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25 Rubber Band Survival Uses

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Improvise to Survive! 25 Rubber Band Survival Uses. Taking everyday items for use in a Survival Situation.

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7 thoughts on “25 Rubber Band Survival Uses

  1. You can also use them as a spring, or to replace a metal coil extension spring, or to make something like a lid or door self-closing.. You may need to use a few rubber bands, but they are cheap. Thank you for the video.

  2. Never tried the rubber band on a stripped out screw head, great tip.  You can also just put one around the grip of your Mora Knife and sheath to help secure your knife.

  3. Hey Don, you and I are getting into the supposed “hoarder” mentality and i’m not cool with that, but I have a zip lock of collected rubber bands in my kitchen drawer.

  4. I’d say that’s more everyday use, not so much survival. I wouldn’t have made it with this title. It’s rather deceiving. Other than the fire use, this video was mostly a waste of my time.

  5. Just popped up in my Sub box. Just saying woulda like to watch this but im just finding out now so sheesh..#Censorship

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