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Weekend Knowledge Dump- February 28, 2020

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


On Accuracy

“If a defensive handgun works — and will shoot within “one inch-of-felon at ten feet” — it will probably serve you just fine. And what would that mean? I suppose it’s whatever you would be comfortable with. It seems if a gun will work and shoot within a 4″ paper plate at ten feet it will probably protect the “average” you, and even further than that if you need it too. There’s no need for hysterical internet forum arguments and no need to lose sleep over worrying about whether the new Slam-Fire .49 Magnum shoots 1.78″ or 1.96″ at 25 yards, unless it’s just fun to think about.”



Let’s Fix What’s Broken

“…we need to start using the same neurological and physiological “machinery” in training that is required on the street.  Most of what we have people practice doing now is almost completely unrelated to what is required in the real world. Nobody would expect riding a tricycle around in the driveway to produce a competent driver. Yet, this is an effective analogy for what we train people to do in firearms training versus what they actually need to be able to do for real.  What we should be doing is developing the full spectrum of neurological and physiological functions that are required on the street – during all related training.”

Want to dig into this issue with a little more depth?  Read Building Shooters: Applying Neuroscience Research To Tactical Training System Design.



Injured Shooter Carbine, Will Petty

 Useful tips for operating your carbine when injured.



The Best .32 ACP Ammo for Self-Defense

Lucky Gunner conducted a very comprehensive series of gelatin tests using common .32 acp defensive ammunition.  For even more mouse gun ballistic testing, check out this video comparing lots of different rounds fired from a .22 long rifle mini revolver.



Are You Fit? How About Fit To Fight? The Four Key Attributes That Make a Difference!


Mike Seeklander’s ideas about why it is important to include an element of physical fitness into your defensive training programs.  Unlike most articles, he provides a few baseline ideas to get you started doing the work as well.



Stay Solar

“Are you a source of life-giving warmth in the lives of the people around you, or a collapsed sun— a black hole that draws them in and crushes them. Do the people in your orbit and the people you come in contact with every day feel improved by your presence? Do you make the people around you better or worse?

People love to complain, but it doesn’t help them. Be a source of inspiration, not commiseration.

The sun has warmth and energy to spare. What it gives doesn’t deplete it in any meaningful way. 

Don’t operate in a “zero-sum” frame. Most of us are mobile, and we aren’t fighting over some closed, tiny market of friends, potential partners, or potential clients. Adopting an abundance mentality makes you appear more confident and less desperate — and ideally you will also become more confident and less desperate. 

Let the low-energy vermin fight over every scrap in the alley, and turn your mind to greater concerns.”

If you liked this article, check out the author’s book Becoming a Barbarian.




Very few CCW carriers consider that they may have to defend against a contact distance grab for their holstered firearm.

Steve Tarani offers his thoughts on the topic in Maintaining Control of Your Pistol.



Louder Than Words: Behavioral Cues for Situational Awareness

Behavior analysis is an important subset of situational awareness.  If you want more information on this topic, I’d highly recommend that you read the book Left of Bang.



S2 E34: Competence Hierarchies

I’ve been genuinely enjoying Dr. Peterson’s podcast lectures. They go deep. It isn’t shallow entertainment, but I really enjoy his perspective.

If you are starting, this might be a good one to listen to. He explains how our society is run by hierarchies, but not the hierarchies of dominance, paternalism, and oppression that are commonly reported in the media. He argues that we are actually operating under a general hierarchy of competence, and that’s a good thing.

The last 10 minutes of the podcast is his analysis of Socrates’ death. It is masterfully insightful for anyone looking to live a good life and die a good death.



Give them what they want


Kathy Jackson provides an in-depth analysis of a  kidnapping where a woman was carjacked at the ATM and forced into her own vehicle trunk.  While you are on Kathy’s site, you’ll also want to check out her article on How to Win the Bullet Surprise.



A Case For School Armed Security?

A valuable summary of The US Secret Service research study on school violence.  Study link opens to PDF.



Greg Moffatt Knives NPE G10 Shiv

This might be a very good investment for those of you who have metal detectors in your life.  If you like G-10, you should also check out the products made by Zulu Bravo Kydex and No One Coming.



Don’t be a Parrot

“Since I can’t say it better than Musashi, I’ll quote him and let you choose how this article affects you:

‘Go alone to places frightening to the common brand of men.’

There is no single best teacher. Build experience, read, train, think, and above all else, live. Ruffling feathers in pursuit of greater knowledge is an entirely worthwhile trade”



The 10 Commandments of Lifting


Some sage lifting advice from legendary coach Dan John.



Breaking In a Leather Holster

Good information for those of you who haven’t migrated to kydex holsters.  I’ve personally had good luck with the “saran wrap” method described in the article.


Your Doctor and Your Guns

Tips for successfully navigating your health care experience as a gun owner.



The trials of Doc Holliday


Massad Ayoob talks about some of Doc Holliday’s lesser-known gunfights.  For a little more firearms history, read They Called Him Fitz.



What If My Range Only Goes to 100 Yards?

Rifleman-E2-590x443How to effectively use reduced silhouette targets to simulate longer distances when you shoot rifles on a short range.



Glock DIY Build: Safety Checks

Basic safety and function checks that the Glock owner should know how to perform.



