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Weekend Knowledge Dump- July 26, 2019

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


The myth of the “concealed carry lifestyle”

“Don’t let people assign you to their tribe without your consent. Concealed carry is a tool, not a lifestyle.”



How to Carry Concealed In a Purse (If You Must)

Purse carry is suboptimal, but if you must carry this way, Tamara has some tips to do it best.



Sticky Survival Situation: Family refuse to prepare but plan on coming to my house


A variety of options for dealing with a difficult situation.  More options in Part Two.



A Crazy Situation In A Garage

Here’s an odd gunfight.  The good guy here disarmed the bad guy.  The bad guy had a second gun and drew it less than two seconds after having been disarmed.  Don’t expect that the criminals you face will only have a single weapon.



How to Fall Asleep in 120 Seconds

These will be useful tactics for any of you having trouble falling asleep.



Why Being Sore Doesn’t Mean You’re Getting Stronger


Many of my Crossfitting friends should heed the advice of Mark Rippetoe:

“Soreness is muscular inflammation, and inflammation has effects beyond just the inflamed tissue itself. DOMS across a large muscle mass is systemic inflammation. Like rheumatoid arthritis, it is a maladaptive stress on all the regulatory mechanisms of the body. It can cause cardiac symptoms, sleep apnea, hypertension, vascular disease, respiratory inflammation and bronchitis, and all kinds of unpleasantness. Occasional soreness is a normal part of training, but chronic systemic inflammation for weeks, months, or years on end is a very bad thing for your health, essentially the same thing as a disease. Our biology is not designed to function under these circumstances, and it cannot adapt to chronic soreness any more than it can adapt to starvation. You may get away with it for a while, especially if you’re younger, but it takes a toll.

If you have been operating under the assumption that soreness means progress, re-evaluate your assumptions. Improved performance means progress, and while soreness is an occasional necessary evil, it should never be the objective.”

The author’s book Starting Strength is a great resource for anyone looking to get stronger, not just sore.



Your Comprehensive Guide to Lyme Disease

Last week, I posted a tick bite first aid guide.  Today we will cover what you should do if you get a tick-borne disease.  The author of this article is an incredibly knowledgeable researcher on health care topics. I’ve found his advice to be on point for every health-related topic on which he has written. This is his comprehensive advice on dealing with Lyme Disease.  It might be very useful for those of you who spend a lot of time outside.



Overview of Estonian Gun Laws

Too many American gun owners believe it is impossible to own guns in other countries.  It’s simply not true.  While there may be more hoops you need to jump through to get a gun license, firearms are generally available in most of the world.  I love this series from Forgotten Weapons.  This video explains how the gun laws work in Estonia.



Heavy flow is not massive hemorrhage: Tampons don’t belong in your IFAK

For those of you who haven’t made it to any of my medical classes and still think tampons are appropriate for gunshot wounds.  They are not and this article does a good job explaining why.



Situational Awareness and Positioning


The Tactical Professor drops some knowledge here.  Part two discusses proactive positioning concepts.



Skills Check: Shooting Drills for Restrictive Ranges

Many of you conduct your practice sessions at indoor ranges with restrictive firing rules.  Here are a few shooting drills you can do in a restrictive environment.



Dispassionate Trigger Pulling

Any mindless action while handling a firearm should be discouraged.  You may also like the author’s take on Concealed Carry with Weapon Lights.



Everyman EDC: A Look at What the Average Armed Citizen Carries

Unlike my Don’t Dig the Rig series, this article covers some generally sensible CCW loadouts.



Breaking Down “Civil War 2” – Part Five

Samuel Culper finishes his series on the upcoming civil war by discussing the role of the police and military in our escalating low intensity conflicts.




Tiger McKee takes some familiar malfunction drills and describes them in a language which may resonate better with some of you.


Coordinating chaos: The tactics protesters use to fortify the frontlines

Some of you will find value in the study of the tactics used by large protest groups.



Our database of police officers who shoot citizens reveals who’s most likely to shoot

Some statistics that challenge the dominant media narrative about police shootings.



Clarification on the folding brace thing

An informative piece about the “logic” regarding the ATFs recent policy changes with regards to vertical foregrips on AR-15 “pistols.”



Plaintain – How To Identify and Use This Edible and Medicinal ‘Weed’

A great introduction to one of the most widely available edible and medicinal plants in the eastern half of the USA.  You may also like an article about making a healing plantain salve.



Purdue Researchers Test School Shooting Responses by Recreating One

I’ve been advocating this strategy for a long time.  I’m glad the computer agreed with me.

“Computer simulation of Columbine indicates hiding from a gunman is a poor strategy.”



The “Best Car Holster” Doesn’t Exist

“Car carry has many problems. Fortunately, almost all of them can be overcome by carrying your gun on you (rather than near you in a car holster or similar gadget) when you’re inside your car. Your life is lived in more places than just your car. The need to protect what matters to you most can happen anywhere — not just when you’re behind the wheel. Choosing to carry a pistol for personal defense means carrying the pistol, not leaving it in your vehicle for someone else to pick up. “

You should also read Guns Stolen From Unlocked Cars Does Nothing But Hurt Us.



Everyday Tactical: Keeping Your Hands Free

Keep your gun hand free.”  That simple concept is drilled into the head of every police academy cadet, but I’m not sure if it has filtered down to the CCW folks.  In public, everything gets carried in the non dominant hand.  If holding hands with a significant other or child, they are on the non dominant side. 




The Ruger LCP is one of the most widely carried guns in this country.  You should probably know how to field strip it.



Lone Wolf Gonzaullas, Texas Ranger

What I’m reading…

It’s interesting to read the biography of a lawman who allegedly shot more than 75 people in his career during the prohibition days.  We modern gun carriers can probably learn a few things from men like this.



33 Active Shooter Statistics for Armed Citizens

Thirty-three fast facts for those of you interested in researching active killer events.



Almost… A DQ Stop Turns Ugly

You would be absolutely stunned to learn of the frequency of encounters like this.  People simply do not act rationally.  You must be prepared for action.

The author’s statement: “That’s when I double checked my S&W Model 442 .38 to make sure it was loaded” worries me a bit.  If you are carrying a defensive handgun, you should be certain of its status before you leave your house.



Family Medical Preps – Part 1, by Doctor Dan

A very informative article on medical preparations.



Training to shoot from and through vehicles

“Stacking pillars” is an important concept to understand when working around vehicles.



It’s Time to Come Together.

The “othering” and political bickering has to stop if we want to keep our second amendment rights.

“Now more than ever we need to present a unified front. Liberal, Conservative, black, white, hispanic, gay, straight, trans, Christian, heathen- all secondary concerns. The new standard needs to be ‘If you’re with us you’re welcome.’ Quit with the name calling, belittling and bullshit. Our commonality is greater than that which divides us. As a rather famous wit once said, ‘We must hang together, or surely we will hang separately!’”



How To Handle Yourself In A Flash Mob Looting

“Flash Mobs” are starting to become popular again.  Here is an article which contains video of the most recent flash mob attacks along with some sensible advice should you get caught up in one of these things.



Dressed to Kill: Sartorial Guidance for the Well Armed Man Part XI

Have you ever done firearms/combatives training in a suit?  being a heathen who only wears a suit for weddings, funerals, and court appearances, I have not.  Those of you who wear a suit every day should consider practicing while wearing it.




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