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New Website | Active Response Training

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Hey folks!  I just wanted to give you all a heads up on my latest writing venture.

I started a second blog. This one will provide daily links and commentary about travel in general and travel safety in particular. The blog is designed to support my current book and the two other travel books I plan to have out by the end of the year.

The new site is


I’ll share all my future travel-related writings on the new site.  I’m going to curate all of the travel safety articles I’ve written for my primary blog and post them at the Chooseadventurebook blog as well.  My goal is to create a site that is different from most of the other travel sites on the internet. 


I’m going to focus on shorter and more frequent articles at the new blog.  You will find the average article contains around 1500 words here at the Active Response Training blog .  On the new site, I plan to keep the word count down to around 500 words per article to better suit a modern existence characterized by a lack of time for reading. a short attention span, and unsettling impatience.


When things start to slow down in my cop life, I will spend more time building the new site and start a separate Facebook page for the book.  I will get an email update list up and running as well.  I plan on writing five to ten short posts a week on Choose Adventure Book blog.  If you are interested in travel, I think you will like what I am doing with the new blog.


I want to give a very special shout out to those of you who have supported me either through Patreon or through the PayPal donation site.  All of the money you send is earmarked to be used for my web hosting, troubleshooting, and website design costs. 


Those contributions ensure that I am able to continue providing you the accurate written content you want to consume.  With the Covid-related reduction in advertising revenues combined with Amazon’s recent decision to cut affiliate sales commissions by 40%, the Patreon and PayPal donations are the largest sources of income for the site.  You supporters are literally who is keeping the lights on around here.


Again, I thank you.


Have no fear.  This Active Response Training site isn’t going anywhere. I will still keep posting on the normal four article per week schedule you are familiar with here.The new blog isn’t a replacement for the ART site. It’s just a supplement.


If you like to travel, I think you will find some very valuable information at website.


If you haven’t seen my book yet, it’s available in electronic and paperback versions at Amazon.



Some of the above links (from are affiliate links.   As an Amazon associate I earn a small percentage of the sale price from qualifying purchases.

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