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Weekend Knowledge Dump- May 8, 2020

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.



The Deadliest Distance

These are some good tips for winning the close range gunfight.  With that said, you can’t learn this stuff by reading.  You must take a class, learn the techniques, and then continue to practice on your own.



Full Stop

While I agree with Mr. Janich that sewing machine-style torso stabs are poor choices for a quick stop, sometimes bio-mechanical cutting fails as well.  I teach a combination of structural cuts and cuts/stabs targeting specific large blood vessels.  I think that each approach has its merits depending on range, method of attack, and the size of the defender’s blade.



Guest Shot: Counter Ambush

A good perspective on counter-ambush techniques for my police readers.



Is the Ruger LCP II .22LR the Ultimate Underwear Gun?

This is one of the few new guns I’m considering purchasing.  I’ll wait six more months or so to allow them to work out the bugs identified in the article.  I think this will be a big improvement over the .380 version.



On Urban Snipers And Their Reach In Modern Conflicts

1 O2m7KrkheT9NPQeAfItz0gInteresting piece on urban snipers and the psychological influence they can have on the battlefield in 4th Generation Warfare.  If you want more information on this topic, check out the book Fry the Brain by John West.



Why Owning A Gun Is A Completely Rational Insurance Policy Against Danger

“Prepping for improbable events isn’t necessarily irrational; it is often wise. Consider this: In 2017, more than 2.7 million people were injured in 6.4 million car crashes. With 327 million people in the United States, this means the baseline probability of you getting injured in a car accident each year is slightly over 0.8 percent.

Now, a 0.8 percent chance might be perceived as pretty good odds. After all, that’s a 99.2 percent chance you won’t be injured. But .8 percent of 327 million still comes out to 2.7 million people each year, which is no small number. Are you willing to bet you’ll never be one of those unlucky few? Probably not.

Although your chances of getting into an accident are small, consider what you stand to lose if you do get injured. Making preparations, such as buying insurance or carrying road flares, isn’t irrational, despite statistical improbability.

With that point in mind, let’s look at the odds of violent criminal victimization. In 2018, 3.3 million people ages 12 and older were victimized in 6 million violent crimes. There were 23.2 violent victimizations per 1,000 U.S. residents ages 12 and older, meaning 2.3 percent of Americans 12 and older were victims of violent crime in 2018. This is much greater than the baseline odds of injury from motor vehicle accidents, for which preparation is rational.

If you have a 1-in-50 baseline chance of being violently victimized each year, wouldn’t it be rational to take prudent measures to protect yourself? I think so.”



How Many Flat Tires Are Worth an Officer’s Life?

Best practices for police use of stop sticks and spike strips.



A Welcome to First-Time Gun Owners

An excellent resource for new gun owners.



Mr. Happy/Frowny Face Decisional Drill

A drill that forces you to think with a gun in your hand.  I can’t begin to describe how valuable this skill set is for the defensive gun owner.



Revolver Vs. Auto: Which Model Fits Your Concealed Carry Needs?


Mas Ayoob explains a few of the differences between revolvers and autopistols that you may not have considered.



The Reality of American Violence

“At first glance, a comparison of American violence and European violence is a prima facie case for stringent gun control. However, a closer examination of American violence reveals that it has little relationship to guns or gun policy. The underlying sociological characteristics that make America more violent than Europe are very poorly understood and warrant further study. As the first step of that important work, researchers should acknowledge that simply attributing American violence to guns and permissive gun policy does not accurately capture the reality of the problem.”



Beyond Beginner Prepping: Building Material

Prepper supplies you may not have considered…



Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted, 2019

If you are interested in improving officer safety, take the time to read the summaries of the events leading to each of these officers’ deaths.



Thinking of putting a red dot on your turkey gun? Do it.

Great advice about shotgun red dot sights.  Although it is geared towards hunters, the same advice would be useful for a defensive shotgun loaded with buckshot or slugs.




Melody shares her first-time gun buying experience.  She learned that the gun she chose didn’t suit her needs.  Melody was smart and got rid of her poorly chosen weapon and bought one that works better for her.  Unfortunately, I see many shooters unwilling to take the shot to their ego and admit they were wrong.  I can’t tell you how many folks I’ve seen who are carrying guns that don’t function well and who stubbornly insist that their weapon is the “best gun in the world.”



Winning a Gunfight Means Winning the Legal Fight, Too – Derek DeBrosse

Derek specializes in firearms law.  This is an informative podcast interview covering lots of important legal issues.



Mythbusting: Bug Out Bag and Bugging Out

“The bottom line is that your bag is to sustain your efforts while you execute a plan. It’s not going to keep you alive. You are. The bag will help bridge the gap.

If your plan is to “bug out”, you’ve already failed. Use some common sense measures to ensure that you have the time to plan and act without being desperate. If desperation happens, you bag should help bridge the gap between the initial panic and a sensible course of action.

In short, your bag is for sustainment of deliberate activity, not “survival”. That’s what your brain is for.”



Bullet Jump Research: Executive Summary & Load Development Tips

If you geek out on precision rifle information, this article is for you.



Store Employee “Nopes” Out Of Armed Robbery

Sometimes, simpler is better when it comes to self defense strategies.



A War Well Lost

drugs This is probably the single most informative piece I’ve ever seen about the history of the drug war and the realities of drug addiction.  It’s very long, but it is worth your study.  I would postulate that if you don’t understand the facts within the article, you are completely incapable of making a rational decision about our national drug policy.  If you only read one article today, make it this one.



May Rangemaster Newsletter

The first two articles in the edition are even better than Tom’s usual high quality fare.  Please check them out.  Opens to PDF.




“Fighting first first, systems second!”



5 Areas Of Concern In The AR-15 Build

Useful advice for those of you building your own AR-15s.



Family Concerns During and After Self Defense

The Armed Citizens Legal defense network recently  posted their May 2020 monthly newsletters.  There are two great articles in this one. 

The biggest request I get from readers is to write more articles about family safety.  Sorry folks.  I’ve never been married and I don’t have any kids.  I know very little about that topic.

That’s why I share pieces like this.  The family safety advice in the lead article is excellent.  Also take a look at Gila Hays’ article about why it may not be a good idea to shoot someone for coughing on you during this pandemic.

For what it’s worth, I am a member of the ACLDN.  While it isn’t an insurance product, it provides assistance with legal costs after a defensive shooting.  It offers a lot of piece of mind for $135 a year.



How to improve your fiber optic sights for FREE, thanks to Strike Industries

fiber-660x290Who knew?  You can make your fiber optic sights brighter by recontouring the light pipe.  Science for the win!



Living in the Long Emergency

What I’m reading…

I’ve enjoyed Kunstler’s perspective for a very long time.  Although we may not agree on a lot politically, I respect his deep thinking on the topic of our likely future.  I’m eager to get deeper into his latest book.



7 Pistol-Shooting Tips For People With Arthritis

Some solutions to allow you to shoot even if your hands hurt.



Some Thoughts on Passing Yet Another Milepost

Michael Bane discusses one of the articles I wrote in this podcast.  He also provides a valuable perspective on the process of aging and how one should live his or her life.  This weekly podcast is one of the best on the web if you are interested in firearms and training.



Get Familiar With Your Carry Ammo With This 20 Round Practice Session

If you were limited to a 20-round practice session, this would be a good selection of drills to use.



How To Throw A Jab | A Comprehensive Guide

A lot of information about an important strike.



Best Concealed Carry Revolver

I would have zero reservations about carrying any of these guns as my primary defensive weapon.





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