Ten ways to improve your home security

Simple ideas that will prevent you from needing to call me to make a burglary report at your house.



Raven: One Boy Against the Wilderness

What I’m reading…

Robert Young Pelton is my travel writing hero.  I’ve loved everything he’s ever published.  This is his first venture into fiction. 



Ohio State cancels police ‘Force Science’ event after community backlash

Absolute hand-wringing hysteria.

The Force Science Institute has conducted more scientific research on the issues of police use of force than any other organization on the planet. Their certification is the gold standard for anyone who provides expert witness testimony or is charged with the investigative aspects of a police use of force case.

The university should be honored to host such a prestigious seminar. The OSU officers attending would have gained an immeasurable amount of knowledge…knowledge about using force in an effective, legal, and reasonable manner.

We can’t have officers actually learning the science behind their tactics. We can’t have well-trained officers who can articulate their actions in court.

The next time you ask “why?” after you see a news report about a cop shooting an unarmed kid, this is the reason. The training that could teach that cop better ways to de-escalate a situation or utilize another force option is cancelled when 486 people (out of a community of of more than 117,000 students and faculty) signed a petition complaining about the police training class.

Cowardly behavior on the part of the university and the police administrators who cancelled the seminar. This is one of the many reasons that I won’t be teaching college classes as a retirement career.



Living in America will drive you insane — literally


“The reality is that with enough helplessness, hopelessness, passivity, boredom, fear, isolation, and dehumanization, we rebel and refuse to comply. Some of us rebel by becoming inattentive. Others become aggressive. In large numbers we eat, drink and gamble too much. Still others become addicted to drugs, illicit and prescription. Millions work slavishly at dissatisfying jobs, become depressed and passive aggressive, while no small number of us can’t cut it and become homeless and appear crazy. Feeling misunderstood and uncared about, millions of us ultimately rebel against societal demands, however, given our wherewithal, our rebellions are often passive and disorganized, and routinely futile and self-destructive.

When we have hope, energy and friends, we can choose to rebel against societal oppression with, for example, a wildcat strike or a back-to-the-land commune. But when we lack hope, energy and friends, we routinely rebel without consciousness of rebellion and in a manner in which we today commonly call mental illness.”

The article Running Amok postulates that a similar phenomenon contributes to the development of active killers.  It’s a very interesting concept to look at.  Both articles are long, but well worth your time.



No, It Is Not Clearly Self Defense

If any of you are excited about the prospect of using a knife for self defense, please read about this incident and pay attention to the author’s analysis.



Brockton Men Wanted For Carjacking

John does a good job debriefing this incident.  I’m honestly surprised that we don’t see far more of these kinds of attack.  I see a lot of people sitting in parked cars with unlocked doors playing on their phones with no clue about what’s going on around them.




I agree with Massad’s recommendation.  This is a “must read.”  You can pick up a copy at



The Levels of Eye Contact

A very good article about different types of eye contact and what each type signifies.

While most of the information is in the context of attracting a potential romantic partner, it also applies to more predatory criminal interactions as well.

The look that a potential lover gives you when he/she thinks you are attractive is the same look that a criminal will display when he sees you as an attractive target.



Mundane Movements: Making CraigsList Transactions Less Murdery

PO1201bike-2-2The Defensive Daddy talks about how to conduct Craigslist transactions without being murdered or robbed.



SALT: Book 1 of The Revengers

My friend Marcus Wynne just published his 11th novel. I think many of my readers will like his stuff.  I bought the book and am really enjoying it so far.

If you aren’t sure about Marcus’ writing style, pick up a copy of “No Other Option.”   It’s free today.



Don’t Get Trapped by Myths

“Instead of imagining events that make us the winner and hero, the defensive shooter is far better off to imagine scenarios when everything has gone wrong. It helps us to evaluate our tactics, our guns, our carry methods and our ability—or lack of the same. And it helps us to take a realistic look at our personal-defense plan.”



The OWL from Cloud Defensive: Overview

I’ve been running the Cloud Defensive OWL on my duty rifle for about six months now. It’s expensive, but it has the longest throw of any weapon light I’ve ever used. I like mine a lot.



Police Body Cam Shooting Video

This is absolutely frightening. Go to around the 6:30 mark to see the foot pursuit and shooting. This officer was  scared to death by an unarmed man seeking to commit “suicide by cop.”

I might also draw your attention to the officer’s “Punisher” arm tattoo and his WWJD bracelet. His self perception isn’t grounded in reality.

Scenes like this happen when we tolerate poor or inadequate police training. In Ohio, it takes three times more training hours to become a licensed barber than it does to become a licensed police officer.

Think about that for a minute. To ensure that your barber doesn’t mess up your haircut, he must undergo 1800 hours of training to get his license. But being a cop requires only 579 hours of training.

That’s grossly inadequate when people’s lives depend on the cop’s skill and ability to make decisions under stress.

I’d really love to tell you that this shooting is an anomaly, but it is not. Stuff like this happens every single day. In this particular case, the officer was criminally charged, but the jury came back with a “not guilty” verdict.

I will be much happier when I can distance myself from this insane career field in a few more months.



Ohio law enforcement annual training ‘critical’; reimbursements inconsistent, tracking questionable

Related to the post above, this article goes into deep detail about how screwed up Ohio’s police training programs are. Unfortunately, I don’t see any long term solution for the problem.





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