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Weekend Knowledge Dump- January 31, 2020

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


You Don’t Have to Shoot First; But You Better Do Something!

Some of the science involving reaction times relative to defensive shootings.



Vortex Razor HD Gen III 1-10 – Overview with Steve “Yeti” Fisher

I think this will be the next upgrade I make to my police duty rifle.  Kyle DeFoor seems to like it as well.



“LPVO” : Pros and Cons of the Low Powered Variable Optic

One more on variable powered optics.  I’ve had a LPVO on my police duty rifle for several years now.  I am sold on their utility.  I’ve personally been involved in three different barricade situations where I was able to dial up the magnification and see into the house through a window to watch the suspect inside.  I would not have been able to do that with my red dot.



Learning An Efficient Concealed Carry Draw

While the technique the author discusses is commonly taught, I prefer not to rotate the barrel towards the target until the gun has reached the thumb/pectoral index.  That allows me to more easily clear obstacles like tables or car steering wheels when drawing from the seated position.



PCC Anyone? Control It Like A Pro!

Some tips for running your pistol caliber carbine.



M1 Carbine history: more than the Garand’s little brother

A little history for those of you who are new to the gun game.  This is the 1950s version of the pistol caliber carbine.  You might also enjoy The Carbine Compromise, a 1966 article written by Jeff Cooper on the same topic. 

Read the Cooper piece.  Then contrast it with any recently-published blog post.  The two are very different.  Cooper uses a folksy, entertaining, meandering, and informative style of writing that I don’t commonly see in today’s blog posts.  Today’s “content” is optimized for efficiency.  Every modern web article is much more direct, densely cramming more information into a short article that won’t generate the TL;DR reaction in a distracted reader.

I actually found myself smiling as I leisurely consumed Cooper’s words.  I can’t remember the last blog post that generated a similar reaction.



The Polygraph & Polygraph Countermeasures


How a polygraph works and how to beat it.




A question my police readers should be considering.



What is a Ported Barrel?

A lot of folks don’t understand this technology.  Most instructors won’t recommend ported barrels for self defense guns.  If you have to shoot the gun from a retention position (where the gun is very close to your body), the ports direct hot gasses directly into your face and eyes.  While it won’t likely disable you, it’s sub-optimal for a defensive encounter.



Are You Good Enough to Take a Head Shot When Everything is On the Line?

The recent Texas church shooting has a lot of people talking about head shots.  Read Jeff Gonzales’ take on the topic.



ITAR Firearms Regulations Significantly Lessened

This should make some of you very happy.



Snubnose Revolver Velocity: How Much Do You Lose?

I really wish the author would have included a chart showing his results in this article.  With that said, it still contains good information about gelatin testing of .38 special cartridges from different barrel lengths.



Slow Isn’t Fast…

A valuable training philosophy combined with some shooting drills you can do on even the most restrictive indoor range.

If you can’t make it to the range, read Dry Fire Training: How to Maximize Your Skills Off the Square Range for some tips on setting up a solid dryfire practice routine.



What’s the best distance to practice at for self-defense? It’s not what you think

Here is one more excellent post about how to structure your range trips for maximal combat relevance.  H/T to Practical Eschatology for digging up both this link and the dry fire training article above.



The Best Time To Take Probiotics

In the last few years I’ve had to take several different courses of antibiotics.  They absolutely wrecked my digestive system.  I started using Dr. Ruscio’s suggested probiotic regimen a couple weeks ago.  Within two days, my digestive system became noticeably better.  A lot of the issues I was experiencing simply disappeared.  I would highly recommend any of you with digestive issues follow Dr. Ruscio’s advice very closely.

While you are at the author’s site, take the time to read his followup article Can You Overdose on Probiotics?

Part Three provides dosing instructions



Less F***ing Around & More Training of Takedowns

What our cops need.



5 Essential Drills for Your Home-Defense Shotgun

Some drills you should be practicing with your defensive shotgun.  If you don’t know how to perform these tasks, come to my upcoming shotgun class.



If You Want to Stop Gun Control, Stop Being a Troll

“Society shouldn’t see gun owners as a threat. To do this, gun owners must present themselves as those who care about the defenseless, not as those who will resort to violence should politics or law not go their way. Rather than posting memes about “stupid liberals” or commenting “from my cold dead hands” on some random thread, why not engage in productive discussions and highlight where guns have been what stood between life and death for the innocent?

