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Weekend Knowledge Dump- December 11, 2020

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


Is Your Neighborhood Safe? 6 Tools to Help You Find Out

Valuable resources that will help you identify the crime trends in an area where you may be living or visiting.



Speed Beez Speedloader review

Like Caleb, I also use Speed Beez speedloaders for some of my revolvers.  They are quality products albeit costing twice the price of similar loaders.  They are really the best game in town for the .22 revolver speed loader market. 

Speaking of revolver reloading, here’s a video of Caleb teaching some weak hand only revolver reload techniques.



The Case for the Lightweight Shotgun

Detailing the relative advantages of using a lighter weight shotgun.



push daggers – a brief tutorial

Cecil’s thoughts on push daggers.


Top 9 Lessons I Have Learned As A Professional Shooter

Mike Seeklander’s hard-earned wisdom.



Keep Training Alive With Crisis Scenarios

As cities continue to “defund” police departments, officers are getting less training.  Most departments will not invest in the type of training that is absolutely essential to ensure  each officer makes it through his or her shift alive.  As cops, you’ll have to train extensively on your own time and dime to enhance your skill set enough that you will survive until retirement while simultaneously avoiding lawsuits and incarceration.  Unfortunately, I don’t see many individual officers stepping up and going to training classes that aren’t funded by the department.  That’s a mistake.

My police readers should take this “crisis rehearsal” scenario and present it for discussion during roll call or during a short period of on-shift training.  Use this as a tabletop exercise to work out best solutions to similar problems.

This type of training is free and incredibly valuable.  Individual officers and patrol supervisors can use exercises like this at the shift level to facilitate good training without needing money or approval from the brass.



Massad Ayoob: 6 Must-Know Court Cases For Gun Owners


Update your legal knowledge by reading this article from Mas Ayoob.  Then go read his book.



Grandmother Fails To Keep An Eye On Her Grandson

Just a quick note to remind you that there are a lot of very twisted people in this world.  You likely encounter them almost daily without recognizing how depraved they might actually be.  And some of those crazy people might be wearing security or police uniforms as they victimize the general public.



“The Mechanical Safety:  Use it or take the gamble.”

People should listen to Paul Howe.  He might know some things.  I’m a big fan of using the safety on my AR, shotgun, or 1911 pistol while moving or searching.



What Parents Need to Know About Yubo, the ‘Tinder for Teens’

If you are a parent who monitors your teen’s smart phone use, this is an app you should probably be looking for.



The Confrontational Aggression Trajectory

FireShot Screen Capture #082 - 'The Single Dude’s Guide to Survival, Volume 10 - The Single Dude's Guide to Life & Travel™' - www_singledudetravel_com

Pre-assault indicators you should recognize.



Brace Yourself, This Isn’t Over

The latest in the evolution of the AR-15 “pistol brace” controversy.



Rasmussen: “Voters See Each Other as America’s Enemy.”

“A deeper dive finds that 37% of Republicans feel Biden voters are the biggest enemy, just edging the 34% who feel that way about China. Thirty-five percent (35%) of Democrats think Trump voters are the biggest threat, far and above the danger posed by all the others.”

“Read that quote again, and note it doesn’t say “Republicans feel Biden is the biggest enemy” or “Democrats think Trump is the biggest enemy.” It says voters for those candidates are the biggest enemy.  Put another way, roughly one quarter to one third of voters (depending on the counting metric) think you are the biggest enemy of the United States if you voted for Trump or Biden.  Not Russia, or China, or North Korea, or Iran – but a fellow American.”  

Paul Martin has some suggestions for mitigating this problem



Unintended consequences of the George Floyd protests and riots, part three

“I’ve said it before: for many people, you could make the case that everything they know about violence is wrong. So then it is not surprising they come up with unworkable solutions to problems they can’t even begin to understand. There used to be a time people accepted it as a given you couldn’t be an expert on everything, let alone having even a basic understanding. Today, having an opinion on everything is seen as critical, regardless of how uninformed it is. Multiply that by many years and you get to where we are now: fundamental pillars of modern society are torn down…

History is an able teacher. Look to what mankind consistently did when society got rid of the watchmen. While you’re at it, also look into the reasons why modern policing was created a few centuries ago. Hint: community policing failed miserably once population size and density increased…”



Self-Defense Realities: Justified vs. Excessive Force

A very good article written by an attorney discussing the difference between “reasonable” and “excessive” force.



Mohammad’s Journey

A disabled Syrian refugee details his escape efforts trying to get to Europe. For those of you preppers, this is a real-life “bug out” scenario that doesn’t look like what’s depicted in the standard dystopian novel.



New Shooter 50 Round Confidence Course

A great shooting drill for beginning pistoleros.  Want something a little more challenging?  Try Dave Spaulding’s “Rip Off” drill.



Being The Only Woman In A Firearms Training Class

Important ideas that male instructors should understand if they want to connect with their female students.



First Look: Enigma IWB Handgun Holster from PHLster

The new hotness in holster design.  I predict this will be a game changer for appendix carriers who wear athletic clothes without a belt or those who need to carry in a tucked in shirt without having belt clips visible.

I have one of these on the way to me right now.  I’ll do a review of it as soon as I get a chance to give it a workout.



Lever Action Rifles for Self Defense

26-16-7It might be a good idea to become proficient with a lever action rifle for the same reasons I advocated becoming skilled with a revolver in a couple articles last week.  Have you ever considered a lever action rifle for home defense?  Don’t automatically dismiss the idea.  The author provides some good justification for the old lever guns in this piece.  There aren’t many domestic home defense scenarios where I would feel undergunned with a .357/.44/.30-30 lever gun.



“Safe directions”, muzzle aversion, WMLs, and you…

Tamara makes some good points about weapon light usage.  With modern bright lights, techniques like “light bouncing” and indirect lighting can keep you from muzzling someone you don’t intend to.  It takes some practice to master that skill set.  For what it’s worth, with a long gun I use the WML in the fashion the author recommends.  When searching with a handgun, I still prefer to search with a handheld light in my off hand until I find a potential threat.  Once the threat is identified the WML takes over.



Ammo Shortage To Continue Until Summer 2021

The ammo market won’t be back to “normal” for a long time.  Worries about political unrest, unprecedented levels of new gun owners, and a pandemic that is decimating workers in the ammunition factories are all working to ensure ammo will be very expensive for at least the next year.




“A law-abiding citizen

Yes, I know, most probably you are a law-abiding citizen.

But, you cannot be a law abiding citizens in a situation where there is no law at all.

So what are you gonna be?”




The Suited Shootist’s take on CCW belts.  Opens to Facebook video.



What If You Don’t Have a Tourniquet or Trauma Kit? Part 1: Bleeding

“Most people know the rough idea of how a TQ works, and many try to make their own with whatever items they can find. But most fail to understand the method and as a result, improvised tourniquets rarely control bleeding effectively.

Not only that, but while you’re running around, trying to find everything you need to make a TQ, the victim is quickly bleeding to death.

If you have a helper you can trust, instruct them apply direct pressure to the wound while you find the items you need to make an improvised TQ. Direct pressure must be applied at all times.”



I’ll close this knowledge dump by sharing Claude Werner’s most excellent Venn diagram of my predictions from last week’s Knowledge Dump about the future of policing.  Train hard.  You’ll likely need those skills when the cops stop showing up.



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