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Winter Tip : HotHands Hand & Feet Warmers

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11 thoughts on “Winter Tip : HotHands Hand & Feet Warmers

  1. Really awesome, I need to get my hand on one of these feet warmers. I got cold feet all the time. Happy New Year! Lilly

    1. Survival Lilly i see why , your in much colder climate then us southern boy . Now are you the real survival lilly ? If so i am a subcriber to your restricted channel. Cant wait til your next video.

  2. Lmao in 6th grade camp there were kids taking the toe warmers they brought with them and stuck them all over their chests

  3. I picked up some of the grabber brand Mega warmers and went to use one and it barely got warm after 30 minutes and I shook it put it in a pocket put in my glove blew on it everything I could think of now I have almost 40 of them left. The hot hands I have used before and love them they work great. I keep them in my BOB, in my car and my get home bag.

  4. Need to be careful that you don’t develop chilblains by putting cold hands or feet on a hot surface to warm up – bitter experience putting by freezing cold toes on a radiator and keeping them there.

  5. To help warm your body, buy a bicycle jersey that have the pockets in back. Slip the warmer into the back pocket. It is then sitting over your kidneys and will move the heat through the body via the bloodstream.

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