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Weekend Knowledge Dump- June 19, 2020

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


Jeff Cooper on .40 handguns

For those of you interested in the history or cartridge development.



Hidden History: The Carcano is the Rifle Used to Assassinate President John F. Kennedy

A little more firearms history for you.



Serpico on Police Racism: ‘We Have This Virus Among Us’

The legendary Serpico discusses modern police racism.



Deadly Dozen: Twelve Forgotten Gunfighters of the Old West, Vol. 1 (Volume 1)

What I’m reading…

Some interesting gunfighting tales that never made it to the popular press..



The Definitive Guide to Protein

Everything you need to know about protein.



Costa Rican Man Gives Attacker What He Wants

Good tips from John.



Another Judge Rules That Ohio’s COVID-19 Lockdown Is Illegal

I would suggest that my Ohio cop friends tread very lightly when enforcing any of our state’s “social distancing” orders. Two entities have contested various aspects of the orders thus far. In the court proceedings regarding these cases, both judges have ruled the Ohio health orders to be unconstitutional.

If these aspects are unconstitutional, why would you think that any of the rest of the act is enforceable?

You don’t want to be the officer to make case law in this current environment.



Scan and Assess


Pat Rogers shares some wisdom about how to conduct a quality after-action scan.



How to prepare for and survive civil unrest

A comprehensive look at surviving crowd violence.  These are good tactics, but it’s even better if you aren’t there.



An Eye-Witness’s Shocking Account of What’s REALLY Happening During the Seattle Riots

Some more crowd violence information.  This is perspective on the Seattle rioting from a National Guardsman who was deployed there for over a week.  You may also enjoy the same author’s How Do You Prepare for a Revolution?



Does insurance cover damage from civil unrest and looting?

One more civil unrest article covering a topic you may not have considered.



A Brief Introduction to Rechargeable Batteries

Having some rechargeable batteries and a good solar charger would be a very valuable addition to your long term survival stash.



The AR for Home Defense: One Expert’s Opinion


Kyle Lamb’s thoughts on using the AR-15 for home protection.  The author’s book Green Eyes and Black Rifles is a must-read on the topic.


How to Clean an AR-15

If the article above convinced you to buy an AR-15, you probably should also learn how to clean it.



Wheelgun Wednesday: One-Handed Revolver Reload – Revisited

Do you know how to reload your revolver with only one hand?  This method doesn’t work as well with snubby revolvers with short barrels.

Need more revolver content?  Read The Revolver Guy’s review of the new Colt Python.



Surviving Vehicle Ambushes

M-VehicleAmbushMy friend Ed Lovette writes one of the most informative articles I’ve seen on the topic of vehicle ambushes.  This one is written for a law enforcement audience, but the lessons and tactics covered are also relevant for the armed citizen.



[Guide] How to Buy a Gun from the CMP?

A comprehensive guide to buying a gun from the CMP.



reloadingA handy technique to practice and remember.  It will work with an AR-15 as well.



How Important Is Shooting With Both Eyes Open?

I get this question a lot.  I think people would be better off worrying about more important shooting topics.  It’s best in most cases to shoot with both eyes open.  With that said, last fall I developed a medical condition that damaged my retina.  My vision in my non-dominant eye is distorted, making it difficult to shoot with both eyes open.  I had to unlearn 40+ years of both eyes open shooting.  Now I primarily just use my dominant eye unless the target is very close.  I haven’t really noticed all that much difference between shooting with one eye or two.



Terrible Tens Pistol Drill

 A good shooting drill to try.




A discussion of diminishing returns in both the physical and tactical training domains.  If you liked the article, check out the author’s book Violence of Mind.



Stockpiling Ammunition: A Thorough Approach

Solid advice here (except the part where he talks about some Ellifritz guy’s recommendations.)



Michael Bane’s “Triggered” TV Show

Thank you to the legendary Michael Bane for plugging my book on his “Triggered” TV show! The book segment starts at the :45 mark and runs for a couple minutes.

You all know I don’t watch many videos and don’t have TV at home. Despite my disdain for television, I try to watch Triggered on a regular basis. Michael puts out the best information on the planet regarding guns and personal safety.

You can buy a copy of my book Choose Adventure on Amazon.



Ballistic Helmet on a Budget: The Tendy Defendy from Citizen’s Armor Co.

A lower priced ballistic helmet for those of you who want to protect your grape but not shell out a grand in cash to do so.  I’d personally wait for the NIJ certification before I bought.



Is My Firearms Trainer Wrong?

How to properly vet your instructor.

“Being a good teacher requires at least two things: knowledge of the material being taught and the ability to convey that information to the people that intend to learn it. It seems, unfortunately, that many of the people involved in firearms instruction lack one or both of these minimum requirements.

Too many of the instructors I’ve encountered don’t know the law, have a tenuous grasp on the use of firearms under pressure and have never considered what they might need to do to help their students understand the information presented. This results in students who misunderstand the law and the proper techniques to employ for personal protection.”



Quickly Zeroing your AK Rifle

A lot of you may have purchased new rifles recently.  If you picked an AK, here’s a quick method of developing an adequate combat zero.



“Adapting To Survive” The Shotgun “Shell Shrinker”

I had no idea that a shotgun “shell shrinker” even existed.



How to Draw a Gun From a Wheelchair

Some tips for any of my readers who use a wheelchair.



What is point shooting?

Caleb talks about the history and evolution of handgun point shooting techniques.






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