends on how long you will need to depend upon your filter. If you look at scenarios from the view of a weekend camper or even a two week hiker, then it is far less critical a question than if you look at scenarios involving long term use after most critical infrastructure has ceased to function, the much discussed SHTF scenarios. If you can refill the carbon stage, then you could theoretically make activated charcoal (look it up – charcoal is wood or similar structures [commercial activated charcoal uses ground coconut shells] “burned” [heated to high temperature] in the absence of oxygen, and “activated charcoal” generally refers to using very high temperatures). With some mental and physical effort, creating activated charcoal in an SHTF scenario is not out of the realm of possibility.
    A lot of readers that have gotten this far probably wonder what I carry. I carry two (2) full size filter systems plus several “straw” type filters, though not all at once of course. My primary system is the hand pumped Katadyn Vario, which has a glass fiber jacket filtering to 0.2 um absolute with a center refillable carbon stage. This has a Sawyer Mini 0.10 um absolute filter attached with zip ties as a prefilter (water passes through the Mini before entering the Vario), as well as the Vario’s coarse filter on the intake hose. This means I can backwash the Mini for 100,000 gallons of use, and its 0.10 um will keep the 0.20 um internal filter quite clean for a long time. It should only need periodic carbon recharges.
    My second filter is an older but lightly used Katadyn Pocket filter with a “syringe style” pump. It has an internal silver-impregnated ceramic filter element, and I added an external refillable carbon stage a while back. That external carbon stage is rather bulky, and doubly so since I recently added a Sawyer Mini as described for the Vario above. So much for it being a “pocket” model any longer. I am still wondering about the effect of these additional stages on the pumps in both filters. I am NOT going to do torture tests on equipment I might need in an emergency, not to mention that they are expensive to replace if I destroyed one or both during aggressive testing. I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed… and fall back to the Sawyer + external carbon system if a pump gives out.

  3. Would you not be better off exerting yourselves to getting rid of your international laughing stock of a lisping, mincing, limp wristed traitor you call your PM, his entire cohort of fellow traitors & queer quislings, so that you can set about your massive Islamic invasion epidemic ?
    Playing with toys is ok for boys, when they have nothing more important to deal with, like losing your country, dealing with the enemies within who are focused on your complete destruction, etc. by the way, your portable filtration play module has so many small parts to it that need to be kept together, & replaced , but have the signal advantage of being separately purchaseable; presumably from the middle of nowhere during the event that caused the need for its use ? Does that make sense to no one else ?

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