Why not refuse to react to an emotional outburst from gun-control advocates with your own profanity-laced tirade? Why not refuse to be a troll? If you want to avoid further infringements of your rights, you’re going to need allies, and that will include non-gun owners. It is imperative that gun owners are seen as defenders of the weak, and the silent protectors of many who don’t even know they’re around.”



Bill Jordan , Ej Mcgivern , Herb Parsons

 Old school video of some of the legendary forefathers of our art.

“A handgun is a pretty poor weapon.  It lacks firepower.  It’s difficult to shoot well.  Certainly if an officer knows he’s going to get into trouble he’d take a shotgun…the world’s greatest tranquilizer.”– Bill Jordan



Harm Reduction Ohio launches new statewide service for Ohio residents to order naloxone online

For any of my Ohio readers who have friends or family members who use heroin or prescription narcotics.  Here is a source for free Narcan.



Texas Church Murder/Counter-Murder as Rorschach Test

“Like Rorschach’s inkblots, alas, people see what they want to see.”

…and this is why I choose not to waste time arguing with people on the internet.

Dr. Yamane has also recently updated his list of resources for church security.  If you are interested in that topic, check out the link.



The Ultimate Firearms Industry Guide: Statistics, Trends, and Data

There’s no way that the Sig 365 is the most popular “hunting handgun.”  I also find it hard to believe that Mossberg sold 8% of the total number of handguns made in the USA last year.  While I don’t trust all of this information, there are a whole lot of statistics and resources here that you may find interesting.




John Hearne shares a lot of critically important information for anyone interested in self-protection training in this excellent podcast.



Why You Should Quit the News

After working a couple years as a cop and being involved in a few high profile incidents, I learned that the news media should not be trusted to correctly report any event.  All the news stories I saw covering the events in which I was directly involved had very substantive errors.  It made me think “If all of the events I know about are reported erroneously, why would I think that all of the other news coverage is factual?”

I cancelled my newspaper subscription in 1997.  I stopped watching all TV news in 2009.  Cut the “news” out of your life.  You’ll be happier as a result.



Wild Bill: The True Story of the American Frontier’s First Gunfighter

What I’m reading…

Some of the tricks used by the old west gunfighters are still applicable to armed combat in the modern world.



Pocket Pistol Caliber Ballistic Gel Tests

Lucky Gunner has added a lot of small caliber ballistic gelatin tests to their already comprehensive database.  If you want to see how your .22, .22 magnum, .25 auto, or .32 will perform against a gelatin block, this is a great resource.

For more small caliber ballistic information, check out Tinker’s latest velocity testing on “obsolete” cartridges.



Beijing Doctor Brutally Attacked By Disgruntled Patient

In my experience, people think a lot about self defense scenarios involving being in their houses or out on the street.  Fewer people consider that a disgruntled or mentally ill customer at your workplace could present a very serious risk to your safety.  Take some time today to identify any issues in your chosen employment that might make you more vulnerable to a criminal attack.  Determine where you are particularly vulnerable in your workplace and brainstorm a solution for all the attack scenarios you can imagine.


How to Treat Any Broken Bone in the Wilderness (with Pictures)

A comprehensive guide to fracture treatment in the field.  If you want to make splint construction easy, carry a couple SAM Splints in your medical kit.



A Primer on Protective Masks

With the public’s rising fear of a pandemic flu infection, lots of folks are wondering about protective masks. Here is a good source of information.



Interested in a Snubnose Revolver Class?

I have a host who wants to schedule a snubnose revolver for CCW class. Unfortunately, his normal training crew doesn’t have much interest in the subject matter. I’ll need to get at least 10 open enrollment students to make the class happen..

The class would be on Saturday June 27 on a private range in Millersberg, OH (halfway between Columbus and Cleveland). Cost would be in the $150-$175 range.

Do we have enough interest to make it happen? Not taking registrations yet, but if you are 90% certain you would actually go to this class, please  send an email to  I’ll put you on the tentative list.

If we get enough interest, we’ll do the class.



Facebook Is Making Millions Off A Nationwide Gun Permit Scam

I hope my readers are smart enough to avoid this scam.





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