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Weekend Knowledge Dump- April 3, 2020

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


Things You May Do That Give Away You’re Carrying A Gun

These are the “tells” people like me look for when we see you in public.  You won’t have to worry if I notice them, but the smart criminals are looking as well.  If I can see them, so can they.  Don’t give up the element of surprise.



How Fast Does a Barrel Erode?

If you geek out on precision rifle minutia, you will really like this article.



The Zeta6 K-PAK and J-STRIP Update

I just purchased a couple of the Sym-Strips.  I will try them at the range and report back if I think they are a valuable addition to the revolver carrier’s arsenal.  If you want another reload option, check out A Critical Look at the New York Reload.



Ammo Rotation with a Heavy Dry Practice Regimen

I think it makes good sense to cycle through your chambered carry rounds.



A Few More 10/22 Cheap Tricks

For you 10/22 fans.  Make sure you read the original article as well.



Defenders Use Their Cars Efficiently To Escape The Danger Zone

I see a lot of people taking various “vehicle gunfighting” courses.  I get it.  I’ve taken a few myself.  It’s fun shooting guns around cars.  With that said, too many people fail to consider that the car itself is often a better weapon choice than your pistol.

Want more car content?  Look at Claude Werner’s analysis of a  different type of vehicle attack scenario in Make Ready Speed.



Wadcutter carry: why I do it

Federal-148-grain-wadcutters-1024x768The full wadcutter load is not a bad choice for the .38 snub.  The only downside is that reloading with speedloaders or speed strips is a little tougher because the sharp shoulder of the bullet doesn’t slide into the cylinder quite as easily as a bullet with a rounder profile.



Drink?: The New Science of Alcohol and Your Health

What I’m reading…

This book provides an astonishing amount of information about all of the effects alcohol has on a person’s body and mind.  The author is a true subject matter expert and has some amazing insights.



In-Fight Weapons Access Overview

If you are interested in close quarters shooting, you must watch this video where Craig Douglas discusses the philosophy he developed as well as the evils of “timing errors” and “floating the gun.”  Link opens to Facebook video.

You’ll also want to watch Craig’s video on Appropriate Extension.



Here’s What I Learned When I Took a Defensive Knife Course

Daisy from The Organic Prepper reports on a recent knife class I taught.  I think some of you will like her content.  Please check out her site.

If you would like to see additional reviews of the classes I teach, visit my Class Reviews and Student Feedback page.



My Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)

A well-stocked kit in a relatively small package.



Can’t Buy a Gun Now? Why Not Use a Black Powder Revolver For Home and Self Defense?

Some unconventional thinking for any of you finding the need for a gun while all the gun stores are closed.

As a teenager, I shot a bunch of rounds through a reproduction .44 1860 Army black powder revolver. It would be a smoky mess to touch off in your house, but I think it would get the job done.



TDI KA-BAR 1493 Investigator Knife Straight Edge

The two primary complaints I hear about the Ka-Bar TDI knife are about the handle being too long and the sheath being poorly designed.

It appears that Ka-Bar has been listening. The new TDI Investigator blade has a shorter handle and re-designed sheath.



The Myth of “Go As Fast as the Slowest Student”

Useful information for successfully managing a classroom (or range) full of students with differing abilities.



Ground fighting against a knife attack

Ground-fighting-against-a-knife-attackA thorough tactical analysis of a two-against-one knife attack that was caught on surveillance video in Brazil.  Here is another video analysis you need to watch if you travel in Latin America.  Recognize that two dudes on a motorbike is a bad sign.  That’s how most robberies and thefts are perpetrated.  The helmets protect the robbers from their victims’ strikes and hide the robbers’ identities.

Watch how the male victim reacts.  As I teach in my ECQ classes, driving a person backwards while trying to control their firearm or stop their draw has some serious negative consequences.  If he falls and achieves separation from you, he is able to use the weapon.  If you drive in, you must stay on him to keep control over the weapon.



A Primer on Radio Communication

I’ve had several recent questions about radio systems.  Sorry folks.  I know absolutely nothing about radios.  I carry the one the give me at work.  That is the sum total of my radio knowledge.  This article may be of assistance if you want to learn more.




Mas provides some ammunition advice for all you new gun owners.



Top 10 types of travel theft (and how to be safe)

dsc0140dxoA fairly in-depth article about the way that thieves operate in foreign countries.  You travelers might also enjoy this article as well: How to Cope With Customs and Immigration.



Dry Practice Safety Procedures

In my classes, I use rope or weed-eater string when the students are handling live guns.  I never thought of using a pipe cleaner.



Skills Check: Distance Shooting

The “Jack Wilson Drill.”



How to Safely Reholster Your Handgun

Speed re-holstering is a personal pet peeve of mine.

“Take plenty of time to safely reholster the gun. It’s essential make a habit of visually ensuring that the gun is safe and your finger is outside the trigger guard, so get in the habit of consciously slowing down the process and checking to be certain that the gun is properly aligned in the holster. Bulky clothing can tie up your hand and your firearm, so clear the path to the holster. Above all else, go slowly and stay safe. A close-range shot to the leg, thigh or foot can have devastating results.”



Beginner’s Guide to Appendix Carry

Trying to decide if appendix carry is something to consider?  This article provides some useful insights.  Some more advice HERE.



Arm Yourself With the Right Insurance

Information about the role your homeowner’s and umbrella liability insurance coverage works in a defensive shooting.





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