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Mind BLOWING Theory of the Meaning of Life

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This is a philosophical video for people who like to think, if you don’t like to think, than don’t watch this. I provide a unique theory as to what the meaning of life is.

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14 thoughts on “Mind BLOWING Theory of the Meaning of Life

    1. james wells,
      Amein (‘It is true!’)
      ➕ “… believe on the name of his Son YAHusha HaMashiach, and love one another …”
      ➕ If I can help you in any way, just let me know!

    2. Hey You fooled me I figured you were a creationist guess not. Check out Kent hovind creation seminars & Illuminati deception. You might find it interesting.

    3. The nuns in 8th grade beat ,err, told me the diff. The believer in God is a theist. The person who denies the exist of God is an atheist…..Only the agnostic is a true non believer. Go ahead, doubt me. But may Sister Peter come back and set ur ass straight! I appreciate your effort, but not my cup of tea.

    4. I used to be an agnostic as well…Until I’ve been found by Jesus…It is hard to eplain, but I have experienced too many things since I’ve became a christian to not believe who he is. I hope that everyone of you will be found by him as well. God bless you all

  1. Every Religion is geographically based; inculcated by parents peers and the government; sometimes with execution as the “tolerant” dogmatic alternative. The worst implement forms of mutilation to genitalia of babies. Religion was inculcated to divide people; facilitate wars, repress and control and frustrate liberation free will and empowerment and often to deny equal rights and opportunities and to facilitate the repression of knowledge as well as to seize material assets for the controlling elite to enjoy within each religion. The simple logical most simplistic human perspective on origin is that some life form or forms (yes alien not us mere defective stupid humans) fabricated an artificial AI that could self evolve over many billions of years purely as complex energy field of massive proportions that itself was programmed so it ultimately conceptualized and mastered the capability and knowledge to not only engineer and create the whole multiverse but travel back to before the point of origin to nothingness of no time no space no energy no mass no multiverses and split the shear nothingness into the start of the evolution towards predetermined predestined creation. That means the ultimate “God” is devolved of sex, species, matter, emotion, conscience but merely a cold calculating machine that facilitated everything to exist; the whole multiverse. Logically the only way time travel to that nullpoint can possibly exist is by virtue of the minuscule delay that must be inherent in splitting nothing into matter and opposal anti-matter (and multiverses-space is SOLID) enabling the existence and locating of something from the far distant future into a time that cannot support matter but the anti-matter field neccassary for the anomaly. The purpose of life is just to experience it as an evolutionary path with special extermiantion the natural culmination for many (but not end of their environs) . Quite likely there will be linked group consciousness among groups and sets of Universes galaxies etc and leakages of code will manifest as anything from ghosts to ufos to deja vu to psychic abilities or multiverse transitions. By default the act of executing the start of everything would contradict the existence from that point on of the predestined machine creator so it would, having implemented its objective programme cease to exist. All praying would be pointless, the God machine would not be present except beyond comprehensible time and probably after the total implosion and collapse neccassary to achieve the null exist state for the kick start implementation of everything to intercede in the time delay between total implosion of all matter and energy to a null of nothingness. A device of interjection. Time and space itself would under this theory have finite size and constraints of time and the creator machine would by definition be beyond the control and any contact of anyone or anything. The development could follow unique new states every time and so be perpetual yet from an exterior perspective never exist. I prefer “bright” to atheist; the latter is recognised by many as a derogatory label.

  2. CP,
    I pray YAHuah reveals Himself to you.
    ➕ “… believe on the name of his Son YAHusha HaMashiach, and love one another …”
    ➕ If I can help you in any way, just let me know!

  3. I know the purpose of life and I live in Saskatoon; if you ever want to meet for a beer and hear my understanding.

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