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Gold, BitCoin and Prepping: Words of CAUTION…

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I discuss my thoughts on stacking gold and silver for emergency preparedness purposes and the pros and cons of doing so.

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12 thoughts on “Gold, BitCoin and Prepping: Words of CAUTION…

    1. Spot on again Snoop! 🙂 Much to be said about the Super 5 to stay alive, food, water, shelter, clothing and a sense of security along with the Rule of 3’s; 3 minutes without air, 3 hours in extreme weather, 3 days with out water as you spoke about, 3 weeks without food, and 3 months with bad infection. Having self sustaining items to meet immediate needs is priority like CP said. First things first. Thank you for the chat, we could go on and on about this subject matter but most of the warnings fall on deaf ears and people do not heed their own need thinking the just in time delivery system will provide. One only need to look at history events to see that is not true, and denial that nothing will happen is greater than self preservation… beyond me how people can be so naive. Those who live it at one time or another know it. Those who don’t believe it will be the first to conceive it in an event. Thank you for the nice chat, I am always learning too. We are in the learn curve together!

    2. ABCD EFGH No I never study HOBOGLYPHS but I will now thank you for giving me something I need to look into, see that’s why I like reading comments because that’s how I get a lot of knowledge from others thank you ABCD EFGH that’s a word I never heard of it but after I research it I can pass the knowledge to some younger’s to give them knowledge I like to give younger generation some knowledge that schools don’t teach.
      I always tell people young enough to understand to fill milk jugs with water and put them in a cool place out the sun maybe a basement or they can even bury them in a plastic soap 5 gallon bucket with milk jugs in it you may never need it but if the electricity go’s out and the water don’t come out the tap the water you have stored away will be worth more than Gold only 3 days without H2O and your body will shut down I tell them you don’t want to be selling your sister for a glass of water I just use that to get them thinking because sometimes when I get on a roll and have the youngsters thinking about the possibility that the government that they trust can’t help everyone when SHIT does go down.
      I tell them imagine a whole football stadium has to go to the hospital all at once do you actually think the Doctors and nurses can handle everyone at once, that’s a good reason to have your own medical supplies at home as much as you can get and get you some medical books to have to fixs and herb to help heel what is wrong, most of the staff will stay home.
      A good show to watch is After Armagedden ASHTF SCENRIO Marshal Law

    3. Spot on you are Snoop! Not to mention they have their own language, have you ever studied Hoboglyphs? I did for awhile and started noticing them in places I had been by many times without seeing them. Now I look for them and they are quite prevalent. I look under overpasses and spot homesteads often. Great insight on the current plight U 2.

    4. ABCD EFGH yes I’m seeing shit hit the fan for many people right now sleeping out in the streets with what they can carry in a shopping cart or along creeks rivers in Communists California there are so many homeless people everywhere so if it’s a whole wide world scenario they will already have a head start because they are living without right now. They are fishing catching pegins and every edable out there some times they go a lot longer to eat more than someone that has a home.

    5. I am a member of Selco’s school and can say he has real life insight to survival from ground zero to the full spectrum and it’s end. Much can be learned from the voice of experience. Thank you for the upload.

  1. After food, water, and a means to defend yourself; invest in yourself. Practical knowledge, wisdom, and phisical fitness will be an even rarer commodity than any metal or stone.

  2. The only precious metal I have is brass. In a total collapse people aren’t going to give a crap about precious metals. People going to be trading goods and services.

  3. Gold was the only that feed us when I was a kid. Diamond was worththing but can not be cut and weight so a slice of bread was paid in gold. Market would use scale to measure the gold.

  4. It would still be nice to show up to What’s Left of civilization with something in your pocket like gold or keys 2 an account that is distributed globally that nobody can mess with

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