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Weight Training Made Simple – Starting Strength Barbell Training

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Starting Strength training system is a weight training program using 5 basic weightlifting exercises: the squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead press. Young trainees also use a power clean.

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17 thoughts on “Weight Training Made Simple – Starting Strength Barbell Training

  1. The simplicity of that program sounds really tempting. And since it seems to be working too makes it even more tempting. I have never been much of a gym type of guy and I have physically demanding work with lots of heavy lifting and stuff( for some 5 years now) with constantly changing shifts and hours. That could be a nice, simple and effective way to exercise at home 🙂 The book might be a worthwhile purchase. Thank you for sharing Bryan 🙂 Big thumbs up!

  2. If you are obese the best thing you can do is lose weight because you carry all that weight on your frame daily. A vegetable and fruit program works good. Get a calorie counter like and weigh-in everyday. Then, hit the weights for longevity & strength

    1. I think it depends on how much overweight you are how to best proceed. But you are right, obesity is so dangerous on so many levels.

  3. Part of the gains might come from working out through the winter when you naturally gain weight??? Also, just doing these basic lifts will cause imbalances in your muscles. For example, you are doing lots of presses and no pulls?? Shouldn’t you be doing a lot of pullups for example??? Doesn’t mean I am not impressed by your progress. I plan on trying this program myself. Thanks for the info and keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I don’t think the season matters. There is no reason to “naturally gain weight” during the winter other than burning less calories by being less active. Weight gain is primarily math. Calories in vs burned. But you are right in that the gains in strength are impacted tremendously by caloric consumption and it’s effect on recovery and subsequent adaptation.

      As for imbalances, the deadlift is a pretty serious pull and, yes, chin-ups and pull-ups are usually added after a few weeks. Apparently, chinups (supinated grip) work more muscles than pullups (pronated grip). You should check it out. And, in the words of the famous Jedi Master Yoda “Do, not try”

  4. I decided to make some lifestyle changes the past couple days. I quit chain smoking cigarettes 2 full days ago. no nicotine gum for 1 full day now. and I’m losing the patch today. Today I also started my workout routine. I just put my bug out bag to test. it has 50 plus pounds in it. mostly clothes, sleeping bag, sleeping bag liner, tent, food, etc… I took it out hill climbing. probably only about 2 or miles to begin with (I did just quit smoking). Took it down some variety of terrain (snowy grassy hills) as well just because I need to be prepared to take my pack off road too. But I figure I will push myself every time I take my pack out to go further. stay on the hills longer. etc.. This first day was great. I feel ripped everywhere. even my forearms feel great. can’t wait to push myself. I even learned that my lashing system of my water bottle on my backpack is no good. My reusable zip ties broke. and my water bottle crashed and chipped a huge chunk of the plastic top off. it’s still useable. Just learned that my water is gonna be hand carried when I hike too. ? I know the shape I have been in I’m gonna be sore tomorrow. I’m already feeling it in my shoulders. Just can’t wait to be healthier.

    1. +Survival On Purpose Thanks for the encouragement. I really appreciate it. It hasn’t been easy. I am still getting cravings. Just not real bad ones. I just try and keep busy too.

    2. Good for you! I quit smoking 20 years ago and I started hiking up a local mountain as a way of getting in shape. I think the hard work and sweat help motivate you to “stay quit” so you won’t have wasted all the effort.

  5. I started at the same time Bryan did. I’m a bit younger than Bryan and so I saw even greater gains than he did. It works, folks. Learn the lifts and dedicate 3 workouts a week and you will get a much, much higher baseline of strength than you have now.

    1. Survival On Purpose I actually had to go 11 days between sessions as me and my whole family got a devastating flu while on our Christmas vacation to California. Spent the whole vacation laid up…not fun. So I did need to do a reset on the lifts. Within 10 days or so, I built everything back up and haven’t looked back since.

    2. Yep. And if you have a set back like an injury or Christmas holidays 😉 just back up the weight a little and reset. It ain’t rocket surgery.

  6. Sorry but you will hit a sure it works to a point. the whole thing to lifting is form. just my opinion.i went from 115lb. to 325lb.bench press but that was i make sure i am doing the lifts slow and steady. your body will tell you if your doing it wrong. im 55 btw. thnx. for info. p.s. at our age watch out for hurting your joints.

    1. Novice gains run out. Starting Strength tells you that from the get go. This program safely and efficiently gets you to that point in 3-6 months on average. You’ll be many times stronger than you were and that’s a very good thing. Then you have to move to Intermediate Programming. The options are many when you get to that point.

    2. Certainly, the ability to continue to increase the weight will slow as the weight gets heavier and I get closer to the limits if my body to recover between workouts. I have already had to buy some fractional plates so I can still add weight to my presses each time. just not as much. And I will eventually need to increase the recovery period and change my programming and spread the increases out over longer time periods, but increase is increase – which means I am getting measurably stronger.

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