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Weekend Knowledge Dump- July 3, 2020

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


PCC Showdown: H&K SP5 vs Kalashnikov USA KP9 vs CMMG Banshee

I get a lot of questions about pistol caliber carbines.  I’m really not the right one to ask, as I don’t own any myself.  Here’s a good comparison of three of the leading PCC guns on the market.



[How-To] Rack a Pistol Slide With Weak Hands

A skill that most amateurs will never master.



If You Ever Wondered How To Paint a Rifle, Read This

BBC provides quality information about how best to change your rifle’s appearance.



Tips on Choosing Ammunition for Your Concealed-Carry Revolver

Good gelatin testing and velocity information for you .32mag/.327 mag fans.



A New Book from Greg Ellifritz…

I thank John from The Civilian Gunfighter for the kind words and review of my book.  The book is currently available on Amazon.



A Tale of Two Mouse-Guns, Pt. 2

Some fun old guns you’ve likely never seen before.



Your Firearm As Your Last Resort

“In conclusion, if you are a new pistol owner, do not think of it as talisman that will defend you magically. It is a tool, and like any tool you must develop a skill set to be able to use it effectively. Get some training. Treat it as your last resort, but be ready to use it effectively if you ever must.”



Nine Defensive Gun Uses Where People Legally Carrying Concealed Guns Have Stopped Crime, Cases From Late August To Mid September 2019

Reading about incidents like these allows you to imagine some of the scenarios you might encounter. Once you can imagine the scenario, you can determine the best way to solve it.



SILENCED: We Live in a Time When Our “Opinions Qualify as Crimes”

A good discussion about how independent media sites are being silenced.



Gas vs. Inertia Semi-Auto Shotguns


An article that explains the differences between gas and inertia operated semi auto shotguns as well as describing the relative advantages of each system.



Masculinity Amidst Madness

What I’m reading…



Why You Feel At Home In A Crisis

A more optimistic look at our current tribulations.  Crises force positive adaptation.  I’ve been training to master the art of thriving in states of violence and chaos for more than 30 years.  So have many of you.  It’s time for those of us who have put in the work to flourish and to carry our loved ones through the fire.



Martial Arts School Names, Death Cults and Bad Business.

What’s in a name?



The Three S Test

Do your favorite techniques pass Dave’s tests?



6 Reasons Why You Should Carry Defensive Tools in Front of the Hips

Salvatore articulates some of the reason I carry my defensive weapons in the front of my body.



The Psychology of Deterring Attackers–Part 2

Critically important information from Dr. Aprill.



Uses for Yarrow


One of my favorite medicinal herbs.  It was once called “Wound Wort” or “Soldier’s Herb.”  It’s a natural antiseptic and blood clotting agent.  It also works well for skin infections and fever.  It grows everywhere.  Take a look at this article and learn how to recognize this one.



Hi-Point C9 Torture Test: 2,000 Rounds

I have to admit a secret fascination with gun torture tests, especially on weapons that everyone “knows” are unreliable.  This test may make you think a little more of the lowly Hi Point. 

I remember the first Hi Point that our officers took off of a criminal.  I was the training officer at the time and it was my job to test fire all of the guns taken from criminals so that we knew if the gun was operable (it might be harder to make a concealed weapons charge stick in court if the gun didn’t work).

I decided to do a little torture testing of my own.  I took the gun exactly as it had been removed from the criminal (no lubrication) and fired 350 rounds out of it as fast as I could load the magazines.  I remember it had seven malfunctions in 350 unlubricated rounds fired.  Not the best track record, but it was way better than I expected it to perform.



How Technology Killed Auto Theft

It’s true.  We rarely take more than a few car theft reports across the whole department in any given year.  When I first started in the mid-1990s I remember personally taking about one car theft report a month.



“Defund the Police”? Start by Repealing the Laws

“Police have too much power, because politicians have too much power. There is little chance that the George Floyd protests and riots will reverse the criminalization of daily life. How many “Defund the Police” activists are also calling for a radical rollback of politicians’ prerogatives to punish almost any activity they disapprove? There will be some reforms and plenty of promises, but as long as cops have pretexts to harass and assail millions of peaceful Americans every day, the outrages will not end. Until protestors realize that the problem is Leviathan, not the local police chief, oppression will continue.”

For more police content, check out A Retired Police Officer’s Plea




Steve Moses discusses some best practices for retention shooting.




I’ve long been able to “flip the asshole switch” and become unpleasant if necessary, but I prefer not to live in that condition.  This article discusses the value in being disagreeable.



Some Suture Basics For The Off-Grid Medic

I teach suturing in some of my medical classes because of demand, not because I think it is exceptionally useful.  People want to learn to sew other people up, even if under most circumstances a novice is better off with steri-strips, tissue glue, or staples.

If you want to learn some suture basics read this article as well as Part Two.

Need more medical stuff?  Read Protocols for Common Injuries from Police Weapons.



Being Basic: Stylist

While I care almost zero about clothing fashion or dressing stylishly, I do care about dressing to conceal my weapons.  This post/video may help you do that.



Gunfighter Moment – Ken Hackathorn


Ken Hackathorn talks about the realities of a gunfight….

“One of the most interesting things that I continue of learn as I study real world shootings is the fact that the degree of difficulty is not particularly high. Most shootings/shootouts require pretty straight forward skills. Running, jumping, rolling and other antics that are popular in the movies rarely come into play for real. Most of the time, it’s just a simple matter of alignment and trigger press. Ranges are rarely more than 10 yards, as a rule more like 5 yards being pretty common. Lighting conditions will be low, but there is usually enough light to see your target and align the gun. “



Pheonix PD banning chokeholds

Cecil shares more than 30 years of choking experience and comments on why banning “blood chokes” is a bad thing.  For another perspective, read Chokes are Choked Out in Police Work.



Think Your Guns are Off the Grid? 6-Ways They are Tracking You

Yes.  You are on a list.  Just visiting this site likely gets you put on a list.  In my mind, the answer isn’t going to be found in ensuring that you do not get put on the list.  Too late.  The solution is adding so many people to the list that the information becomes unusable.



How to Escape Handcuffs, Zipties, and Duct Tape

This is a reasonably comprehensive primer on escaping criminal restraints that would be useful to all my friends who travel internationally.



Rangemaster Newsletter

In this month’s edition of the Rangemaster newsletter, Tom provides some excellent shooting drills and some advice about how to choose the targets you use for training.  Opens to PDF.



Armed Victim Takes Way Too Long To Respond

What happens when the victim is armed but not mentally prepared for combat.




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