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Don’t Dig the Rig- Special Pocket Holster Edition

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Written by Greg Ellifritz


When the weather is nice, I like to get out of my police car and do some foot patrols as often as possible. Every day (if calls allow) I’ll do at least one foot patrol around a shopping center, park, or school.


Last week, a school in my patrol district was hosting both a track meet and a tennis match. I chose that area for my foot patrol since there would likely be a bunch of spectators and I could interact favorably with parents, residents and fans.


While walking around, I found this lovely holster on the front lawn of the school. It was near a visitor parking lot. My guess is that someone was pocket carrying something like a Ruger LCP and had to leave the gun in his car before entering the school. He probably left the holster in his pocket and it fell out without him noticing.


Take a look at the photo. Do you really think this is an adequate carry holster? The area covering the muzzle is completely worn through. The holster is worn, abraded, and actually has some type of fungus colonizing the exterior.


When you start with a cheap pocket holster to begin with, you can’t expect that it will have an unlimited life span. This one is way past its prime.


A good pocket holster will:

1) Protect the gun’s trigger
2) Orient the gun in the pocket for a consistent drawstroke
3) Reduce wear and tear on your clothes
4) Stay in the pocket if you have to draw


This one fails all four of those criteria.


It was so loose and flimsy that the trigger could not have been adequately protected. If the muzzle is poking through the bottom of the holster, it doesn’t make for a consistent draw and does nothing to reduce the pocket damage caused by daily firearms carry. As I found it laying on the ground, it obviously didn’t stay in the pocket well.


Folks, your holster is life saving equipment. Treat it as such. When your holster becomes this worn and damaged, you should definitely replace it.


The good news is that someone is actually carrying their gun so regularly that they wear out a holster.  The bad news is that this holster is an abomination.


We can do better.  This holster costs $10.  Buy a new one if yours looks anything like this.  Better yet, buy a Desantis Nemesis that will never look this bad.





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