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Weekend Knowledge Dump- August 23, 2019

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


Freaks of Nature: The Guide to Cross-Eye Dominant Shooting

Some options for cross-eye dominant shooters.



Erik Prince: Blackwater’s founder Talks guns, Tactics, Logistics, and Politics

Eric Prince has some interesting ideas about solving some of the world’s problems.



Close Quarters Shotgun Technique

I’m betting that “short stocking” is a shotgun shooting technique with which most of you are unfamiliar.  Read the article or watch the video.  It’s a useful technique to have in your arsenal.  Back in the 1970s-1990s, a shotgun position called the “high tuck” was advocated for a similar purpose.  I actually had to fire rounds from the “high tuck” in my police academy qualifications.  This position keeps the gun in a normal orientation, but the butt is in the armpit (below the shoulder).  The strong arm clamps down and holds the buttstock tightly against the body for recoil control.  Tactical doctrine was to point at the suspect’s belt line.  As with short stocking, the natural tendency is to shoot high.

The method shown here is vastly superior so long as the shooter understands the push/pull method of recoil control.  I really think the old cop instructors advocated the high tuck because it was simpler to teach to unmotivated police cadets.



Arming the West; A Fresh New Look at the Guns that were Actually Carried on the Frontier

What I’m reading…

This is an analysis of the sales records of the largest company that supplied guns to the people in the frontier west.  You would be surprised to note which guns were actually the most popular.  The Winchester rifle and Colt Peacemaker weren’t the “guns that won the west.”

Speaking of historical accuracy, you might also be interested in reading Leather Mysteries, an article about how holsters were made back in the day.



Rationalizing Modern Drug Prejudices

A look at some of the causes of our failed “war on drugs.”  The industries and the experts can’t be swayed from their scripted talking points.  Those talking points look nothing like what science actually tells us about the issues involved.  Read with an open mind.  You are being lied to.



Pistol Drill: 10 Yards, 10 Rounds on RECOILtv Training Tuneups

I’ve been starting every one of my 2019 practice sessions with this drill.  I shoot it cold every week.  It gives me a good barometer on whether I am getting better or getting worse.



Are Mass Public Shootings Seasonal?

It makes me wonder if seasonal affective disorder or vitamin D deficiency play a roll in active killer attacks.



Practicing for your real world

Have you ever heard of “state-dependent memory?”



Stress Inoculation


Here’s another useful point from Claude:

 “Overall, it looks like I’ve stepped up to the plate over 6000 times to stand and deliver while people are watching and, in many cases, waiting for me to screw up.

The value of that much experience at problem solving and having to perform to a standard is incalculable to me. I wouldn’t trade it for anything and I feel sorry for those who deprive themselves of that opportunity. It’s a very valuable form of stress inoculation, readily available to anyone who wants it. But you have to be willing to fall on your face for awhile because I certainly did.”

When I teach, I demonstrate every single drill.  It’s mostly because I want the visual learners to “see” how it’s done.  I hadn’t thought about what I might be learning as well.  After 13 years of full time instruction, I don’t get the slightest bit of nervousness shooting demos anymore.  I think some of the “coolness under pressure” translates to other arenas as well.



Basic Breaching for the common man Part 1 (Doors)


Want to learn how to mechanically breach a door?  Here is all you need to know.  Part Two covers ballistic breaching and breaching windows.  Although shotgun slugs can be used for breaching, they pose a great danger to both people inside and the breacher himself.  I wouldn’t breach with a slug-loaded shotgun.  Part Three deals with fences, padlocks, and ways to pick or shim locks on doors.



Tweaking jiu-jitsu for self-defense pt.1

Cecil talks about important aspects to consider when considering using BJJ as a self defense art.  Read the followup articles as well.

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five



Stay Salty – A Look at Electrolytes

My friend (and two-time cancer survivor) just started a health blog where he is detailing what he has learned in his struggle with cancer while attempting to remain healthy and athletic. 

