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Cyberattack and Environmental Catastrophe: 2018-2030

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I discuss the probability of said scenarios.

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10 thoughts on “Cyberattack and Environmental Catastrophe: 2018-2030

  1. Honestly, the US and Europe pushing so hard and spending so much money on third world countries to increase their standards of living has been incredibly foolish. Raising their standards means more of them survive on top of consuming more means there is less for us to consume and drives prices up.

    If anything we should completely cut them off from technology and trade food for resources. There is a limit to populations and materials, and the more people there are, the less space and materials there are per person.

    If the world had left India and Africa well enough alone and only traded for resources and didn’t give our technology and weapons to them, we could rule over them like gods. I’m sure most people would see that as incredibly cruel, but that’s the way things are right now with our technology.

    All this is ignoring the continuous destruction of environment that happens to build more farmland and housing for people, as well as less and less potable water per person.

    It is us or them, and I choose us over propping up others with misguided philanthropy that they never use intelligently. We have far too many within our own borders in desperate need of help to be sending literal billions overseas to foreigners.

  2. Earth could easily support 10x times its current population, food scarcity is a myth produced for scaring people into population control. If you’d be interested in some explanations on the fact look at Isaac Arthurs videos on Arcologies and Ecumenopolis. though we would likely have a scarcity phase before either, mainly due to our form of currency and government though.

    1. Canadian Prepper once we have the tech over pop will not be an issue. But yes I am aware that we have a century or so to go before we are there tech wise. That transition period has the possibility to put a huge detour in our path into the future. As far as the conspiracy stuff that’s a entirely different convo that I do enjoy, not gonna lie??

    2. Ray Koehler they don’t need that for population control. Infertility and personal choice is doing that automatically. Be careful you are not drinking someone’s kool aid 😉 I’ve been on the Georgia guidestone Easter egg hunt for years too. If the ecology of the planet collapses there will be scarcity.

  3. All the more reason to prep and train for this scenario. After A crippling winter storm took out the power in my area for 8 days I started prepping for extreme weather scenarios. Living in a state were you have better odds of getting hit by tornadoes then winning the lottery contingency plans are best not to be ignored. Now pandemics are a factor . we all die sometime.

  4. This is why it’s best to have two sets of solar kits one can be used to be off grid and if EMP etc then use the back up solar kit to at least power up phones, LED lights and CPAP machines

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