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Weekend Knowledge Dump- December 4, 2020

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


How to Survive a Mass Shooting

The post-Covid quarantine mass shootings are starting to kick up. This is good advice to review. We had a respite for awhile, but there are lots of people who have mental illness worsened by isolation now. I think the rate of these shootings is likely to increase.

This is good information to review.



Bring a Guillotine to a Gunfight?

Red dots on pistols fail occasionally.  It’s best to have a plan for if that happens to you.  Paul has a workable solution to share with you all.  For more about the dot life, read The Handgun Red-Dot Revolution.



Stop Glasses From Fogging Up With a Band-Aid on Your Mask

A useful life hack for those of you who wear glasses (or temporarily wear protective glasses while shooting).



Safety Recall Notice on the M&P Shield EZ Pistol

If you own a Shield EZ, make sure it’s not on the recall list.



Neural Based Training: Book One: Retrospectives

What I’m reading…

Marcus has done more research into the field of training the brain than anyone I know.  This book provides a glimpse of what he has learned in more than four decades of training.  I’m excited to see the next installments that will cover his most recent research.  Here is an excerpt from the book.



The Legality Of Carrying Within 1000 Feet Of A School Zone

Third-street-signConcealed Nation takes a look at the Federal laws in place that govern carrying deadly weapons in a school safety zone.  It’s worth a read.  You’ll also want to look up your state law on the topic as well.



Tell Me Exactly What You Heard

“At a time when agencies, communities, and courts continue to expect our brains to record like video cameras, understanding the verbatim effect, confabulation, and trivial persuasion is critical. Of course, we are not video recorders, and it’s only after we consider the process of memory formation and recall that we can effectively guard against the discrediting effect that can result when witnesses are unable to tell us exactly what they heard.”



Refund The Police

“Uneducated and influential individuals have been told by their elected officials and the mainstream media that police are killing people based on their skin color. These dumb masses do not know they are being lied to and they honestly believe this narrative to be true. Therefore, a natural response is to stop giving money to an organization who they believe is violating human rights.”



Top 5 Must Have Items in EVERY Trauma Kit

Good advice here.  I would advise that you refrain from using the “tactical” black nitrile gloves in your medical kit.  On black gloves it is difficult to differentiate blood from any other fluid.  When you are checking your patient for serious bleeding, you’ll have to run your hands over the patient’s torso and each limb.  Look for blood on your gloves as you do this.  If you see blood on the gloves, cut away the clothing in that area and look for the wound(s). 

Light colored gloves go in the medical kit.  Save the black gloves for use when cleaning your AR-15 bolt.



Feeding Your Revolvers: Reloading Basics

The current ammunition drought has many folks considering reloading when once they would have never done so.



How To Predict The Future – Statistics For Shooters Part 1

A contextual review of all the stuff you’ve forgotten from your college statistics classes.



Revolver Reload Drill

A great revolver specific drill you can use at your next range training session.  If you are new to revolvers, please don’t reload like the photo.  Let gravity help you.  Orient the barrel straight to the ground and tuck the butt of the gun into your belly when you reload.  It will make a huge difference for you.



Developing a Practice Plan, Part One

flagWhat should you be practicing?  Here are a few ideas from the Mountain Guerrilla.



Knife Dueling?

I think it’s erroneous to base a knife combat system around an event that is exceedingly rare.



What is “Relevant” firearm training?

Is your training relevant?



Training for a Gunfight: Military Analysis of 133 Firefights

What can we learn from military, police, and civilian gunfights?




Read Massad’s intro and the linked article.  De-escalation is not a verb, it is an outcome and it depends on the suspect’s goodwill to happen.



Using a rifle to move people

Paul Howe’s thoughts on using the rifle as an impact weapon.



‘Sheriff, hurry up please.’ Disabled Florida man battles intruder as cops wait down the street.

As I’ve told you before, you are on your own. No one is coming to save you.

Situations like this will become ever more commonplace in the future when the intersection of poor police selection, non-existent police training, inadequate police supervision, and an anti-police media agenda makes cops second guess every decision they make.

Look at this scenario. The cops could sit around and wait until they have a massive numerical superiority (18 cruisers dispatched on this run) before confronting the suspect or the first responding deputy could move in and arrest the bad guy on his own.

That single deputy knows that if he has to shoot the suspect, his career is done, he’s likely to be prosecuted, he’s going to be sued for millions of dollars, and he’ll be crucified by the media in the court of public opinion.

Given the likely outcomes, do you blame the officers for sitting around and “creating a perimeter?” If the homeowner is killed, the cops can say they were “following protocol.” If the suspect is killed, the cop will be hung out to dry. This is what happens when we have “de-policing.” The cops aren’t going to risk ruining their careers to save you from the predators.

That’s simply the present day reality. If you don’t acknowledge this fact. you will be unprepared for the predictable consequences.

Things aren’t going to get better any time soon.  Read Police departments in Minnesota face a flood of retirees and it’s a tough sell to new recruits.



Why I Don’t Like Olight WMLS

“My biggest problem with Olight Wmls is that their lumen counts are almost false advertising. Olight will put out some impressive claims regarding their lumen counts… without failing to mention that these lumen counts are only temporary. When the PL Pro is advertised to be a 1,500 lumen light, what they don’t outright tell you is the fact that this brightness level lasts for about a minute.

After that, the lumens decrease steadily every 30 seconds until the light settles in at 600 lumens. This rapidly decreasing lumen count is present on all Olight WMLs. The little mini Valkyrie starts at 600 lumens and decreases to 60 lumens. The Odin goes from 2000 lumens all the way down to 300 lumens.

I’d rather have one lumen count for close to the entirety of a light’s battery life than a rapidly descending one.”



The best protection against check washing schemes? Stop using checks

Check “washing” is still a very common form of fraud and theft.  Before I retired my agency would get reports of several check washing schemes every week.  Usually the thieves steal checks from your home mailbox when they see the mailbox flag up before the postman arrives for the day.

As difficult as it seems to be, try to teach your elderly family members how to pay their bills online without using checks.  If you must mail a paper check, don’t leave it in your mailbox for pickup.  Drop it off directly at the nearest post office.



Hilton Yam 1911 Duty Tune: More Fitting & Tuning

If you are interested in working on your own 1911 pistols, this is a great video series.



Wilderness Survival Books, Part I

I own every book mentioned in this article.  It’s a good list of great survival reading.  If I had to choose just one wilderness survival book it would probably be 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive.



LPVO Basics – Mark Smith On Low Power Variable Optics, Part 1 – Reticle Selection

High quality information about Low Powered Variable Optics for your AR-15 rifle.  You should also read the second installment of the series at LPVO Basics Part 2 – Mark Smith on Magnification, Mounts, and Focal Plane.



Deaths from terror attacks down nearly 60% since 2014

I’ll celebrate any positive news I can find in these troubling times.



Terminal Ballistics: Shooting Through Walls

Yes, high quality defensive ammo will travel through several walls before stopping.  The answer is not to go with a a cartridge that penetrates less, but to get good hits and lay out safe fields of fire within your residence.



Ultimate Revolver Training Event!

Michael Bane’s episode of “Triggered” covering the Revolver Roundup.



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