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Weekend Knowledge Dump- October 30, 2020

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.



A good summary of the issues involved in AR-15 zeroing.



AR-15 Magazine Basics

Some high-quality information about AR-15 magazines.



Memo to My Family

Paul outlines a sensible communications strategy to bring reluctant family members up to speed on the preparations they should be making.

My friend Daisy shares a similar letter in A Note to Loved Ones.



“Am I Overreacting?” How Women Can Tell If Someone Is Really a Threat

A good discussion about boundaries.



The Secret to Being a Survivor on the Street: How to Develop a Combatives Mindset

photo-kelly-mccann-gun-476A lot of hard won wisdom from Kelly McCann in this article.



6 Best Self Defense Handgun Training Drills

Some shooting drills to try during your next range training session.



Know Your Concealed Carry Insurance Options

A thorough comparison of some of the prominent self defense insurance options on the market.  Although it isn’t actually an insurance product, I am a member of the ACLDN and recommend that option to many of my students.



How to Use a Flashlight for Armed Self-Defense


“The problem with low light defensive techniques: they’re based around shooting, not searching. Most gun owners fail to put a significant amount of time and resources into learning how to search in the dark.”



Been Served With a Civil Suit? 10 Pieces of Advice From an Attorney

Good legal advice for my police readers.



Episode 4: 2019 Bolivian Uprising and Autopsy of a Riot.

This is an incredibly informative podcast discussion between a journalist who went undercover in the Pacific northwest ANTIFA riots to get more tactical intelligence and a guy who has extensive experience covering South American riots.  They discuss the inner details about how these riots happen and the ways larger organizations co-opt community outrage to push a particular political ideology.

I’ll be listening to more of Erin’s podcasts in the future.

You may also like her violent protest news roundup at The Weekly Insurgent.



Proper Use of the Police Baton or Nightstick

A 1963 police night stick training video.  There are a few old school bone crushing moves there.  It’s interesting to note that the instruction was to strike the body’s “most vulnerable targets.”  In most modern police baton work, those targets are specifically prohibited.  Wonder why cops don’t use their sticks as often as they used to?  Because they just aren’t as effective when you are required to strike the suspect in an area that doesn’t cause any damage.



.357 Magnum vs .44 Magnum Lever Actions

For defensive use, if magazine capacity is the same, the .44 mag seems to be overall a better choice than .357 magnum…unless you want to shoot a lot of cheap .38 special ammo.



Clerk And Customer Stuck On Their Knees During California Robbery

I often talk about “go signals.”  This is one to think about.  If a robber demanded that you get down on your knees, would that be a cue to automatically fight?  While I’m generally in favor of action anytime a criminal attempts to limit your mobility, I wouldn’t say that getting on my knees would be a “go signal” 100% of the time.  I would urge you to think about the issues and come up with your own answer for this problem.



What’s Better? CAT Vs. SOF-T Wide

These are both excellent tourniquets.  I have lots of both of them in my medical kits.  I prefer the CAT because of the lighter weight and easier self-application.



Multiple Attackers: Your guide to recognition, avoidance, and survival

What I’m reading…



Concealed Carry for Women of All Body Types

Results of a survey of 1500 female concealed carriers asking about their concealment challenges and how they address them.



Understand First Focal Plane and Second Focal Plane the Easy Way

A simple explanation for this common question.


The fact that 95%+ of gun owners consider themselves “trained” after a single CCW class absolutely astounds me.  Most CCW classes are nothing more than beginner gun safety classes and do nothing to address the skills needed to carry a pistol every day and use it to prevail in a lethal force encounter.

Folks, I’ve been doing this stuff full time for a living for more than 20 years.  I have 4,000+ hours of documented additional training from the top instructors in the country.  I have 80 different instructor certifications.

Yet I still attend at least 80 hours a year of continuing education classes taught by other professional instructors.

Your CCW class was not enough.



Avoid And Escape

“When Rome began to fail, leaders instituted “bread and circuses” or “bread and games” to placate and distract the people. Today we have stimulus checks and riot coverage. The “bad” part of town is growing, like a cancer. “Social justice” is an “us against them” mentality. If you’re not with them, whoever they are, then you’re going to be a target.

Avoid — don’t be there. Escape at the first sign of trouble. Not paying attention is no longer an option.”



The Best Concealed Carry Revolver Holster

I agree with Caleb’s holster suggestions.



Loose Screws

“When it comes to your holsters and magazine carriers I suggest once a month you check all the hardware. Some will go so far as to recommend using thread locker on all of your hardware. For some gear it is required and for others you might abstain. Learn what causes the hardware to come loose first. If you do apply a thread locker on your concealed carry gear, go with the lightest bond. You don’t want permanency, you want security. If you are attending a high intensity class with lots of drawstoke repetitions then at the end of the day do yourself a favor and check. If they are loose then hopefully you avoided a mishap.”



Bear Attacks & 20 Instances of .22 Rimfire Used for Survival

.22 long rifle versus a big bear?  Twenty occasions when it has worked.



Avoidance is the Best Policy for Self Defense

“Well, here’s the kicker—it doesn’t matter if we felt justified, what matters is if the criminal-justice system determines we were justified. What makes it even worse is when the criminal-justice system has other motives and may be pressured by special interests or even criminal elements. It shouldn’t happen, but it does.

This sort of thing is the reason that many of us suggest that avoidance is critically important. We get away from a criminal attack if at all possible. And we use deadly force, or the threat of deadly force, only when there is absolutely no other way to survive and/or protect our family. When you take the time to look at the big picture, it’s the smart thing to do.”



Evolution of the Submachine Gun: Three Distinct Generations

A very informative discussion about the history of submachinegun development.



Hornady Black – The Full Power FliteControl Killer

The Hornady load is not quite as tight as the FFC, but it’s much better than anything else on the market.  It does have significantly more blast and recoil than the Federal load.  My semi-auto Benelli shotguns won’t run FFC, so I load them with Hornady Black.

For even more shotgun-related content from BBC, read  Threesome Thursday – Shotgun Light Options



Ten cases over the last few years where people have had fire ten or more shots in self defense

Who would ever need to carry a gun that holds more than 10 rounds?



Mechanism of the Solar Plexus Attack | Getting the Wind Knocked Out of You

A deep dive into a topic that isn’t often discussed.



Top 10 Hardest CrossFit Football Workouts

When I wanted to get stronger, I shifted my workouts from the main site Crossfit WODs to Crossfit Football when it was introduced in 2009.  Other than a brief departure to do a strict powerlifting program in 2012-2013, I’ve stuck with it.  It’s Crossfit with a strength bias and well constructed periodized strength training workouts.  I really like it.  The Crossfit Football site is no longer up, the program morphed into Johnnie WOD and is now behind a paywall.  I find it worthwhile to pay $15 a month and follow the program created by specialized strength coaches.



How to Gain Political Influence

While I have less than zero interest in politics, this is a great article for those of you who believe political activism is important.




Pre-order my friend Marcus Wynne’s latest book. You can also get one of his latest books for free at the link today. Pick them up. I think you will find them very entertaining.





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