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Weekend Knowledge Dump- February 14, 2020

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


6 Cheap Tips To Secure Your Home Right Now

Home safety isn’t solely a function of being armed.  Lock your damn doors!



Magazine Springs and More

You do occasionally clean your magazines, right?



The Big M4 Myth: ‘Fouling caused by the direct impingement gas system makes the M4/M4A1 Carbine unreliable.’


Still think the Ar-15 is an unreliable weapon?  You might want to read this article and change your mind.  If your AR-15 doesn’t work, it’s because :

1) It’s a crap gun made by a sub-par manufacturer

2) You are running crap magazines

3) You aren’t lubricating it correctly

4) You have the wrong buffer/buffer spring and extractor springs installed.

Parts ONE and TWO of the series are worth reading as well.

For more AR-15 content, read this Inspection Guide for Gun Buyers.



Can Counterfeit Tourniquets [TQ] Work if It’s All You Have?

Why you should not be using fake CAT tourniquets.



The American Life Is Killing You

“You have to unplug from the machine and take back your life and learn to live with less and sit under trees and read the great minds and create art and listen to music and sound your “barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.”

Quit doing things you hate to impress the faceless people among us.

Decondition yourself from culture, quit suppressing your uniqueness, travel to places that frighten you a bit, learn to embrace silence and solitude a few times a week. And most importantly — you must awaken from your culturally-induced slumber and try to find simple joy among the sacred.”



What You Need For Your First Pistol Class

Basic equipment tips to be prepared for your next shooting class. I would also recommend the device pictured in the author’s photograph above.  The MagLula UpLULA will save you both time and hand strain when reloading countless magazines all day.



The Bigger They Are…

TheBiggerTheyAre-300x169I think the logic behind Michael Janich’s recommendations for kids’ self defense techniques is spot on.  I don’t teach many children’s self defense classes, but I think that the low line kicks he recommends (combined with eye strikes) are the most effective techniques we can teach kids who aren’t large enough to generate power with more traditional strikes.



2020 SHOT Show Revolver Roundup

Everything new and exciting in the revolver world.



Medical EDC: Critical Gear You Should Carry

Some sensible medical carry gear advice.



The Big Book of Post-Collapse Fun

What I’m reading…

I picked this one up when it was free a few weeks ago.  I just read it last week on the beach in Mexico.  I found it to be a very entertaining take on the normally boring apocalyptic novel.  This is the story of a completely unprepared and unskilled millennial who slept through evacuation warnings and was left virtually alone after her state was destroyed by volcanic interruptions and tectonic shifts.



All or Nothing: Unsighted Fire

Ken1-315x227Just this week, I had a friend ask me about “point shooting.”  Todd Green provides the most succinct summary of my current thoughts in this article.

So there are three takeaways from this:

  1. Unsighted fire happens, and more often than we often like to admit.
  2. Practicing sighted fire helps improve your shooting ability even if you don’t focus on your sights under extreme stress.
  3. Practicing sighted fire diligently can maximize your potential to see and use those sights under extreme stress.

As I’ve said many times in class, practicing sighted fire will improve your unsighted fire, but it doesn’t work the other way around.”



Candlepower vs Lumens – It’s Not a Competition

A quick tutorial about the differing ways flashlight manufacturers describe light output.



The Combat Grip

A deep dive into the history of the development of the shooting grip most of us currently use and teach.  The author makes the point that the “thumbs locked down” grip might be better for beginning shooters.  Karl Rehn has mentioned using the same grip when training students who had weak grip strength.



Armed Movement in Crowds Part 1

Steve talks about how dealing with active killers at various different ranged might require differing movement patterns.  Read Part Two as well.



Rangemaster February Newsletter

Read Tom’s newsletter and try his monthly shooting drill.  Opens to PDF.



John Boyd (Patterns of Conflict)

John Boyd (Patterns of Conflict) - Global Guerrillas 2015-02-10 09-30-02

For those of you who don’t recognize the name, Col. John Boyd is the genius who developed the OODA loop for explaining the process of decision making under the stress of combat.  Numerous books have been written about his ideas, but here are the only recordings of Boyd himself lecturing on the topic.  They were painstakingly converted from betamax tapes found in the Marine Corps University archives.



Defensive Gun Uses by those legally carrying guns: 22 cases over six weeks from late June to early August 2019

Utilizing what you learned about Boyd’s theory above, studying real life instances of criminal attacks provides you with a faster “orient” response when you encounter similar behavior patterns.



These activists use makeup to defy mass surveillance

Understanding these concepts may be useful in the future.



Why Retention Holsters Are A MUST

Why I don’t think open carry is a good idea.  Think these kind of incidents are rare?  Read this article to learn about more than 65 similar incidents in the last few years.



Introducing a Firearm to a Woman in Crisis

If you are reading this, you are probably the “gun person” among your family and friends.  Will you be prepared for this request if it comes up?




Those of you who provide church security services should read this article.



How to Develop the Situational Awareness of Jason Bourne

baseIf the words “OODA Loop”  written above sound like a foreign language to you, check out this article.  It covers many tools to increase awareness and provides an introduction to Boyd’s concepts.  The secondary sources cited in the article are excellent and well worth your time to read.



Combat Zero your AR

I agree with max’s advice here.  My work and home defense AR-15 rifles all have a 50 yard zero.  What about if you have a short barreled AR-15 “pistol”?  Read Best AR15 Zero Distances for 16 inch and 10.5 inch Carbines.  The 50 yard zero works great for the shorter barrels as well.



6 Ways To Save Big On Your Next Gunbroker Gun Buy

I’ve purchased a lot of pistols on Gunbroker over the years.  Here are some good strategies to get the best deal.  Want some more Gunbroker content?  Read Gunbroker Review – Where Have All The Good Guns Gone?.



The Value of Spot shooting

Claude discusses the value of a precise aiming point.



The Best .22LR and .22 Magnum Ammo for Self-Defense

I carry the Velocitors in my .22 long rifle guns and the Hornady Critical Defense in my .22 magnums.



“AIWB” Tips and Tricks with Spencer Keepers

I hate watching long videos on the internet.  Spencer is my hero.  He’s distilled the most important aspects of appendix carry into a one minute long video.

I have been testing one of Spencer’s new holster designs for the past couple weeks. I think you AIWB carriers will be blown away when he drops the new model.






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