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Weekend Knowledge Dump- October 16, 2020

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


Your Best Defense: Staying Out of Trouble

Michael Bane and Claude Werner talk about important concepts here.



Why Hollow Points Are The Only Option For Self-Defense

When talking about service calibers like 9mm, .40, and .45, I would most certainly agree.  Not so much with other calibers.  One could make a good argument for using ball ammo for .22, .25, .32acp, and .380.  I would also argue that full wadcutter ammo for the .38 special makes a good defensive round.



Is The Glaser Safety Slug Good for Self Defense?

And while we are discussing defensive ammunition, it is always better to ensure a safe backstop before shooting than it is to rely on a gimmicky under-penetrating bullet that allegedly performed well in a mythical goat-shooting test 30 years ago.



How Certain Gun Models Got Their Name

A fun look at how a lot of common guns got their names or model numbers.



Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark: A Comprehensive Intro to Night Vision Devices


A very good tutorial on night vision from ITS Tactical.



Out of the Dark — Overview of Night Sights

More information for operating under the hours of darkness.  I like night sights on my pistols, but they are only really useful in one particular scenario.  That is when there is enough ambient light to identify your target, but you are in a darker area where you can’t see your own sights.  In almost every other context, the night sights won’t be useful.



AR Bolt Carrier Group Basics with Mike Mihalski of SOLGW

Good information about AR-15 bolts.



AR-15 Basics – A Buyer’s Guide for the AR-15

For more AR-15 content, check out this compendium of best practice articles for every aspect of AR-15 purchasing.



Tonsillitis In Austere Settings

The basics of diagnosing and treating tonsillitis when definitive medical care is unavailable.  While we are on the topic of austere medical care, this article covers the basics of treating mammalian bite wounds.



Still Training After All These Years

“When you are in the business of saving lives, and saving lives via training, take your work seriously. But never take yourself seriously while doing it. Your ego will kill your effectiveness as an instructor and, possibly, one of your students.

Be better than that.”




FireShot Screen Capture #043 - 'POLICE-MINORITY RELATIONS_ WHAT SHOULD BE DONE_' - llrmi_com_articles_legal_update_2015_johnson_minorityrelations_shtm

This has been a hot button issue in recent months.  We don’t tend to learn from the past very well.  This article is more than five years old.  It reviews research studies on what actions improve police/minority relations and which do not.  The knowledge is out there.  It just takes courage to embrace it and a work ethic to implement it.



Make Mine A Shotgun

“Make mine a shotgun — it will provide me with true social security in my old age.”



4 Great Dynamic Shotgun Drills

If the article above inspired you to buy a defensive shotgun, here are some shotgun training drills to try during your next practice session..



Rites of passage and self-defense

“Self-defense is about more than handling violence. It is also about living a life that keeps you away from violence. And teaching your children what that means.”



Four Tenets of Teaching a First Time Gun Owner

John provides great advice here.



E-Book Resource: Unarmed Combat and Stick Fighting

Some excellent free books downloads for those of you interested in the art of applied violence.



Skills Check: CCW Qualification

This is a very reasonable skills check for the concealed carrier. Fire this 30-round course. If you can’t make the time or accuracy standards, I would suggest seeking some formal defensive handgun training.


Attack On Pregnant Woman Causes Bystander To Respond

Think hard about what you might do in a situation like this.  I think had this event occurred in America, we would have a dead rock thrower.  Protecting a pregnant woman’s car is noble.  Is it worth losing your life over?  “Not your people.  Not your problem.” comes to mind here.



Skin Glue in Survival

laceration2How to use super glue to close wounds.



The Efficiency of Inefficiency for Fat Loss

If you wonder why all those folks you see on the elliptical machines in the gym aren’t getting fitter, read this article.



The Instructor’s Burden

“If you’re an instructor of life-and-death skills, you should really be thinking about your duty to your students, and spending at least a little time self-auditing and ensuring you’re living up to that duty.”



Famous Guns of WWI: Rifles, Machine Guns, & Pistols

A thorough review of the historical weapons used in World War I.  You may also like Get Off My Lawn: Great WWII Guns for Home Defense.



How to install the Apex revolver hammer

I’m looking forward to installing a couple of these in my carry revolvers that still have hammers.



Strange Days (SEASON 8, EPISODE 323)

Brilliant information from my late friend Dr. William Aprill recorded just a few weeks before his untimely death.  Listen to this podcast and the followup one.  I promise you will learn something valuable.



21 Important Questions & Answers About the AK-47


Many of the AK questions you’ve had for a long time are answered in this article.  It’s worth reading if you have any interest at all in AK-style rifles.



2020 Wanderings

The Revolver Guy muses about some current trends in the shooting industry.



How to Make a Improvised Tourniquet That Will Actually Work

Good advice on makeshift tourniquets.



The Media Warns of Potential Violence. What Will It Look Like?

Take the time to read Paul’s excellent analysis and advice. If you aren’t worried, you aren’t paying attention.

“Among Americans who identify as Democrat or Republican, 1 in 3 now believe that violence could be justified to advance their parties’ political goals—a substantial increase over the last three years.

In September, 44 percent of Republicans and 41 percent of Democrats said there would be at least “a little” justification for violence if the other party’s nominee wins the election.

All together, about 1 in 5 Americans with a strong political affiliation says they are quite willing to endorse violence if the other party wins the presidency….How seriously should we take these expressions of violence? Both history and social psychology warn us to take them very seriously.”

I’ve spent my entire life mastering the arts of applied violence. People like me and my friends who have taken a similar life path do not want violent action. Maybe the people polled for this study should pay better attention.

I think a lot of people fail to understand how good we as Americans have it living in this day and age. Perpetual political violence will not make anyone’s lives better.

I’m thinking the 20% of partisan citizens who advocate violence have never really experienced much real violence in their lives.



Era of the Classic Snubnose Revolver

A comprehensive history of the evolution of the snubnose revolver during the 20th century.



Care Less

“When you are paying attention, you cannot think. When attentive, you are care-free and wide open… nothing can bother you.

The most important thing is not to take anything too seriously, especially yourself.”



Defending Against Riots and Mobs

When Massad Ayoob provides a free video containing an hour of his best teaching on the topic of crowd violence, you should pay attention and devour the content.  Thanks to my friends at ACLDN for the video.





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