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Two Great Books for Preppers! Going Home & The End

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Going Home by A. American
The End by G. Michael Hopf
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12 thoughts on “Two Great Books for Preppers! Going Home & The End

  1. I’ve read the entire Home series. I particularly enjoy the average man angle. Morgan just put in the thought and work. He is no Superman, just a guy who thinks things thru.

    1. The Going Home series all 9 book are a great read, but I gotta tella sensible prepper James Wesley Rawles does an excellent job and does a fabulous job on his books. Read his first one and you be hook on him as we .

    2. I agree with Nick. I’ve read all the Going Home books along with the author’s other books, like the one on Financial Collapse (helped me get through my CA to OH road trip). I also like the fact that Morgan isn’t a trained Green Beret.

  2. Started listening to Going Home on Audible while in my office and getting work done. He started talking about his 2 heavy duty trash bags he always keeps in his bag and made me laugh. No wonder Sootch likes this books!

  3. Great books. You don’t see a lot of info/advice about surviving roving armed gangs and or people looking to plunder a persons home or farm in a survival situation. Difficult situation for a small family!

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