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Weekend Knowledge Dump- August 7, 2020

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


What’s the Best 38 Special Ammo for Self-Defense?

Although I wouldn’t put the Lehigh Defense cartridge into my list of the “top loads,” the author’s ballistic testing results provide very useful information for any of you who carry the .38 special.



Why is the Ammo Gone?

“Some industry experts estimate that we won’t see a return to normal inventory levels for 12 months, even when assuming a Republican presidential victory in November. Normal inventory is defined as being able to buy as much as ammo as you want and can afford from the internet or your local retailer. Worse yet, prices may not return to pre-COVID levels for an up to 12 months after that. The long term disruption to the supply chain tends to result in increased costs for manufacturers which will get passed on to the consumer until we see a full economic recovery. Unless one of the factors causing massive demand suddenly changes or disappears, we can expect to see increased prices and rationing for some time to come.”

For more confirmation of this bad news, read Ammo Sold Out Nationwide with Future Supply Unknown.



Bowling with a Pistol? A Guide to Pin Shooting

If you ever get the opportunity to shoot a bowling pin match, do so.  It’s some of the most fun a person can have with in gun in hand.



Matt Haught, Resident Shotgun Expert (Symtac Training)

Active Self Protection has recently released some incredibly high quality shotgun content featuring Matt Haught.  Start with this video and then watch the videos below:

Patterning Four Different Shotgun Rounds (Through Two Different Guns) with Matt Haught

Testing Different Shotgun Ammo In Ballistics Gel

Birdshot Is…For The Birds!

Ballistics Gel vs Shooting at Groceries



Terminal Testing Rubber Buckshot

83c2912b-5f8d-4d39-beea-a06262260edf_zps9ppeh3whSince we are talking about shotgun stuff, have you ever wondered how “less lethal” rubber buckshot performs in ballistic gelatin?  Here is a test.  Three of the eight pellets penetrated a cardboard target that was covered in a T-shirt and entered the gelatin block.  Average penetration was less than an inch.  This round would certainly hurt, but isn’t likely to stop a determined attacker with a diminished pain response caused by drugs, alcohol, or mental illness.



37mm Ammo: How to Load Your Own 37mm Rounds

In all my less lethal instructor courses, I’ve been far more impressed by 37mm less lethal rounds than the “rubber buckshot” fired through in 12 gauge shotguns (like the link above).  Unfortunately, we mere civilians can’t practically purchase 37mm foam baton or rubber buckshot loads.  This article provides information about how to load your own 37mm rounds.  Loading impact munitions into these shells would make a great crowd control weapon, but it likely violates Federal law.  Don’t ever do that.



A Quick History Of Modern Pistol Stances

If you are a handgun instructor who doesn’t know the names and the relative advantages/disadvantages of the primary handgun shooting stances you are doing your students a disservice.



How to hide cash & other valuables in your home [checklist inside]

hideYou should all have a stash of cash money in your homes in order to prepare for a crisis.  Here are some ideas about where to hide it.



AR-15 Ownership – A Basic Guide of Do’s and Don’ts

There are a lot of new AR-15 owners out there.  This article will help keep you on track.  This article about AR-15 sights may also be valuable.  Finally, check out Defensive AR-15 Setup 2: Everything Else.



Controlling Your Fear

“Just because you may experience fear does not mean that you must live in fear. By understanding the mechanics of fear, changing your perspective and managing your expectations, you can control your fear in the face of danger”



Triage for Responder Zero

“This is not a perfect science. As I write this, I hesitate to want to offer any hard guidelines as things can change drastically from one scenario to the other. However, my goal here is to give you tools, not just reassurance. Here is how I would recommend deciding on a treatment order if you had to walk into a situation right now.

Treat the major bleeds first. 
Treat those who can’t breathe second
Treat anything else last”

While you are reading up on medical issues, I might also recommend that you check out Controlling Chaos: Tips for Dealing with Traumatic Injuries.




Have you ever considered that you might have to use your self protection skills to defend yourself from an animal attack?



10 Behaviors of Genuine People

20150316155926-behaviors-genuine-people-brunette-woman-girl-looking-thinkingThere are a lot of uncontrolled egos and false claims in the training industry.  Does your instructor display these important qualities?



The Godsend: The Delta Series Compact AR Tool

For $30, this tool might be a great addition to your range bag if you shoot an AR-15 rifle.



Sam Harris Breaks The Silence on BLM and Police Brutality

“If you care about justice, and you absolutely should, you should care about facts and the ability to discuss them openly.  Justice requires contact with reality.”



Cops are Not Ninjas


Please excuse a little more cop-related content on my very last day of being a police officer.

Police use-of-force attorney Missy O’Linn talks about some of the unrealistic expectations put on today’s police officers.  Another good article about police tactics is The Folly of Police ‘De-Escalation’:

“Yes, a cop who acts as though everyone he meets will try to hurt him is a fool, but a cop who forgets that some people will indeed try is a fool who will probably end up dead.”



Pocket Pistol Primer: Mastering Small Self-Defense Guns

A lot of you carry pocket pistols.  If you do, please consider these suggestions to help you use it most effectively.



The Shooting Drill You’re Probably Not Doing Enough…Or Correct.

flagJohn Mosby discusses one of the simplest (and most important) rifle training drills you should be doing regularly.



The Big Steel Box Conundrum

Listen to Michael Bane’s advice about what to do if you get caught up in a riot in your automobile.

When you are finished with the podcast, read Massad Ayoob’s advice regarding defense against mobs.  Then consider joining the ACLDN



Rally List

This is a useful reference if you want to take the advice above and avoid all types of riots or protests.  This site allows you to search for protests and rallies by state.  Do your homework and stay far away from any such event.



You are your first responder

The Tactical Professor offers some valuable advice about confronting criminals.  You may also like his advice about using a Megaphone for Home Defense.



MANAGING KNOWN CONTACTS: Are Your Friends Working For or Against You?

Don’t be a problem solver for situations that aren’t necessary your problems.



Pistolcraft: Forging Past and Present

What I’m reading…

Reid has put together a unique book that cites a huge variety of primary sources.  The book does a good job merging insights from the past in to a comprehensive guide to current best practices.



What Is M-Lok?

Many of you have newly-purchased AR-15 rifles, but do not yet speak the language.  If you don’t know what M-Lok is, read the article for clarification.



The San Bernardino Shooters: Husband and Wife Psycho Team

Detailed information covering a devastating active killer terrorist attack that was perpetrated five years ago.



Off-Body CCW For the Disabled: Why & How

Self protection strategies for the disabled is a topic that doesn’t get as much coverage as it should.



The Pistol-Caliber carbine for defense

Although I do not own a pistol-caliber carbine, I think they have utility in many home defense scenarios, especially if the defender has issues with blast and recoil.




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