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NEW! Top 10 Best Mora Knives – Find Your Perfect Survival, Bug Out, Bushcraft, Camping Mora Knife

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Find YOUR Best MORA Knife – REVIEW – Here’s 10 (+2 BONUS) of Our Best MORA Survival / Bushcraft Knives – [Links Below]… Garberg, Basic 511, Companion, Light My Fire, Robust, Classic, Bushcraft Black, Edris and more…

As Promised – Here’s Links to the Blades in this Video:

Mora Companion HC:
Mora Companion Stainless:
Mora Companion Heavy Duty:
Mora Craftline Robust:
Mora Light My Fire:
Mora Bushcraft Black:
Mora Garberg:
Mora 2:
Mora Eldris:
Mora Basic 511:
Mora 164 Hook Knife:
Mora 120 Carving Knife:
Mora Flex:
Mora Fillet Knife:

VIDEO How to Bushcraft and Patina your Mora:


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More Knives We Like:

– GERBER StrongArm:
– KA-BAR Becker BK2:
– OKC Black Bird SK5: :
– (HedgeHog Leatherworks:
– MORA Light My Fire:
– ESEE 4:
– SOG Seal Pup:
– TOPS Brakimo:

MSK-1 Multi-Scenerio-Knife:


More Video You’ll Like:


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8 thoughts on “NEW! Top 10 Best Mora Knives – Find Your Perfect Survival, Bug Out, Bushcraft, Camping Mora Knife

  1. Say Heah Dave, I always heard the Mora 510 was a good one. But by the time I wanted to buy one, it was discontinued. But I got the new version anyhow, which became one of my Fav’s neck knives especially with my Modde Rodent 6 which looks like a Ratmandu on steroids. Years ago, I bought on closeout a Frost Mora 840 Clipper, I didn’t use it that much because it wasn’t a full tang. But when I did use it, it performed great. So when Mora came out with the Mora 2000 and Hatchet Combo, I got the O. D. Green version for just a little more, It became one of my Fav’s Afternoon Delight Combo’s, then I put my Classic #1 on my Bokor Rold Sheath after I ended putting a Nylon Belt Loop on it. Then I found out that Mora had a beautiful hand made line so I got the Forest Exclusive # 277 it’s now one of my Fav’s neck knives, then to color match my knives, I got (2) Eldris in black and green, and permimently put my Kansbol on my Fox Parang Bushcraft Jungle Knife. I love that Combo. I also got the Garberg which I like teaming with my Bokor Aparro Survival Knife. I really like my Mora Stable. Also I would like to Wish You a :
    Thanx You for all the years I’ve been watching your channel, Dilly, Dilly.,,.p

  2. Hello great vid!! u should do a vid like this but for crkt it would be cool 😀 and also a vid on christmas gift ideas like the best gifts and gadgets like u did a year or 2 ago

  3. Agree 101+%-More Knife 4 the $$ gota 20+ yr ole GI issue & still works well LuV um & all g/kids got one also Keep’s going &going 😉

    1. Yikes just saw sign on desk win a mora count me in LuV 2 have one 4 the Wife she didn’t git one yet borrows mine & dull’s it She don’t sharpen knives ever she tried once & ruined a butcher knife so saves them 4me 2 sharpen! TY great video like the evaluaion system U use-always dreamed of owning a wood handle mora maybe someday git lucky

  4. I’ve got 4 mora’s. I really like them, especially for carpentry utility. Am pretty sure my fave is a discontinued model, that might be disappearing from the market,.

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