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Weekend Knowledge Dump- January 10, 2020

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


Situational Awareness Skills: Teaching Kids Observation Skills

Good suggestions for those of you who have young children.



Glock Guide: DIY Frame Disassembly

For those of you who don’t know how to remove Glock frame pins.



I’ll Let Myself In: Tactics of Physical Pen Testers

An eye-opening look at how common security precautions can easily be defeated.



CCI Stinger 22 Long Rifle Clothing and Gel Tests


Some good gelatin tests of the CCI Stinger out of a short barreled .22 handgun.  You shouldn’t expect expansion at these velocities in any .22.  While the Stinger performed fine in bare gel, it didn’t penetrate deeply enough through the four-layer denim tests.  The Stinger also has significantly more flash and blast than most other .22 loads.  Flash and blast may be helpful (in scaring off your attacker) but are very harmful to your night vision if you have to use your weapon at night.  The Stinger isn’t a bad choice, but I prefer the CCI Mini-Mag or Velocitor as defensive loads in this caliber.



Why You Should Not Be Running

“Strength extends the limits of your abilities in all the areas we commonly associate with a life well-lived. Your physical ability profoundly affects your confidence, your usefulness, and your willingness to participate in the process of life, and strength training as the basis of your fitness program accomplishes this far better than long slow distance. Adjust your approach accordingly.”

Additionally on the topic of exercise, those of you who use kettlebells will enjoy this article about the difference between the Russian and American kettlebell swings.



Don’t Be Crushed By Your Own Belief System

“Not knowing can be intimidating at first, but once you’re comfortable with it it’s very expansive and makes life extremely enjoyable. When we’re not filtering our experience of the world through a whole bunch of beliefs and labels and “knowledge”, its innate beauty can be deeply perceived. And this makes our time in this weird universe a lot more fun.”



Gunsmithing – How to Extract a Broken Shell from a Rifle Chamber

Having a broken shell get stuck in the chamber doesn’t happen often, but all shooters should know how to fix the problem.



Preparing for 2020: Surviving the Coming Economic Collapse

I might quibble with some of his selections (I don’t think razors will be that important in an economic collapse), but this is a great list to get you started.



The Cunningham Speed Strip

Homemade speed strips for my revolver shooting friends.



Scientists on where to be in the 21st century based on sustainability

A treasure trove of geographic information to help you plan a more sustainable future.



Information Removal: A Strategic Approach

For the security conscious, this article provides a comprehensive and systematic way to remove as much personal information as possible from the internet.



Living in the Deep Brain: Connecting with your Intuition

What I’m reading…

You’ll never go wrong reading Rory Miller’s work.



The Rifle that Wish Built

You can guess what happens when you build a $250 AR-15 out of cheap parts sourced from China.



Decide What You Want

This is probably the most accurate commentary on contemporary policing that I have read.



Horrifying moment man, 48, grabs sleeping woman on the subway and tries to abduct her

Watch this short video as a man tries to kidnap a woman on the subway. Note that the woman’s attempt to ignore the predator was unsuccessful. Lots of people in this position think that if they pay no attention to an attacker, the attacker will go away. That’s seldom the case.

If you were a fellow passenger, would you intervene? If so, how? Physical force? Pepper spray? Firearm?

This is a good thought exercise.



The mythology of the “bad guy”

I think this article provides a very useful perspective.  You should read the author’s book as well.



6 Training Rules for the Washed-Up Meathead

“Washed-up Meathead” is a description that hits dangerously close to home.

I like the protocol suggested by Dr. Serrano near the end of the article and may give it a try.

Speaking of aging bodies, some of you may benefit from the information in The Aging Defender.



MagLULA v. Amazon – Alleged Counterfeit MagLULA And IPR Violations

Lots of counterfeit versions of my favorite mag loader on Amazon. I will cease posting links to this product until things are under a bit better control.



Taking (immediate) action saves lives

John puts average police response time into proper perspective and discusses the importance of being able to respond to emergencies independently from the official police/fire response.



Does Ayoob Hate the XD?

Last month I wrote a post about how horrible the Springfield XD pistol is.  Mas wrote this piece describing a diametrically opposite opinion.  Does that mean one of us is wrong?  Nope.  We are different people with different lives and different experiences.  We can disagree about certain topics without losing respect for the other’s expertise.  I’m linking to Mas’ article so you can read both sides of the story.  There are lots of guns out there.  Pick one that works for you.



An Open Letter to Women Who Want Gun Control

A very valuable perspective on the issue of gun control legislation.  On the same site, you will also want to check out the articles Terry Trahan will be writing.  His experience in the personal protection field is invaluable.



Range Report: S&W 648 .22 Mag K-Frame

I really like the .22 Magnum caliber.  If I was a small game/varmint hunter, I’d give this pistol a serious look.



Here’s Why Jerusalem Artichoke Is a Fantastic Survival Crop

The Jerusalem Artichoke is a plant that grows wild in sunny areas of disturbed ground.  Knowing how to identify, use, and propagate this plant may be useful for some of you.



Come As You Are

“You are not able to use something, just because you stick it down your pants every day. The common fallacy among “preparedness” types is that possession equals skill. Buy a pistol? Combat handgunner extraordinaire. Buy a tricked out Remington 700? Sniper the likes of which Carlos Hathcock could only dream of being. And so on. Thus many people, feeling the need to “do something” in the face of recent events, are buying new tools, or loading their vehicles with tools previously only kept at home. And to what end? Reality says, none.

If you cannot use a thing, it is of no use to you. And even if you can, if you cannot access it, it is of no use to you.

Violence is a come as you are affair.”



Your Money’s No Good Here – Surviving an Economic Collapse

After recently visiting Zimbabwe and seeing the results of a hyper-inflationary economic collapse (take a look at some of the money I collected in the photo above) I think this information should be more widely circulated.



Violent Robber Approaches Stranger Viciously

Many people do not have a mental frame of reference for how quick and violent some attacks can be.  Watch this short video for an education.



Armed Citizens Stop Murderer After Gun Control Fails at Texas Church

The Texas church shooter’s background and arrest record.  Michelle Cerino has a useful analysis on the shooting at Situational Awareness Skills: Texas Church Shooting Take-Away.





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