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Weekend Knowledge Dump- January 3, 2020

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


NO POLITICS Initial Analysis of Murders in White Settlement TX Church

Last weekend’s church shooting in Texas has the internet abuzz.  There is quite a bit of bad information regarding the attack floating around on the web.  John’s video here represents some of the best and most accurate coverage I’ve seen.  Concealed also has an excellent frame by frame In Depth Analysis of Texas Church Shooting Footage.

If you want more information about protecting your church, read Michael Bane’s excellent advice in On Active Shooters in Churches.  If you are a true glutton for punishment, read all the resources I linked to in my church security compendium.



Staying Social: Building Our Voice in the Public Square

An incredibly detailed long form article about best practices for firearms owners who want to successfully navigate social media sites.



Advanced Pistol Drill: The 10 Second Showdown

If you shoot on a range that allows movement towards the target, give this drill a try.



Lessons on Gunfighting from Wyatt Earp

An interview with this legendary old west gunfighter.



Managing Unknown Contacts Is Crucial To Successful Self Defense

 Good video showing how two criminals use a ruse to set up an armed robbery.  There were a lot of warning signs that our victim here missed



Should I “Clean” My Airgun?

This is a topic that doesn’t get much press.  Read the article for advice about cleaning and preventative maintenance for your air rifles.

Since we are talking about weapons cleaning, check out Shotgun Gun Maintenance: A Basic Guide to learn how to best clean and lubricate your scatter gun.



Geographic Evidence that Gun Deaths are Cultural

Fascinating data here.  Open Source Defense has a high quality analysis of the data as well.



Canted Shooting | Precision Rifle Shooting with Todd Hodnett

Some precision rifle information you probably haven’t seen before.



SHTF Armorer: Back to Basics – Rifle Accuracy


Speaking of rifles, this article provides a thorough tutorial about what factors may be negatively affecting your rifle accuracy.



Why Mass Shootings Keep Happening

ESQ_SchoolShootingAn insightful interview with a man who was arrested as he was carjacking a vehicle in route to commit a mass killing.  The man served 10 years in prison for his crime and provides a glimpse into the mindset of an active killer.

“I’d be lying in bed wondering what I was doing wrong. Why didn’t anybody like me? Why was everybody against me? I could have thought, Well, I’m a loser. But I didn’t want to think that. So I started thinking they were losers. I started thinking that they didn’t like me because they were afraid of me—because I had power and they didn’t. Because I was special. And that’s when it all really got started:

“When I began thinking I was special.”

It’s a very long read, but it’s quite useful for anyone interested in stopping rampage killings.



Cognitive bias and risk in extreme sport

“These facts show that our emotional brain is much more important than our reasonable brain in much of our decision making….This is the affect heuristic at work.  The tendency to make poor decisions and ignore statistics based on our gut feelings.”




Some information about the history of Israeli (chamber empty) carry and why it isn’t the best choice for most individuals.




Ballistic gelatin testing of the .44 special round is relatively rare to see.  Here are gel tests on two popular .44 spl defensive loads.



Apocalyptic Thinking Is Wrong

I like good news. 

The author’s point about children provides an interesting perspective:

“Why are more people around the world having fewer children? Incentives, explains Siegel. Rearing children in modern societies costs a lot, both in money and in foregone opportunities and pleasures. Given that about 99 percent of kids born in countries like the U.S. will make it to age 20, parents are choosing to spend more resources on fewer children, who will thereby be more likely to enjoy successful lives. “To put it just a little too crassly, in wealthy societies and increasingly in less wealthy ones, children have become a cost center (some would even say a luxury good), not a profit center,” Siegel observes.”

The concept of children as a “luxury good” partially explains why I have chosen to remain child free.  This is a good read.



Innovating and Re-Inventing the Basics

“I often see many instructors spend 30 (or more) minutes explaining some painfully, simple movement. Some people love all that. Some don’t. But we don’t need to hear about the DNA of the Missing Link through current mankind to show how to punch someone in the nose. Unless you are a virgin geneticist?

Vetted, core, basic things. Oh, like wind sprints. You might say, “How can you innovate a wind sprint? But wait, wait! Innovating coaches and trainers have developed numerous ways to improve your basic sprinting, and they have with all kinds of core basics.

You can’t always innovate. everything, but you can always think and worry about innovation.”



