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Shooting Drill- “The Test With No Name”

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I found this drill in the “Skills and Drills” section of The Firearms Rack Website.  John Johnston from Citizens Defense Research came up with the drill.  It requires either a Langdon LTT-1 Target, or two B8 Targets separated by two more one inch square targets.

According to the link above, the drill is run as follows:


“Place your target at five yards to begin. On the timer, draw, fire five rounds in one of the B8s, a single round into a one inch square, five rounds into the other B8, and a single round in the other one inch square. Essentially you’ll be firing in a diamond pattern. All of this is done in one go–you’re not resetting for each target.


Scoring is fairly straightforward with The Test with No Name. For scoring purposes, anything causing a DQ is a 1 second penalty. Grease rings count toward the higher point value.


Any shots in the black of the B8s give you full points. Anything in the 8 ring is a 0.5 second penalty. Anything outside the 8 ring is a DQ.


Anywhere touching the one inch squares is full value. Missing the squares is a DQ. This means that the small circles surrounding the one inch squares count for nothing.


The par time is a clean run shot in under six seconds, which is considered an Expert score. Doing this twice, consecutively, during John’s class will grant you a serialized coin. As of the time of this writing, coin #00 is still up for grabs.


For closer goals, 10 seconds or less is considered an Advanced score. 15 Seconds or less is Intermediate. Greater than 15 seconds would be Novice. Each level still requires a clean run.”


The test is no joke.  I ran it four times last week.  I never cleaned it.  All four attempts were DQs.  No excuses.  That’s what happens when Covid-19 closes the range and life gets in the way of my regular practice sessions.  I’m back at it more regularly now and will make improvements in the future.

Here’s how I shot:


Run One

4.92 seconds

2 misses = +2 seconds

1 shot in 8-ring = + .5 seconds

Total 7.42 seconds (DQ)


Run Two

4.50 seconds

2 misses = +2 seconds

2 shots in 8-ring = + 1 seconds

Total 7.5 seconds (DQ)


Run Three

5.19  seconds

1 miss = +1 second

0 shots in 8-ring = + 0 seconds

Total 6.19 seconds (DQ)


Run Four

4.76  seconds

2 misses = +2 seconds

3 shots in 8-ring = + 1.5 seconds

Total 8.26 seconds (DQ)


My best run


The next time I shoot, I’ll slow down and gets some clean runs.  If you have a shot timer, give this one a try to see how you compare to some of the best shooters in the world.







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