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Weekend Knowledge Dump- September 11, 2020

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


The Backpack Gun Project

Thanks to Lucky Gunner for the kind words and the link to my book!  For more bag carry advice, check out Vertx Commuter Sling.



Strife Happens: What to Do During an Urban Uprising

Pertinent information for our challenging times.  You should also be prepared for when the protests come to you.  Read Claude Werner’s Thinking ahead during the current Insurgency.



Intelligence Gathering at Protests

Speaking of strife, if you need more reasons to stay away from all the protests/violence going on, read this. Read about the antifa/BLM counter-surveillance actions. What do you suppose those folks are doing with all the photos they take and license plates they log?

In addition to the physical dangers involved in the riots themselves, you are also taking the chance of being doxxed, “cancelled,” or targeted for violence in some future action.

Folks, these riots are just the start. As these events gain publicity and intensity, the groups responsible will mobilize more support. Violence will increase. It’s the future actions that worry me the most.  Stay away from all this chaos.



Building Pre-Traumatic Stress Resilience – Part 2

“Author and trainer Ken Murray, author of Training at the Speed of Life, co-founder of Simunition, and one of the world’s leading innovators in training design and foremost practitioners of reality-based training, has observed that human beings generally have two fundamental reactions when presented with a problem-set in tactical settings. These are broadly defined as anxiety and exhilaration. The determining factor for which of these responses occurs is whether or not the person has the ability to definitively solve the problem.

If the problem can be solved, the response is exhilaration at the opportunity—leading to the release of pleasure-related hormones into the brain tissue. If it cannot, the response is a downward spiral of anxiety—resulting from the release of stress-related hormones.”



william aprill page

Rob made William Aprill’s PDN videos free to the public. For those of you who never saw William live, this is your best chance to become familiar with the unique material he taught.



Robbery Victim Uses Vehicle To Get Even

 There is a right and a wrong way to use your vehicle for self defense.  If the driver would have ran these guys over during the robbery attempt, he would probably be justified.  With that said, I would have a hard time defending the driver’s post robbery attack.



Used S&W Semi-Autos: The Most Underrated Pistols At Your Gun Store


I carried a 3rd generation S&W autopistol both on duty and off for seven years.  I was also responsible for fixing all the department S&W guns that broke.  Overall, the guns were reliable and held up great.  They were heavy and the transition between double and single action trigger took quite a bit of training to master.  If you could pick up one of their DAO guns, you essentially have a revolver that has a slightly lighter trigger and carries 16 9mm bullets.  That’s not a bad firearm choice for someone who doesn’t get to the range much.

Defensive Daddy also weighs in on the issue HERE.



A Bump in the Night

Valuable de-brief of an incident involving a night time intruder.



In Defense Of Self-Defense

Putting ammunition selection in proper perspective.

“To that end, you are looking for a couple of characteristics, four to be exact. The first is reliability. I need the chosen round to go bang every time I pull the trigger. To make sure, you will have to function test a sampling of the ammunition using my intended firearm and magazine. The second is accuracy and probably the most important in my opinion. You must strike the vital anatomy, meaning shot placement is king. If you don’t hit what you are aiming at, then everything else is academics. Third is penetration, the ability for your projectile to penetrate to the vitals. Every human is different so at a minimum 12 inches to a maximum of 18 inches will ensure I penetrate deep enough. Lastly and probably the lowest of these characteristics is expansion. It is ideal if the bullet can expand to create a greater surface area. The larger the surface area will create more damage and has the potential to stop the threat faster.”



Uncle Scotty Stories: My First LAPD Duty Pistol

An entertaining account of the way things used to be as an LAPD patrol cop.



European Gun Culture: What I’ve Learned & Unlearned

An American gun owner moves to a small Spanish island and is going through the process of becoming a gun owner in the EU.  This incredibly detailed narrative explains all the steps he is taking.  It’s quite a process.

“Needless to say, when it comes to guns, there are big differences between the US and Europe.

Navigating these differences has been a winding mountain road, but through this journey, I’ve learned that Americans have several misconceptions about European gun laws and culture, and vice versa.

But we’re all gun lovers here, so let’s learn from my mistakes and break down some barriers!

Today, we’re going to build a small intercultural bridge by examining Europe’s gun laws and the European Firearms Directive, the twisty process for getting a Spanish firearms license (help), and the common stereotypes that perpetuate cultural misunderstandings.”



Muzzle Brake: Summary of Field Test Results


Precision Rifle Blog’s complete summary of their very comprehensive testing of more than 20 different muzzle brakes.



Project: Dealing With the “I’m coming to your house!” Crowd

A question most of you should be prepared to answer.



When Talking About Buying Gear, Let’s Not Forget Gun Parts

Quality defensive firearms are becoming harder and harder to acquire because of high demand.  I predict this trend will continue at least through 2021.  It might be a good idea to have some spare parts on hand to repair your common defensive firearms.