5 Ways to Spot Concealed Carry

Why would you tell everyone about your “ace in the hole?”  Keep all your weapons and equipment concealed.  Read this article and try to avoid providing folks with the subtle clues the author describes.



WARNING: Boy Choked to Death in Violent Backyard Fight (Gracie Breakdown)

Lots to learn from this video.  Those of you who have attended my knife class will realize why I spent some time teaching you how to use your knife to escape from a side headlock that was used in this incident.



Tips on Winter Wear for Concealed Carry from Chris Cerino

“Chris Cerino: Carrying a gun in any fashion, is an acquired taste. It takes time to learn to deal with the responsibility, mindset and discomfort of carrying a gun. There is discomfort, but some of it can be mitigated and alleviated by changing gear, carry position and plain old human endurance. The responsibility is something that causes less anxiety with time on task, knowledge of the laws and confidence built by training. “



Inghimasi – The Secret ISIS Tactic Designed for the Digital Age

It’s important to study terrorist attacks even if they did not occur in our country.  This article describes how jihadi terrorists are working to ensure that all of their future targets will result in significant numbers of fatalities.  They will eventually use similar strategies here in the USA.

“Whilst suicide bombings have instant impact, the attack is over quickly; and media attention focuses on the aftermath. In an Inghimasi operation, taking hostages, and armed with suicide vests, Inghimasi operations hold the attention of the media giving the public an opportunity to share content online, and for the Inghimasi, this extra time allows them to inflict even more casualties – killing dozens with small arms fire before detonating their suicide vests – as was witnessed at the Bataclan theatre in Paris, the Bardot museum attack in Tunisia and the Istanbul airport attack.”

Read my article about Islamic terrorist hostage sieges as well.



Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America from the Culture of Contempt

What I’m reading…



Traffic stop turned to suspect tackling two officers and appearing to suffocate one, police say

Once again, this is who will be coming to save you.

Predictable consequences when two cops (one 5’2″ 130lbs and the second 4’11” and 100lbs) get in a fight with a guy my size who is high on methamphetamine. The two cops get “tacked,” “pinned,” and choked. He takes one of their Tasers.

The tools on the cop’s belt do not make him or her a competent fighter. Tools fail regularly (as the Taser did here). When that happens, cops still have to do the job. There are a large number of them who cannot physically handle the people they need to arrest.

If the average citizen understood how physically inept many police officers are, there would be a whole lot more people carrying guns and training in the fighting arts.

These cops couldn’t protect themselves. Why do you think they can protect you?



The Squib Load

A very well written article on an important topic that doesn’t get as much coverage as it should.  Ammo manufacturers are cranking out cartridges faster than ever.  The hectic production schedule leads to lapses in quality control.  If you shoot enough, I promise you will encounter a squib.



Requisite level of skill

Claude discusses the idea of minimum defensive competency standards and comes to a conclusion that will surprise many of you.  Read Part Two as well.



Gun Confiscation Around The World: Playbook & Results

An analysis of the events that led to gun confiscation in other countries around the world and the implications for American gun owners.



Pocket Preps: Nonmetallic Weapons

Options for those of you who have metal detectors in your life.  Not mentioned in the article are the fine G-10 products created by Zulu Bravo Kydex.  Matt does excellent work and you’ll often find me carrying one of his creations in “non-permissive” environments.



F.A.T. Airsoft Target and Trap Kit

All of my long time readers know that I really dislike dry firing.  I do it, because it works, but it isn’t much fun for me.  I just picked up a couple of these.  I have airsoft and BB versions of my carry gun (Glock 19).  This will allow me to do some indoor airsoft training instead of dryfire work when I can’t get to the range.  I’ll let you know how they work out after I’ve used them a bit.



Attorney Question of the Month

Many times in the past I’ve written about best strategies to deal with the police interrogation after a defensive shooting.  But what if you aren’t the defender?  Should you talk to the police if you are only a witness?  Five experienced firearms attorneys provide their perspective here.

The article is brought to you by the Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network.  I’m a member of the network myself.  I think their legal assistance plan is unique and is a tremendous value compared to other similar organizations’ products.



Ruger Introduces Lite Rack LCP II Chambered in .22 LR

I’m unreasonably excited at this new offering from Ruger.  If the gun works, it will be a great option for some very specific defensive niches.



Rangemaster Monthly Newsletter

I enjoyed all of the articles in this month’s edition; but I especially commend to your attention John Hearne’s look at how the FBI and CDC’s murder statistics are quite disparate.




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