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My EDC Update | 3V Gear Subrosa Urban Assault Pack – SOB (Stealth Operator Bag)

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Today we do a quick update on some of my EDC as well as a good look at the Subrosa Urban Assault Pack from 3V Gear. It’s part of their new Stealth Operator Bag lineup.

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Zero Grid Cubes:
Zero Grid Organizer:
Dark Energy Poseidon:
Gerber Suspension:
Fenix LD12:

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12 thoughts on “My EDC Update | 3V Gear Subrosa Urban Assault Pack – SOB (Stealth Operator Bag)

  1. The back padding on the paratus (which is the same) is really good, would imagine it would be super comfy on a smaller pack like this.
    My edc pack is starting to wear down ill have to keep this one in mind when im replacing.

  2. I like how you keep everything organized in pouches, best way for sure. Great video Ian thanks, I can totally see why the libtard platform need a safe space after watching this video. You said the word VELCRO

  3. Just purchase a couple of items from 3v and this pack was one of them for edc. I have the outlaw sling pack but I agree sling packs aren’t for me on edc. I am turning that pack to a fishing/outdoor daypack. I also find some lil issues but nothing serious. Instead of four pen slots I wanted something for a backup folder slot. Other than that great pack and is exactly what I was looking for. Great review!

    1. +Gene Skipper that sucks man! Be sure to check out our tribe. We have a bunch of alliance partners and our tribe members get bigger discounts. 25% off 3vg.

    2. MASK Tactical no I didn’t. Purchase it before I subscribe. Definitely will in the future and I’m a huge fan of 3V gear. Great channel and looking forward for more reviews. I’m actually going to be purchasing more items from 3V. The duffel bag was another I got. Got it all on Black Friday and they really took care of there customers with free gifts. Can’t say enough about them.

  4. I like that one.  I am looking for a new “work edc” type pack.  I might have to pick that one up.  Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank for the video!
    I was surprised to see the price point of these bags!
    I may need to buy one in the new year, and if I don’t like it, it’s nearly what I spend on my kids school backpacks anyway, so no biggy.

    Good call on the pen slot. Why not just seam rip that part, and reinforce the bottom yourself? Pretty easy mod to do!

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