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Weekend Knowledge Dump- December 20, 2019

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


4 Qualities Your Concealed Carry Gun Must Have

“Reliability is the single most important element in the selection of a personal defense weapon. The only justification for firing a weapon at a human being is to stop that person from killing or seriously injuring you or a third party. If you need a pistol for real, you need it very badly indeed. Your pistol must work each and every time you reach for it. If it doesn’t, get it fixed or replace it.”



The Rifle Mag as a Monopod

Kate-rifle-as-a-monopod-670x447My experience echoes that of the author and the high speed folks he interviewed.  I use the magazine as a monopod when going prone.  It provides significantly better accuracy and has never caused a malfunction in all my years of training.



Have Guns, Will Travel – Savior Equipment’s Ultimate Guitar Case

When I’m traveling by car outside my home state, I generally like to have a long gun with me.  When I arrive at my destination hotel, I bring the rifle into my room.  I refuse to provide thieves the opportunity to steal guns out of my parked car overnight.  Walking in and out of a hotel carrying what obviously appears to be a rifle case will attract a lot of negative attention.  I prefer to utilize clever products like this guitar-shaped rifle case from Savior Equipment.

I’ve carried the soft sided guitar-shaped case from Hazard 4 with some success.  When carrying my AR-15 “pistols” with the LAW folding stock adapter I’ve also used a “laptop bag” from Sneaky Bags and a simple tennis racquet carrier.  All of those options work great.  You can carry your rifle into the hotel with absolutely zero scrutiny.

If you do try to utilize one of these ruses, be prepared to answer basic questions about your “guitar” or “tennis racquet bag.”  I can’t tell you how many people have asked me about my “guitar” in a shared elevator.  My standard response is something like: “Sorry.  I don’t know anything about music or guitars.  I’m just helping my buddy unload his car.”




I respect the idea of carrying a cheaper knife when traveling or when attempting to covertly test the security officer’s metal detecting abilities at your local concert or sporting event.  With that said, I can’t in good conscience recommend some of the gas station knives this guy carries.  The issue isn’t the lack of edge holding ability that the author mentions.  The real issue is the blade breaking or the lock failing while you are using it for defensive purposes.  The locks on those $3.99 knives are certain to break on you as soon as you stab someone and hit bone,

There are quite a few framelock Kershaw folders with three inch blades on sale for less than $20.   CRKT also makes some quality folders that cost less than $15. Your life is worth at least that much.  



Tweaking Your Wardrobe for Effective Concealment

Quality information for those of you who like to dress in a stylish manner or who have to wear nicer clothes to work.



46 things a young man should know: and counting

A pretty good list.



Transition from rifle to pistol

I like the experimental and data-driven approach to solving the problem.  I agree completely with the author’s advice:

“What should you do? Do you think my recommendation for transition to pistol is incorrect for you? The only way to find out is to go to the range with a timer and find out. You’ll get some meaningful information and along the way you’ll get in some practice, and both of those things are very worthwhile, no matter what result you come away with.”



Survey: Americans Think Most Gun Deaths are Murders (They’re Not)

There is a serious disconnect between who people imagine Americans are killed with guns and the actual reality.  Suicide is bar far the greatest cause of the “gun deaths” in this country.

If you’d like to read some more statistics, check out The CPRC puts in expert report on whether Gun Law Bans Based on Age are Justified



Discrete Tourniquet Carry

An inside-the-waistband carrier for your tourniquet.



Merry Christmas, Bob


My favorite T-Nation article of all time.  A little dose of holiday inspiration for all of you.



14 Best Service Pistols Of The World

Are you curious about the handguns carried by foreign military personnel?  If you travel, you should be.  If you find yourself in need of getting your hands on a weapon quickly, targeting an untrained guard, cop, or military officer would be a good bet.  You should probably know exactly what type of weapon is issued to each soldier and how to effectively use it.  The information in this article is a good first step




Quite possibly one of the most dangerous and pervasive myths in the self defense community.  You’ll also want to listen to Nick on the Art of Manliness podcast. 



Antimicrobial Use in the Emergency Department – Pearls and Pitfalls

For those of you interested in austere medicine. Although I recommend you get a more comprehensive reference (like the Sanford Guide), here are the latest guidelines about which antibiotic is most useful for each infection type.

While on the topic of field medicine, you may also be interested in the Wilderness Medical Society Clinical Practice Guidelines for Spinal Cord Protection.



Tradecraft: How to disable an MRAP for less than $50

Interesting information to ponder.



Vulnerability Is a Synonym for Weakness

“It is not insane to want to be identified by your strengths instead of your weaknesses. Refusing to carelessly share your problems with anyone who will listen is not the same as refusing to acknowledge that you have problems.”

You should read Becoming a Barbarian.



Thieves Are Using Bluetooth to Target Vehicle Break-Ins

Something to consider if you keep electronics in your car.



Ohio Knife Laws: What You Need to Know

I can’t disagree with this analysis of Ohio’s knife laws. Click Clearing Up the Confusion About Ohio’s Knife Laws to see my take on the issue.



What Is the Optimal Human Diet?

A deep dive into the science of eating.



Cops & Criminal Charges: Tips from an Attorney

Excellent legal advice for my police readers.



Accidental shootings by police show training gaps across the U.S., AP reports

The ugly reality of police firearms training.

“The methods used to train officers with their firearms “create the illusion of learning” but are inadequate for the demands of today’s policing”



Concealed Carry Class: The ABCs of Self-Defense Tools and Tactics

What I’m reading…

This is Tom Givens’ recently published book.  You should read it.



A Cop’s Tips for Keeping Young Kids Safe

These are very useful techniques for helping to keep your younger children safe.



Ecuadorian Security Guard Loses His Gun And More

Another example of how open carry does not prevent criminal victimization.  This openly carrying security guard was targeted solely because the robber wanted the security guard’s pistol.  The guard had no physical fighting skills and was unable to draw his pistol during the two seconds he was clawing for it.  The robber shot the guard in the face and took his gun.

Clearly, the victim here was not well trained.  He probably had about the same amount of firearms training as a typical student gets in a day-long CCW class.  If you are carrying a gun without any training beyond your CCW class, why do you think your performance during a life-threatening attack would be any better than his?  Get some real training.



The NRA PPC Course Of Fire

If you have access to a longer range, the old-school PPC course would be something useful to practice a few times a year.



Stop Buying Felonies from Wish!

Please do not be this stupid.



Armed Citizen Stops Spree Killer: the Tumwater WalMart Incident

There were two armed citizens who attempted to stop a criminal from carjacking several people in a WalMart parking lot.  Read why only one of them was able to fire his gun to stop the threat.







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