This post provides a lot of information on electrolytes.  They are not considered by enough people.  I start every day with a glass of water that is seasoned with a bunch of Himalayan sea salt and a dash of lime juice.  All day at work I sip on a homemade electrolyte solution (1/3 low calorie lemonade sweetened with stevia, 2/3 water, and a large amount of sea salt).  I also supplement with both potassium and magnesium daily.



Early American Militias: The Forgotten History of Freedmen Militias from 1776 until the Civil War

A valuable history lesson.  You should also read the followup piece American Militias after the Civil War: From Black Codes to the Black Panthers and Beyond



How Not to Shoot Off-Duty Officers: The Other Side of the Coin

Cutting Edge Training - Home 2014-07-17 10-16-18

Excellent advice from George. It applies to off duty cops as well as CCW carriers. Your appearance and mannerisms are just as important as your actions when you take that gun out of the holster.

Think about the differences in assumptions you would make if you saw me (a muscular, buzz cut, 40-something) wearing a T-shirt and jeans holding a Glock 19 at low ready on the scene of a shooting.

What if it was a 20-something dressed in all black, carrying a Hi Point “gangsta” style?

Who would you be more likely to shoot?

The 20-something may have just legally killed an active shooter, but because of his appearance, he is thought to BE the active shooter. Sometimes I think this is an area that CCW permit holders and off duty cops don’t think enough about.



Armed trolley officer stabs man who went for his gun

A lot of folks say cops never use knives in weapon retention situations. Those people would be wrong. I have over a dozen of these incidents in my records



The Beltway Snipers: Agents of Chaos


It’s hard for me to believe that it has been more than 15 years since the Beltway Snipers were operating.  As such, many of my younger readers may not be familiar with the story.  This is a good summary of their terrorist attacks.



Study – “Acute and Transient Brain Changes” Seen After 9 Minutes of Boxing Sparring

Just three rounds of boxing sparring altered brain function for 24 hours.



Why Solo Female Travel Isn’t “Safe”

“It is critical to understand that safety is not the same as comfort. Just because a place is “safe,” doesn’t mean you won’t encounter different cultural norms that make you uncomfortable. It also doesn’t mean that crime doesn’t happen.

These ideas often get misconstrued and, while getting out of your comfort zone can be a really good thing, it can also be uncomfortable.

Too often, I hear people talk about letting their guard down because they’ve heard a destination is “safe,” and then they are frustrated when they realize that things can still go wrong…especially when they encounter cultural norms much different from their own.

The truth of the matter is you can be unsafe anywhere at any time.”



Concealed Carry Against A Mob: When To Draw

Case studies of five different multiple attacker scenarios.



The Truth About Barrel Length And Velocity

“The main takeaway from all of this is that you cannot use some arbitrary experiment or number to make a blanket prediction about barrel length and velocity. Every load is different, and every gun is different. Some loads need more barrel to deliver maximum performance, and some guns — due to dimensional variations — will produce lower- or higher-than-expected velocities. The often-trusted 25 fps per inch of barrel length is an old wives’ tale, and, well … complete BS.”



Meet Bluetana, the Scourge of Pump Skimmers

Fascinating information on gas pump credit card skimmers and the value of the data they skim.



Jewelweed – How To Use This Medicinal “Weed”

Jewelweed is one of my favorite medicinal plants.  Crush the stalk and spread the liquid on any skin irritation.  It will reduce itching of both poison ivy and insect bites.  I’ve found it also has a mild insect repelling quality as well.



Self-Defense Mindset | When is “Good Enough” Actually Good Enough?

Some perspective on “good enough.”  For a deeper look, check out my article Skill Development- When are you good enough?



Training Versus Practice: Why You Need Both

The true value of a shooting class is that it teaches you what you need to practice.  Without the followup practice, the class will be nearly worthless.

“I find a rather interesting division among most shooters who are to any extend enthusiasts: Some shoot quite often but never invest in good training; thus they merely waste time and ammo not improving due to poor technique. Others, ironically, become training junkies. They find attending firearms classes fun; it becomes entertainment (the combination of training and entertainment) for these folks. However, many training junkies rarely practice. I attended a particular shooting class this past summer and overheard on attendee telling a fellow student that this class was his first time shooting in six months. Think about that. While I applaud this individual for taking training, it does little good if there is no practice being done to maintain and improve the skills learned.”



