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Weekend Knowledge Dump- December 27, 2019

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


What To Do if Someone Is Following You

Quality tips and reference videos here.



The Spyderco Sharpmaker

The Spyderco Sharpmaker is my favorite knife sharpener as well.



The Best Revolvers For Women

Revolver advice for my female readers.  You may also like this piece on Gender and Weapon Selection.



Glock Guide: DIY Slide Disassembly

Taking your Glock slide apart is easier than you might think.



In The Future, Our Attention Will Be Sold


“Limitless access to knowledge brings limitless opportunity. But only to those who learn to manage the new currency: their attention. In the new economy, the most valuable asset you can accumulate may not be money, may not be wealth, may not even be knowledge, but rather, the ability to control your own attention, and to focus.

Because until you are able to limit your attention, until you are able to turn away, at will, from all of the shiny things and nipple slips, until you are able to consciously choose what has value to you and what does not, you and I and everyone else will continue to be served up garbage indefinitely. And it will not get better, it will get worse.

In the future, your attention will be sold. And it may be that the only people able to capitalize, are the people that can control their own.”



Online Guide To Animal Tracks: Identification Tips & Examples

A useful guide to identifying animals by the tracks they make.



California’s Background Check Law Had No Impact on Gun Deaths, Johns Hopkins Study Finds

More restrictive background checks will not solve our gun violence problem.



Smartphone Surveillance And Tracking Techniques

More information than you might ever want to know about smart phone security.



Field Guide to Reading Kalashnikov Markings


A lot of good information for you AK fans.



Gunshot Wound & First-Aid Kits: Everything You Need to Know to Build Your Own

This is actually a pretty good article about what to include in a gunshot wound first aid kit.  I would argue that most of you shouldn’t read it.  If you are well trained in the art of battlefield medicine, you already know what to include in your kit.  If you are not well trained, you probably can’t effectively use the contents anyway.  Seek training before buying gear.




One more medical skills article for you this week.  Read about best practices for dealing with knife wounds.  Pick up the authors’ Survival Medicine Handbook to use as a future reference in the event that quality medical care becomes harder to get.



Sheet Metal .22 Derringers

Making a gun is shockingly easy.  Thanks to Practical Eschatology for digging up both this link and the smart phone security link above.



Urban Counter-Ambush Tactics

M-WinningEdge-81Ambush attacks on police officers are increasing.  Here is a good refresher on how to avoid being ambushed.  This article from the ITOA is a quality reference as well.  You may also find this article on Off-Duty safety to be useful.



Skills Check: Concealed-Carry Pistol Control Drill

Try this drill with your actual carry gun.  If you can’t clean the drill, you have some work to do.



Bushido: Way of Total Bullshit Everything Tom Cruise taught you about samurai is wrong

You might not know as much about the samurai as you think you do.



Deadly Force Encounters, Second Edition: Cops & Citizens Defending Themselves And Others

What I’m reading…

The original 1997 edition of this book was one of the best references available on police use of deadly force.  This new and updated edition is twice the size and even better.  If you are a cop or are interested in the science of using force, this is a must-have reference.



“The Cost Of Sanity, In This Society, Is A Certain Level Of Alienation”

“We close ourselves off from a full sense of participation in our society when we depart from the consensus worldview, but in closing that door we open so many more. Because, as it turns out, all that effort that people pour into staying on the same wavelength as everyone else closes them off to a vast spectrum of potential human experience. The allure of the mass delusion is that you need to devote yourself to being plugged into it in order to achieve what the mass delusion defines as “success”, but in so doing you lose the ability to leap down psychological and experiential rabbit holes of consciousness that those still jacked into the matrix can’t even imagine. And in so doing you open up the possibility for an immensely more fulfilling and enjoyable life that has really deeply explored the more intimate questions about what it means to be a human being on this planet.”



Debunked: Reasons Why People Don’t Buy A Shot Timer

It’s frightening that fewer than 20% of shooters use a shot timer in their practice sessions.  If you aren’t using one, you aren’t likely to be improving.



Identifying Good Training

“The best instructors are those who have a passion for learning and experience. They aren’t afraid to branch out, to approach new topics, and to see how their skills serve them when they’re outside their wheelhouse. Find an instructor with a combination of experience and training, and make sure those things align with what they’re teaching.”



Rusted: Fixing Found & Gifted Guns

Tips for cleaning up your rusty guns.



Stop Chasing Success. Seek Significance.

seek-significanceVery good advice here…



Harrowing Audio Of A Woman Being Kidnapped

This is an excellent thought exercise.  What would you do if you were awakened by a woman screaming for help?  As bad as the screaming sounds, I would not intervene if I did not know the screaming woman.  I’d get a vehicle description and direction of travel and call 911. 



Wrong kind of record: 2019 was year of most US mass murders ever – study

Some people believe that mass shootings are becoming less frequent.  Those people are wrong.  If you are a mass shooting survivor, you might also find this article to be useful.



Officer characteristics and racial disparities in fatal officer-involved shootings

“We find no evidence of anti-Black or anti-Hispanic disparities across shootings, and White officers are not more likely to shoot minority civilians than non-White officers. Instead, race-specific crime strongly predicts civilian race. This suggests that increasing diversity among officers by itself is unlikely to reduce racial disparity in police shootings.”







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