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NEW! ESEE Carving Axe and TINY Fixed Blade (And I Mean tiny…) | Shot Show 2018

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ESEE tends to put out just a few new products every year, and this year the carving axe and the Pinch knife stand out. The carving axe is compact and amazingly balanced, and the Pinch knife is perfect to add to a small survival kit or Altoids tin – check it out!

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12 thoughts on “NEW! ESEE Carving Axe and TINY Fixed Blade (And I Mean tiny…) | Shot Show 2018

  1. Esee I love your products as I own several of them great knives as well as any thing you all are putting on the I say IF your not carrying the esee it’s not my fault.Thanks guys.

  2. ESEE have finally gone down the rabbit hole of meme grade mall ninja gear. That axe *shudder* horrific weight distribution for carving and a palm shredding texture on the grip….. don’t even get me started on that micro knife :/

    1. Honestly this kind of comment cracks me up. I’ve been putting this axe and knife in people’s hands all week and gauging their reaction as they hold each. The response has been overwhelming positive…. Never mind the fact that both of these were made by a master bladesmith that’s been making knives for 30 years. To be 100% transparent, when I first saw the axe I didn’t get it either…then I spent all weekend USING it…so maybe….just maybe a rush to judgment with the mall ninja tag maybe a bit premature….

       It’s all good though if you don’t like it by all means steer clear. I just find it odd that people rush to judgement on something they’ve never held, used or even seen in person….

  3. Wtf glad I bought the RB3 before they changed it. Don’t like how they chose what finish will be on my knife instead of letting me put one on. The sheath same as well and was beefy enough the way it was. If anyone needed it thicker maybe they should have learn how to use a knife.

    1. Randall’s Adventure / ESEE I do own the RB3 as I’m not a botoner dought it well break. I am planning on picking up the now I forgot the model it’s the 2.5 model thank you for your time it’s nice to know you all value your customers this much. I will defiantly recommend your product to people more than I already do.

    2. Randall’s Adventure / ESEE I can understand that you want to make your customers happy and as one I am very grateful for that. I really love this knife it is the best manufacturer made knife and sheath in my option out there to date and this still after what is see for the new stuff. I didn’t mean to come off like a dis to you or what you guys do. You guys hit it right the first time I fell dam perfect. Not the you owe me however if possible can you make and option for it without the coating not that I should need to replace just would be nice.

    3. Ash Aphter keeping so many options on hand is tough and very costly to us maintain that level of inventory. If you want one I’d be planning on making a purchase sooner rather than later.

    4. Ash Aphter we had many request a thicker sheath. We listened. Many requested the black oxide finish as well. We can’t please everyone though.

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