5 Steps to Improve Your Dry-Fire Routine

Justin Dyal offers some useful suggestions for making dry fire practice more efficient.



The Old Fat Dog and the Curly Wolf

“After that day, it was difficult to look at Fred with the same eyes. He’d spent his life peaceably until that solitary moment when it was time to flip the switch. We’ve all come across a Curly Wolf on occasion in human form. In fact, their numbers continue to grow, but the Curried Wolf is truly becoming an anomaly.”



The Science Behind One Man Room Clearing Tactics: Peek or Push

Although there were obvious limitations to this study, I’m glad to see the research being conducted.  For what it’s worth, I generally believe in limited room entry and engaging from the hallway as my default room clearing tactic.  I prefer any level of cover or concealment to standing wide open trading bullets with the bad guy.



Anti-Drone Defenses: Some Ideas Are Better Than Others

Some issues and options for dealing with drone activity.



Approach to the Red Eye

A quality tutorial on diagnosing and treating common eye injuries in the field.



The Glock P80 Returns!

This will likely be a big hit for you Glock collectors.



Secrets Under the Parking Lot: The True Story of Upper Arlington, Ohio

What I’m reading…

An account of some of the “forgotten” history of the town where I used to work.  I’m amazed that I could have worked there for 25 years and not known about Pleasant Litchford.



Review: S333 Thunderstruck.

As I’m a fan of the .22 Magnum cartridge, I thought this gun might be cool if only as a novelty.  They key holing bullets make it a no go for me.



Choosing a Home Defense Shotgun Load

The fact that this topic can be so contentious is baffling to me.  Load your defensive shotguns with 00 buckshot, specifically the Federal Flite Control eight-pellet load if it is available.  If you can’t get FFC, you may take a look at the new Fiocchi 00 load.



Skills Check: Double Dozier

A fun shooting drill if you have a partner and some pepper poppers.



Why We Carry: Guy Slashed With Knife, Apparently Because Of A Mask

As I mentioned in a previous knowledge dump, people seem to be getting more irrational and violent as the pandemic/rioting continues.  Yes, someone might cut your for wearing a mask, just like they might attack you for not wearing one.



Customer Fights Off Robber Inside Deli, Shot Fired

FireShot Screen Capture #026 - 'Greg Ellifritz' - www_facebook_com_greg_ellifritz

This is for all the “I’m ALWAYS aware of my surroundings and NEVER let anyone get close enough to attack me” crowd…

You don’t think this attack could happen to you? You never pay for things at a cash register with your back turned to the store?

Watch the video of this attack. Lots of lessons to learn. The criminal saw the victim’s poorly concealed firearm and tried to take it.  Wait, I thought “open carry deters criminals?”  Not in this case.  When the initial gun grab wasn’t successful, the criminal continued the attack with a takedown from behind. No asking for money. No display of weapon. No demands. Just brute force. Most of the CCW folks I train are honestly unprepared for this type of attack. They may be prepared to shoot, but they aren’t prepared to fight.

The victim’s gun fell to the ground during the fight and the criminal picked it up. The criminal then tried to shoot the victim with his own gun. Do you carry your weapon in a quality holster? Will it stay in place in a violent struggle like this? Do you know how to retain your weapon when a criminal grabs it in a struggle? Do you know how to disarm/deflect the gun when it is being wielded by a criminal?

Be honest with yourself when you answer these questions. The majority of CCW carriers that I have met would fail this test in the same way the victim did in this attack.

You will also want to take a look at John Mosby’s analysis of the incident as well.



A Personal Story About Surviving Poverty

My friend Daisy from The Organic Prepper wrote a new book about resilience in the face of poverty.  I’m enjoying it and think that many of you might like it as well.



Learn How to Staple: Wound Closure Series by Dr. Alton

 I cover this skill set in my systems collapse medical class.  For most of you, this will be a more practical method of wound closure than suturing in a survival situation.  You can buy the staplers on Amazon without a prescription.  While you are there, pick up a staple remover too.



q-pt2-finalTodd shares 30 great shooting drills that can be done on a single target.  Give some of these a try!



Field Strip and Reassemble an AR-15 Rifle

If you own an AR-15 rifle, you should probably know how to disassemble it and clean it.



Initial Aggressor: Losing the Right to Argue Self Defense

From my friends at the ACLDN.



CCR 159 – Realities of Police Training – Part V Urban vs Rural PD’s

My appearance on Wednesday night’s edition of Concealed Carry Radio discussing the difference between policing in a metropolitan, suburban, and rural environment.





Some of the above links (from and others) are affiliate links.   As an Amazon associate I earn a small percentage of the sale price from qualifying purchases.

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