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Weekend Knowledge Dump- September 18, 2020

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


The New Rules of Engagement

If you only consume one piece of content from this post, make it this one.  In Michael Bane’s podcast, he discusses how the criminal threats we are training to defeat have changed recently and argues that our training should change as well.  This is truly brilliant analysis that isn’t being discussed in many circles.  Listen and learn.



Honing Your Situational Awareness To A Razor’s Edge

Tom Givens’ astute advice about good situational awareness.  This article is from Tom’s book Concealed Carry Class.  It’s a must read for all practicioners of the art.



Handloaded Ammunition for Self Defense: Yes or No?

An exploration into the issues of using handloads for self defense purposes.  My advice would be to avoid doing so.  While you are there, check out the author’s incredible resource guide to free explosives e-books.  ANTIFA has this information. You should too. You know I like free books. The only thing better is free books about bombs.



Shooting at the Speed of Decision Making

“If your shooting is focused on fast split times (and I’ve seen drills/tests that would required split times less than 0.20 seconds to pass), you’re practicing to shoot faster than the speed of decision making. A well-respected national instructor who has been in a number of gunfights told me “anything faster than 0.20 is likely a waste of time. A skilled shooter should be able to do 0.30, but realistically, 0.50 is a likely solid working speed when delivering solid surgical hits and solid assessment.”



CKT Ripcord Speedloaders

An alternative loading device for you wheel gun fans.



The Detective in the Dooryard: Reflections of a Maine Cop

What I’m reading…

I’ve long enjoyed this Bangor Police officer’s writing on his department’s Facebook page.  He’s a stunning example of the way police agencies should be engaging with their residents on social media.  I’m looking forward to the insights he shares in his book.



Houston Criminal Uses The Ruse Of “Borrowing A Phone”

I’ve written quite a bit about how criminals use verbal ruses to close the distance in order to attack you.  This is a common criminal ruse that you should be prepared to handle.



Evolution Of The American Sniper Rifle

A deep dive into the history of the US military sniper rifles.




Yes, your instructor should be able to answer this question.

The important thing to focus on in this article is the part about training “without pulling the trigger.” We all like to take more shooting classes and there’s nothing wrong with that. But most of us already shoot pretty well. A good instructor will take classes that will improve how he teaches and help him develop skills that frame the problem in a larger context instead of merely focusing on shooting smaller groups or faster times.

I took the Massad Ayoob Group 40+ hour Deadly Force Instructor class in July. Many instructors won’t do 40 hours of additional training (of any type) in their lifetime. Choose your gurus wisely.



Icepicks and Safety Blossoms

Before the Federal HST came on the market, the Winchester Ranger was probably the best performing ammo available. I went to countless ballistic gelatin tests put on by ammo companies during my time as department training officer (2000-2013). The Ranger was at the top of the heap in every caliber.


I bought the round and I issued it to the officers at my department for a very long time.


Since those days Winchester’s quality control has become notoriously bad. Read about Tam’s experience with what once was a great performing round.


When ammo comes back on the shelves, dump your Rangers and get yourself some HST or Gold Dot.



Book Review: “Street Focused Handgun Training – Volume 2: Training” by Ralph Mroz

Ralph Mroz is a national treasure,  Buy his books.



A Short History of American Target Development and Evolution

targets1Some cool information about how shooting targets have changed over the years.



Money Scams During COVID-19: Beware Of Desperate Measures

Common scams that you should understand.



Secrets of Escaping Duct Tape

Learning how to escape criminal restraints is an important skill for everyone to have.  This video and their follow-up video on escaping zip ties are two of the best tutorials on the subject that are currently available.  Take the time to watch and learn.

And the guys from Sierra Whisky Co. sent me some of their “underwear for gun guys.”  It’s very comfortable and exceptionally light weight.  Highly recommended.



How And Why The M16 Failed In Vietnam (And Is It Reliable Today?)

For more than 10 years, my police department fielded Vietnam-era surplus M16A1 rifles on patrol.  During that time I would conservatively estimate that I supervised over 500K rounds fired from the rifles.  They were very reliable.  I’m just incredibly grateful that I never had to deploy on the street with 30 spare magazines.



Beating the ‘Rambo’ Rap: How to Explain a Self-Defense Shooting in Court

rambo-rap-self-defense-shooting-1-661x496Owning more than one gun already gives you the “Rambo” reputation among your “civilized” friends.  Here’s how to beat that allegation in court.



5 Low Round-Count Shooting Drills During Lean Times For Ammunition

Drills for a pandemic ammo shortage.  Need some more drills?  The Counter Jockey Chronicles has some additional suggestions.



Practicing Safe Six?

Some surprisingly sensible and non-political advice about wearing masks in public.



Beyond the IFAK: Home Medical Gear

Sound advice on medical gear here.



Rifle Tips for Fighting Around a Car

Have you tried firing from “junkyard prone?”



Seven Reasons Why Car Holsters Are Bad

Your car is not a holster.



Shotgun vs PCC for home defense

I think one could make the argument that shotgun, rifle, PCC, or pistol could each be the best home defense weapon.  It probably doesn’t matter all that much.



Prepare for the Pattern

“We are facing a familiar pattern. Violent crime is likely to rise dramatically in the coming years. The average citizen will face the brunt of the results and will suffer greatly until it gets so bad that politicians, decision makers, and the media (who often live in a bubble) are personally affected. Only then will they start to invoke change to once again try and reduce crime. Until then, YOU ARE YOUR OWN FIRST RESPONDER! You must be able to protect yourself and your family until the Police arrive, if they are able to respond at all!”



The Top 9 Things I Have Learned as a Professional Shooter

Anyone who shoots competitions should read this piece by Mike Seeklander.



Preparing for Riots and Civil Unrest

This looks like a very valuable online class taught by my friend Mike Treat. I might be out of the country on this date, but if I’m here, I will be attending.



Preconscious Processing and Training Design

Marcus says: “So one element in effective training design for superior performance under stress is to create life experiences that reshape perceptual processing at the preconscious level.”

That’s one of the many reasons why I advocate that people travel to foreign countries.  Learning to adapt to alien environments is perhaps one of the best life skills I’ve ever acquired.



HOW far will a 12 ga. Foster Slug Go? (spoiler: less than you think)

Valuable information for all the tactical folks as well as all my Ohio deer hunting readers who use slugs during deer season.



Our System Is Crumbling Right In Front of Our Eyes

An overview of all the systems that are collapsing in front of us. 

“So, watch the news and announcements. Help if possible, obey if possible (and if it makes sense) but always keep in mind that the system at its core has a very basic obligation: to keep that system running. If that means the system has to lie to you or let’s say, bend the truth, it will do it, because to the system you are an individual, and the system is machinery that needs to run.

So, keep some common sense, and trust your gut instinct.”



3 things to consider when taking a private firearms class

“Your department will not and cannot train you enough. I’m sorry, but that’s the hard truth. Even those agencies that have basic academies consisting of several months of intensive training can’t possibly prepare a cop for what they will face on the streets.

This job requires a high degree of skill in a variety of areas and personal studies are the only way to even begin to excel. To enhance our knowledge and our skills, we must take “own time/own dime” classes to keep up.”



CCR 160 – Realities of Police Training w DB, Chuck H., Wayne D,, Greg E.- Part VI

The final round table discussion in CCR’s police training series with a bunch of old dudes.






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