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Ammo For Sale | Active Response Training

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Back in the day, my police department only allowed .40 and .45 weapons for duty guns. I once had a massive amount of .40 and .45 ammo stockpiled.


In 2016, my agency started allowing 9mm handguns. I quickly shifted to a 9mm duty gun and sold almost all of my .40 and .45 ammo because I no longer carried weapons in those calibers.


I‘m not shipping this stuff. All sales will be face to face in the Central Ohio area.


All ammunition is factory (even the ammo that is bagged). All has been stored in my basement in a temperature controlled area free of moisture. If the ammo is doesn’t work, I’ll take it back and refund your money. This ammo is high quality, factory loaded, and has been stored properly. It will reliably fire.



Photos on request. first come, first served.


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