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Low Round Count Shooting Drills

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Written by: Greg Ellifritz


Ammunition is now difficult to find and more expensive.  Many ranges are closed.  Because of those facts, I got an email last week from a reader who suggested that I put together a list of shooting drills that don’t involve firing too many rounds.  I thought it was an excellent suggestion.


Here is a compilation of a dozen different shooting drills.  All of them can be completed with less than a single box of ammo.


Shooting Drill- The Mini Casino Drill


Shooting Drill- “Pistol Punto Banco”

Shooting Drill- Justin Dyal’s “Par 5”


1-2-R-3 Shooting Drill



Mind Games: The Benefit of Conscious Contradictions in Training

GFmomentpic-440x293A good shooting drill for you to try…combing fast draws with conscious, deliberate, precision long range shots.



Shooting Drill- The Hateful Eight



10-10-10 Shooting Drill



Dot Torture Shooting Drill


Shooting Drill- Rangemaster Bullseye Course



Shooting Drill: The Cloverleaf



“Five-Second Standard” Shooting Drill



Extend and Press Alternating Targets Shooting Drill


Give these drills a try.  If you do one of them every week for the next three months, I guarantee that your shooting will improve.




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