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The Rich are Buying Doomsday Bunkers/ Land for SHTF

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It would appear that many wealthy individuals are opening up about their intentions in buying land off shore, but what is the real purpose of all of this?

Silicon Valley preppers

60 minutes: Australia/ New Zealand preppers

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9 thoughts on “The Rich are Buying Doomsday Bunkers/ Land for SHTF

  1. @canadianprepper this is totally a thing. I was a private chef to the owner of treasure island hotel casino. He was 50/50 business partners with President Trump. The guy had a completely underground bunker that was directly underneath his house. This was literally right down the street from Wayne Newton’s old house. I was constantly working with his wife about how to store and maintain their standard of life If anything was to ever happen.

    1. Well… There has been a huge increase in apocalyptic style tv shows and movies. And over the years the “news” has been using key buzz words which guide thought in a certain direction. // end of the world // collapse // doomsday tornado // and so on. In conspiracy circles stories like jade helm are driven up and magnified to the point where a conclusion is reached that it’s being shelled out for fema camps because “society will collapse!” (The longer and unknown remains unknown the wilder the assumptions become) With this much repetitive exposure it drives “apocalypse” scenarios to the fore front of conscious thought in most people who watch a lot of tv or are exposed to “news” stories on a regular basis. Include the internet and how it can reach everyone… how it’s exploited to drive fear porn constantly. It instills fear or worry then directs that emotion to a subject of their choosing. Such as apocalyptic scenarios.

  2. In the event of economic collapse, I envision China steamrolling over New Zealand.
    In the US, most of the liberal voters are long-dead corpses.
    That 0.0001% body mass of the virus example is analogous to Canada immigrating terrorists

  3. I got a school desk, I know they will protect for atomic bombs. we had it seems like 100s of drill in school back in the 50s and 60s.

  4. FIRST, Joel Skousen, who monitors these types of situations and also consults on building secure bunkers and homes, said a few years ago in an interview with Alex Jones that most of the people he had been working for were upper economic echelon, Fortune 500 CEOs, top intelligence and military personnel, etc.
    SECOND, it was pointed out in a lecture by Lloyd Pye (search YT for “Everything You Know Is Wrong”) a full 25% of the continental United States has never been foot surveyed, because the terrain is too rugged. We surveyed the balance of it first by air and then via satellite. I can agree with this, having worked on a survey crew in the mountains and high desert of the Northwestern US when I was younger. As Mr Pye put it, “We are taught that we are masters of all we survey, but we don’t even survey all we are supposed to be the masters of.”
    THIRD, those preppers intending to bug out to “the wilderness” need to realize several things.
    – The areas humans tend to inhabit are the easy access areas, but in dense forest or jungle, or in rugged mountainous terrain, we do not do so well there. If we enter “the heart of darkness”, as Pye referred to dense forest/jungle, we cut it down, cut roads, etc, or we live along the edges of the rivers.
    – The Earth’s magnetic field is weakening as the magnetic pole reversal progresses and the north and south magnetic poles continue to move. It was down 15% in about 2011, and, though it had been dropping (weakening) 5% per century, it was then weakening 5% per decade. Since this magnetic field creates our planetary magnetic shield (the magnetosphere), very soon we will need specialized shelters to survive the increasing radiation that is getting through, that mainly being the ultra violet light content, electromagnetic content, ionizing radiation content (protons and electrons from our sun), and cosmic radiation from outside our solar system. Unfortunately as our planetary magnetic shield weakens, the sun’s magnetic shield (heliosphere) is also weakening. The two are not apparently related but are the results of periodic cycles of our planet and our sun that happen to be aligning in a “perfect storm” allowing increasing radiation to hit our planet.
    – Increased cosmic rays cause increased clouds. This was proposed by Svensmark over 10 years ago, ridiculed by the scientific community, supported by data over the past decade, and recently confirmed by experiments at CERN. Increased cosmic radiation means increased clouds, means increased rain, means more sunlight reflected leading to lower temperatures, and means disruptive weather overall as temperature zones, wind patterns, and ocean current patterns all change.
    – The Sun is going into a Grand Solar Minimum. It is “going to sleep” for a while, and the Earth is going to get colder because of it. This happens every 400 years, and we can clearly see the pattern in the climate record. We are seeing the initial hit of the current cycle in the last few years, both in crop failures and chaotic weather patterns. See the Adapt2030 YT channel for info NOT being reported on this with references to local news reports as well as scientific papers and climate data.

    People need to STOP looking at climate over a few decades, and look at the patterns over hundreds, then thousands, then tens and hundreds of thousands of years. And yes, we DO have that data, but we have only been collecting and making sense of it in the last couple of decades.

    When preparing for the coming decades of climate change, economic disruption, and political unrest / possible war, these are some of the rabbit holes you need to be exploring if you really intend to survive. These are the reasons “elites” and everyone that has the option are building safe living spaces, call them bunkers, shelters, whatever. It IS possible to survive the coming upheaval. These cold periods, the Grand Solar Minimums, happen every 400 years, the last one being the Maunder Minimum, also known as the “Little Ice Age” from about the 1640s to 1720s, during which 1/4 to 1/3 (depending on sources read) the population of Europe, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, China, etc, died of freezing, starvation, disease (probably from lowered immune systems due to starvation), and war. But most people survived. This time we have the GSM at the same time our magnetic shield is weakening, a double whammy. It is going to get interesting in the next few decades. Good luck to us all.
    Adapt 2030 Channel —
    Earth Changes —
    Magnetic Reversal —
    Suspicious0bservers Channel —
    Manuder Minimum —
    PLEASE NOTE: These are science-based information channels. They contain information not being reported elsewhere, and certainly not by the mainstream news media… or much of the mainstream (government supported) science, either. The information on these channels is SCIENTIFICALLY SUPPORTED INFORMATION and NOT opinion or belief. You can find links to all news items and scientific papers and charts mentioned at these sites.

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