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Why They Can’t Stand You

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7 thoughts on “Why They Can’t Stand You

  1. I’d appreciate a video about biological warfare preparedness. the people native to America were wiped out by diseases brought from Europe.

  2. When I talk to people about prepping in real life, a lot of them give me excuses for not prepping, reasons why my prepping is pointless. They say dumb shit like, “You can’t prepare for every disaster, so unless you’re really wealthy and ccan buy land, there’s no sense in prepping. Because you might prep for viral outbreak, and it ends up being nuclear war, and you won’t be ready.” or, “Would you really WANT to survive?” And hey, if I DON’T want to survive, I don’t want to go out by starvation, infection, or getting killed by the unprepared. It blows my mind. My preps have been INVALUABLE to me, so many more times than I can count, and I use something from my preps in my daily life, every damn day. Get The Fuqqoutta here. Prepping has saved my ass, time and time again, and I imagine it will continue to do so, even if a major SHTF never happens. (Not to MENTION that I get some super high quality, milspec gear most of the time, that will most likely last longer than my lifetime, and I can pass it down to my son, whether or not SHTF, as long as we survive.)

  3. I think for those that prep within reason, they are not scorned nearly as much as those that go to ridiculous lengths. An example is someone that has to have 25 guns and 100K rounds of ammo when 3 or 4 different types of guns (large and small caliber pistols, rifle, & shotgun) and a few hundred rounds of ammo for each would be more practicable and more than sufficient. Same goes for those that stock enough food to feed 500 people for 30 years or more.
    In addition programs that show the most EXTREME type of prepping (to get the highest TV ratings) also adds to the scorn by others who view these type of preppers as, perhaps, more than a little paranoid, a danger to others, or even as anarchists.

  4. This is a great channel. Just discovered it a few weeks ago, but I have learned a lot. I am fairly new to prepping. I like your practical approach and sound advice. keep up the good work!

  5. The globalists control the schools they control the media they control entertainment they control big Pharma they control the banking etc etc .do you have any idea how many corporations wear New World Order symbolism Massey Ferguson AGCO Allis Chalmers SCA Plastics Corporation Affiliated Foods Decker Foods caterpillar Citgo I’ve seen various aggregate companies wearing this logo and yes it’s even the logo for the us Army and that emblem is found on the back of the US $1 bill, it is the emblem and seal of the Bavarian Illuminati thus satanic secret societies rule the world. The 2004 presidential elections here in the United States seen 2 secret Society members George W bush and John Kerry who are both members of the same secret society (skull and bones) George HW Bush was part of the same group Bill Clinton was part of the bilderberg’s Ford Nixon and Carter were all Bohemian Grove members( for those of you who don’t know who the Bohemian Grove is I suggest you research it and when you see heads of state Governors foreign ambassadors presidents all of which past present and future gathered around and 40 foot Owl statue in the middle of the Bohemian Grove doing mock human sacrifices it should be enough to wake you the hell up as to who really runs this world). so ask yourself when you vote do you really have a choice. so yes obviously they know since they are the ones causing this problem but don’t you worry when they crash the system they will be the first ones there offering a solution and that solution will ultimately put more power in their hands, it’s how they work. thesis antithesis synthesis (crisis reaction solution) if you really want a shocker do a YouTube search On >Albert Pike 3 world wars< because Wars just don't happen on their own

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