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Weekend Knowledge Dump- January 8, 2021

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


Weaver vs. Picatinny: What’s the Difference?

The two most commonly available optics rails and their differences.



Sheriff identifies pastor killed in East Texas church shooting

An interesting case that my church security readers should analyze.  How would you confront a man trying to steal the church collection money?  Has your team practiced weapon retention and close quarter shooting techniques?



More Advice For First-Time Gun Buyers and Owners – RevolverGuy.Com

Solid advice for new gun owners.



BE Wide Open

“As often as you can remember, be fully attentive. 

Attention negates thinking. When you are aware, you cannot worry.

Becoming self-aware turns off your mind and, with it, your problems. Gaining stability in awareness improves everything. Awareness will run your life, if you let it.

Once you have learned how to do something, the best way to do it is give it your full attention. Thinking, rather than paying attention to what is happening, is the sole reason for failure.”



Boy, 15, is arrested for smashing a BMW in New York City

Read about the latest urban crime trend: the “bike out.” It’s like an even more violent version of the “flash mobs” that were so popular a few years back.



Pocket Pistol Practice (Doesn’t Have To Be Punishment)

Good advice from Tamara. I use her two-hand, strong hand, weak hand option nearly every time I shoot my pocket pistols and snubbies.



2020: Basic Training for the Decade

“The point to take from this is: The United States has rarely been at peace.

This timeline omits large scale socio-political upheaval, such as the frontier wars between colonists and Native Americans, the Reconstruction Era KKK, the Robber Barons in the wake of the Civil War, the Rock Springs Massacre, Wounded Knee, the Bracero program, The Watts Riots, the Civil Rights era, the LA Riots, Ruby Ridge, and Waco. Add to this the instability of the last 5 years and we have a fairly complete picture:

Things are always somewhat F***’d for someone, and occasionally that spills over.

It doesn’t matter what form of government, your political or ethnic identity or whatever else – this is the way of human history.”


A Neighbor Describes What Happened When Law Enforcement Stopped Responding to an Armed Encampment in North Portland

Think about how you might respond if your neighborhood becomes an armed encampment or “autonomous zone.” The cops aren’t coming and you will be seriously outnumbered.



Authorities Issue Multiple Warnings on Concealed Carry Text Message Scam

Beware of this text scam going around.  For more information, read Concealed Carry Weapon Holder Application Scam: False Text Messages




Thanks to Massad Ayoob for the kind words about my work.



Some Tips On Replacing The Trigger Spring On A Security-Six Revolver

Very useful information if you have an older Ruger revolver.  You may also like the author’s gunsmithing resource page.



100 Tips for a Better Life

One of the better advice lists I’ve read lately.

“92. You have vanishingly little political influence and every thought you spend on politics will probably come to nothing. Consider building things instead, or at least going for a walk. “



LIFE SKILLS | Increase Your Performance By Failing

“As crazy as it sounds, if you’re not making mistakes, to include mental errors, then you’re not pushing your skills hard enough to move past your comfort zone. Only when you step outside your comfort zone can that less-travelled-path be included as part of your gained ground. As a result, that newly earned real estate becomes part of your new comfort zone and pushes the edge of your skills envelop that much further out.”



Emily Ratajkowski On Heart Rate Variability, Brain Waves and Training Race Drivers

Heart rate does affect performance, but not in the way Bruce Siddle originally described it in Sharpening the Warrior’s Edge.



January Rangemaster Newsletter

A fun variation of the FBI qual along with a few very informative articles.  This is one of the best newsletters Tom has published.



Automatic Advantage?

Like most other “knife nuts,” I went through a phase where all the knives I carried were switchblades.  I’ve learned a lot since those days.  Now I agree with the author.  Barring a rare exception, most users would be better served with a manually opening blade.



Ayoob: Is the 1911 Wrong for CCW?

Massad Ayoob’s take on the 19911 as a CCW pistol.  You might also find his 1911 holster recommendations valuable as well.



Rallies, Protests and Riots – Part 1

This edition of the ACLDN monthly journal has an informative interview with Marc MacYoung about crowd violence.  If the topic interests you, buy Marc’s new book Multiple Attackers.



VCQB®️ Ballistics

Important information for my police readers. Windshield + cage/screen offers ballistic protection against most handgun rounds. For those of you who have plexiglass/Lexan prisoner screens with windows, keep your windows closed to get better protection across the whole width of the car.  Link opens to Facebook video.



Physician Reviews and Analyzes All Choke Submissions in UFC History

903 MMA bouts have ended by strangulation since 1993.  Only 11% of those chokes resulted in unconsciousness.



Self-Defense Behind the Wheel of Your Car

Some of the issues involved with shooting into or from vehicles.



Defensive Shooting Myths and Misconceptions: “I shoot that gun really well.”


A great article that should serve as a reality check for some of you.

“Look at it this way: the likelihood is, regardless of the caliber you’re using, that if you have to shoot you’ll end up using multiple rounds to incapacitate your attacker. Forget all of the “one shot stop” nonsense — you’re probably going to shoot 2-3 rounds, at least, in order to stop the attack. The faster you can get those rounds into an appropriate place on the target (the bad guy), the sooner and surer the attack is going to end.

That brings us right back to the balance of speed and precision, doesn’t it? The better you can control your gun, the faster you’re going to be able to get those rounds accurately  on target. The more it recoils, the less control you’ll have and the slower you’re going to shoot — meaning that your attacker is going to have more time to hurt you. “Shooting well” in the defensive context means being able to control realistic strings of fire, not single shots.”


If you are newer to the shooting world, you’ll definitely want to read Grant’s book Defensive Pistol Fundamentals.



Testing the Brush Gun Myth

Which caliber do you think deflects the least when passing through wood?



The Truth about Violence


A very thorough guide covering both how to avoid violence and how to prevail if your avoidance tactics aren’t successful.



5 Secrets to Reading More Books

For any of you who have “more reading” on your list of New Years resolutions.



Unmasking Antifa: Five Perspectives on a Growing Threat

Speaking of books, this is the one I’m currently reading.



The Modern Firearms Instructor: Can We Do Better?


The answer is “YES”.



Victim Steals Phone Store Robber’s Firearm

This is a weird one.  Bad guy starts out with a gun, gets disarmed, and pulls backup pepper spray to hit the clerks.  Clerks respond by blasting robber with a fire extinguisher.  This one simply illustrates the fact that the nature of the fight might be incredibly different from the fight for which you have prepared.




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