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Weekend Knowledge Dump- August 21, 2020

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


The Top 5 Low Round Count Drills

Ammunition is expensive right now.  Here are a few valuable low round count shooting drills to keep your skill levels up.  Do you have some ammo stockpiled?  If so, try Four Key Systematic Drills for Handgun Skill Development.



Civil War Huckleberries

“We’re entering a period in which reason is ineffective. We’ve given ourselves over to the chaos, and no different than a bar fight, those who step in with reason and attempt to de-escalate more often than not end up the ones who get sucker punched or stabbed.

The bridge between what we need as a society and our governments ability to respond to those needs has been clouded by a toxic cocktail of poor education, plutocracy, historic grievances, and lack of cohesive culture.”



Driving 401: Immobilized Vehicle

Quality information about fighting from a vehicle.  Make sure you read the list of “subordinate tasks” and the author’s suggestions at the end of the article.  Since you are already thinking about vehicle tactics, you should also read The Will to Drive On: Emergency Driving Skills.



12-Gauge Gunfight: How to Win With Your Favorite Tactical Shotgun

Tom Givens breaks down some myths about the splatter gat.



Skill Set: Knives for Defense?

There is a lot of wisdom in this short knife article.



Why Revolvers Are NOT More Reliable Than Semi-Auto Pistols

revolverI love my revolvers, but the author is correct.



An Honest Look at Law Enforcement Training

The primary role of all law enforcement training is to shift liability from the agency on to the individual officer.

“Let’s start with an uncomfortable moment. Do we truly, honestly, honorably ethically and morally want to teach our officers to perform in the safest manner possible, within the letter of the law and in support of policy and procedure and truly support the mission of your agency in a manner expected by us and our community?

Or, are we interested in building the most convenient and economical paper trail so that when they fail to meet expectations in behavior or performance, we can say we “checked the box” on that training and distance ourselves from the incident while attempting to mitigate our liability? Keep in mind that the most dramatic failures here result in the loss of life, families, and careers; both for our officers and those we are sworn to protect and sometimes apprehend. The stakes here could not be any higher.”



Say Yes To Pet Prepping

Please ensure you plan for your pet in your preparation efforts.



SELCO: Someone WILL Enforce the New Rules When the SHTF…And You Probably WON’T Like How They Do It

Even Mad Max had the “law of Bartertown.” You’d best anticipate some type of rules or laws in every possible future scenario.



Defensive AR Setup 3: The Rifle Itself

In last week’s knowledge dump, I linked to the first two installments of this series.  Here is the third.  Interestingly enough, my primary rifle is the same exact BCM model Justin discusses here (complete with un-cool Keymod forend).  This is good advice.



Modern Warfare Destroys Brains

Do you know about “Blast TBI?”  If not, you have some reading to do.



Survey: How are pistol RDS performing so far?

How are the users of red dot sights faring in police shootings?

“The hit ratio is another trend NLEFIA is watching closely. To date, there have been 75 rounds fired with only 39 hits, which is a 52% hit ratio. This is higher than the national average (typically well below 40% depending on the source). However, one incident had a high miss count – 23 rounds fired and only 3 hits from 11-15 yards away. Without this incident, the hit ratio jumps to 69%. There was also another incident that involved one shot/one hit from over 25 yards, which could be a testament to the red dot sight and its accuracy potential at distance. Obviously the officer applied proper shooting fundamentals to get the hit, but the red dot sight likely made the sight picture easier to acquire.”



Surviving A Riot


Useful information in our current times…



How to Blog Anonymously

One of the major advantages of retirement from my police job is that I no longer have to worry about someone trying to get me fired because of something I write or say.  I’ve made it to a point where “cancel culture” doesn’t really affect me.  For those of you who haven’t yet reached that status, this might be useful information.

While we are talking about sneaky things on the internet, you may also like Here’s How to Check If a Bitcoin Address Is a Scam.



Snub Nose or Semi-Auto Pocket Pistols?

A discussion of the relative advantages of each.



How Much Gun Should I Carry?

Thoughtful commentary on my article titled Enough Gun?



The Pros and Cons of Purse Carry

Best practices for carrying a gun in a purse.



4 Theories About Why Homicides Are Up in Cities

Regardless of the cause you wish to ascribe to the fact, murder rates are going up quickly.  You should be prepared for a world with fewer cops and more violent crime.



.30 Carbine ballistic test

30Carbine-1-300x140I really like the .30 carbine.  It’s a great gun for any smaller-statured people or younger shooters who can’t stabilize the weight of an AR-15.  Here’s a nice article describing how several different loads perform in ballistic gelatin.



Geographic Evidence that Gun Deaths are Cultural

“What I can say, from grinding on these GIS maps for several days, is that “gun deaths” as de ned are a deeply cultural problem, and only slightly (if at all) related to gun availability. Not just for homicide, but for suicide as well. Further, the makeup of our country is so different from other countries that comparisons between them and us are fraught with confounders. Most importantly, in a country where firearms are never going to be magically evaporated, with a guns-per-capita rate far beyond the saturation point of easy availability, we must seek cultural solutions to cultural problems.”

Even though this article doesn’t like the per capita rate comparisons between countries, Comparing the Global Rate of Mass Public Shootings to the U.S.’s Rate and Comparing their Changes Over time shows that the United States has 4.5% of global population, yet only 2.19% of mass shootings happen here.



9mm Luger vs. 9mm NATO

Do you know the difference?  I found a few other good “beginner” articles in my recent browsing.  You may also enjoy Comparing IDPA vs USPSA and Rifle vs. Carbine – What’s the Difference?



Near Dark: A Thriller

What I’m reading…

I’m planning on enjoying a lot more fiction in my retirement.



TacStrike Targets are Back!

TacStrike makes very high quality steel targets.  I’m glad to see them taking orders again.



On Duty Officers Ambushed By Drug Cartel In Mexico

I agree with John and think he’s correct in stating that these type of targeted assassination attempts against police officers are likely to become far more common in the future.  Watch the short video.  Even if you aren’t a cop, watch the tactics the cartel hit men employed and notice how incredibly fast all the action went down.



‘You’re not shooting anyone in this store today,’ witness confronts suspect outside Texas Walmart

This active killer attack won’t get any press because only the shooter died. With that said, there was a lot going on here:

– A citizen attempted verbal intervention

– The shooter was armed with both an AK and a pistol. He dropped the rifle when confronted by the police, only to use that as a distraction to draw his pistol.

– It looks like the shooter was wearing some type of uniform with a badge

– Ultimately it looks to me more like a suicide by cop situation than anything else, but figuring out the gunman’s motivation will be difficult.

Think about how you would handle this situation. A guy in a unidentified uniform carrying an AK into a WalMart store. Escape? Verbal confrontation at gunpoint? Shoot him in the back? Follow from a safe instance and get more information? All could be viable responses given your individual abilities and motivations.

All my students over the years of teaching TDI’s Active Killer class experienced this exact same scenario on the upper range.



The “Second (or Third) Round is Yours” Sports Theory

You may not get multiple rounds in a defensive encounter.




Gabe shares some videos about the potency of the lasers being used by rioters in many cities.  He argues that they should probably be considered lethal force threats.  I would tend to agree.  I don’t know much about protective measures for laser attacks, but Countering Laser threats for LE provides a couple of options.  Practical Eschatology also shared Green Laser Eye Protection In The Wild which discusses laser protective eye wear.





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