Why We Can’t Sit Quietly In A Room Alone

“I have discovered that all the miseries of men derive from one single fact: that they cannot sit quietly in their own room.”

This is a good article for everyone to read, but I think it’s even more important for my rookie cop friends to embrace.  I remember the early days when I was on patrol and primed for action.  I got so incredibly bored on the nights when the action didn’t come.   I had to create my own action instead. 

I’d stop every car on the road.  I’d shake down every “suspicious” person a saw.  I was a whirlwind of activity.  Upon deeper reflection and after a couple decades of experience, I realized that very little of my frenetic activity led to any positive changes in my community.  I was fighting my personal boredom by messing with people who broke laws but should have probably been left alone.

Now I relish the peace.  I can’t imagine being bored at work.  To just sit and “be” is now a comforting pastime.  I had to study and learn how to do that.  It didn’t come naturally.  Forcing yourself to be still and let go of your thoughts for a period of time every day is an useful practice.  I’m convinced that it is the rookie policeman’s inability to practice “stillness” that leads to most of the poor police/community relations of late. 

The cop gets bored because there are no hot calls coming in.  He tries to create his own action by stopping a bunch of cars for trivial and meaningless traffic infractions.  The cop isn’t bored any longer.  He thinks he’s doing a good job.  His bosses are pleased by his “stats.”   The person he stops thinks he’s a dick and tells all of  his/her friends about how the cops just like “picking on” people who are minding their own business and who are unworthy of police attention.  How do you think those interactions will influence favorable police/community relations in the long term?

My new cop friends need to learn how to “sit quietly in their own room” sometimes.    Embrace the radio silence.  Practice being present in the moment rather than resenting the fact that you don’t have a backlog of 911 calls to handle.  Just be.  Everything will turn out OK.



Negligent Officers Cause Serious Harm

A couple of really bad police shootings.  The first officer was clearly scared of dogs.  That kind of fear doesn’t lead to positive outcomes.  I’ve been attacked by dogs while on duty.  A front kick or a strike from my baton has driven off all the attacking dogs.  While I wouldn’t judge an officer negatively for shooting an attacking dog, it often isn’t necessary.  I would much rather be bitten than shoot accidentally shoot an innocent person.

In the second shooting, officers allowed a potential threat to get between them.  That’s always bad news.  Although it feels safest to have one officer on either side of the door, it is actually far more dangerous.  Officers should work to avoid allowing a threat to get between them.



Instagram Shuts Down Female-Driven Firearm Page ‘Well Armed Woman’

In last week’s Knowledge Dump, I linked to an article that covered the “de-platforming” of firearms related websites.  Here’s another example.  Even more insidious is the fact that Google’s algorithms steer traffic away from sites they don’t like.

While social media is incredibly easy to use, it is also tremendously vulnerable to the whims of the folks who create and operate it.  Gun rights advocates need to have their own sites and hosts to ensure that other people can’t limit the distribution of ideas that run contrary to those that society “accepts.”

I predict that in the future, people will move away from social media and get their news directly from specialty websites, email updates, or an RSS feed.  It’s a step backwards in time, but it’s the only way to truly ensure  you are getting content from creators you respect.



Spencer Keepers AIWB Carry Skills Class

If you live in Ohio and carry in the appendix position, you need to attend this class.  Spencer Keepers is traveling here to teach his AIWB Carry Skills and Essential Handgun Skills  classes.  Spencer is one of the most technically proficient shooters I know.  I’ve taken quite a few classes from him at various training conferences over the years.  He’s a good dude and a great instructor.  His holster designs have contributed to a resurgence of people carrying their gun in the appendix position.

I don’t know anyone in the world who is better versed in the intricacies of appendix carry than Spencer.  If you take this class, you will be learning from one of the true experts in the field.  I’m working on clearing my personal schedule.  If I am able to drop a couple things, I will be attending this class as a paying student as well.  Don’t miss it.





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