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Weekend Knowledge Dump- January 29, 2021

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


5 Best Rimfire Loads for Self-Defense

These are the .22 loads I carry in my defensive rimfire handguns.



Best Showers Guns to Protect Your Bathroom

I’m about as paranoid as anyone can imagine, but even I don’t have a shower gun.

On a more practical point, check out the same site’s compilation of survival-oriented websites and blogs.  As this kind of information becomes purged and shadow banned from social media, it’s ever more important to have the old school website address to click on.  If you like the site, sign up for their email updates as well.  There won’t be any forewarning before these sites start disappearing from your news feed.



Jack Hinson The Civil War’s Greatest Sniper

A history lesson for you.  I thought the book upon which this video was based exposed a part of the Civil War that few people have learned.



The Things I Wish I Knew Before My First Training Course

I think this is useful information no matter how many training classes you’ve attended.



Man Enforces Social Boundaries And Gets Beat Up For It

If people think about this outcome every time they feel the need to enforce their own social mores within a group that doesn’t share those values, there would be a whole lot less drama in the world.  Let it go.  After this beatdown, do you think the guy is just wishing he had allowed these dudes to go ahead of him in line?



Convinced It’s All Going To Hell? Here are 15 things to do now.

Paul Martin seems to be once the relatively few voices of sanity left in the preparedness blogosphere.

“Many in the preparedness community are upset about the election results and are lamenting the potential changes in laws and public policy from Washington.  If you are in that camp, what are you going to do about it moving forward?  You can continue to complain about it on social media.  You could unplug from society and social medial altogether.  

Or you can do something that helps you and your family.”



How to detail strip a 1911


I know there are some of you out there who own 1911s, but don’t know how to break them down for a proper cleaning.  If that describes you, please take the time to watch this short video and correct your issues. 



HCQ for Covid-19

Last week I posted links to articles about the effectiveness of both masks and Ivermectin for reducing transmission and severity of Covid-19.  The post immediately reduced my page views and ad revenue.  I will risk the loss of readers to get the truth out to you.  Here are all the studies done on Hydroxychloroquine.  This is the drug that the media claims is “ineffective” or “harmful.”  I urge you to read the science and make your own decisions.

And for more information, you may like Quebec researchers say they have found an effective drug to fight COVID-19.



Guns of ISG: The Makarov

Some thoughts on the Makarov pistol.  I don’t think I’d consider it as a carry piece with so many other higher quality guns available.  With that said, I think you should know how one works, especially if you travel to other countries.

I still see Makarovs being carried today in police/military holsters in all the former Soviet republics, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Cuba.  They are common guns in that part of the world.  For what it’s worth, .380 acp ammo will usually fire (but may not reliably cycle) in the 9mm Makarov (9x18mm) chamber.




At various times during my tenure as training officer for the police department, I encountered ammunition shortages.  There were times where our annual bullet order was delayed as much as nine months.  What did I do?  I focused on training other skill sets.  Instead of shooting we worked on physical defensive tactics, medical, legal updates, or building search skills.

In this article, Robert is essentially recommending the same approach for individuals during this ammo draught.  I heartily agree with this approach.  You probably need to work on lots of other topics besides shooting.  Use the ammo shortage as an opportunity to do that.




Massad Ayoob shares some wisdom about things you may not have considered with regard to your firearms training practice.



Shadow of Wolves: A Kit Barker Novel Kindle Edition

What I’m reading…

This is my friend Justin’s first novel.  You’ve read pieces from him before on my blog.  He guest posted Five Deadly Fallacies of Hand to Hand,

 Principles of the Ground,  and Standing Up.

I have to readily admit that a supernatural western set at the end of the civil war isn’t really in my normal reading genre.  With that said, I’m enjoying Justin’s excellent work.  If you like westerns, pick this one up.  It’s quite unique.



SEAL THE BOX | Treating Sucking Chest Wounds

Do you how and when to apply a chest seal?  You should.



In-Extremis Communication- Part Four



The last of Larry Lindenman’s four-part series on communicating with criminals when it is “too soon to shoot yet.”  This segment covers how to safely order the criminal into a position where he can be held at gunpoint for police arrival.  The entire series is a must read for any armed citizens or police officers.



Defensive Gun Uses Where People Legally Carrying Concealed Guns Have Stopped Crime

Most of you reading this blog do not experience violent crime on a regular basis.  That’s a good thing.  The problem you may encounter without lots of crime experience is that you may be slow to recognize that you are being targeted by a criminal.  Reading articles like this one familiarize you with the way criminals attack their victims.  That’s useful information to have.



Protecting Yourself From Lead Exposure at Shooting Ranges

If you shoot at poorly ventilated indoor ranges or spend a lot of time cleaning guns without gloves, there’s a good chance your blood lead level is elevated.  Here are some steps to reduce your exposure.



How Much Ammo Should You Carry?

“Some folks advise you should carry multiple firearms, med kits, several knives and a lot of spare ammunition. I’m OK with that if you don’t mind the extra bulk and weight, but it might not be necessary if you live anywhere there’s not an active war zone. Each of us needs to make a thoughtful assessment of our environment and threat level before deciding what to carry and how much of it we might need.

I’ve never known anyone who lived through a gunfight and wished they had carried less ammunition. You might want to keep that in mind.”



Speed Kills, Sprinting Builds

An introductory sprinting program that most of you can use to improve your fitness and make you better prepared for combat.



Electronic Hearing Protection, And The Benefits They Offer


I think electronic hearing protection is almost a necessity for shooting today.  It’s so much better than unamplified ear muffs that once you try it, you’ll never go back.  I have the high dollar Peltors and MSA Sordins.  They work great.  The ones I like best, however are the Champion Vanquish Pro series.  They amplify sounds significantly louder than other models I own.  As an old guy who can’t hear very well, that’s important to me.



The problem with defensive shooting is that it’s dominated by enthusiasts. That’s not necessarily good for you.


“Then look in the mirror and ask: “do I really want to be an enthusiast, or just learn how to better defend myself and my family?” They’re two different paths that don’t necessarily intersect.”



Can a Trainer Can Be Liable For a Fighter Getting CTE?

For all of you combatives instructors.




Advice about buying your first handgun during this period of firearm and ammunition shortages.



1998 Combatives

Karl discusses the genesis of commercial combination gun/empty hands classes.  What is so commonly taught now was in its absolute infancy 20-25 years ago.  There were only a few of us teaching anything other than “shove and shoot” or the “speed rock” for close quarters shooting.   It’s fun looking back on that period of time and seeing how little we all knew compared to what we know now.  Integrated combatives classes like that were so incredibly rare two decades ago.

I’m glad I was able to share a small part in getting these skills out to the shooting public with my work at TDI.

For some further commentary on Karl’s article, soon after we developed the integrated curriculum at TDI, Paul Gomez booked several classes as a student. He had also trained at Insights. Craig and Paul taught one of their first two-day ECQC classes at TDI. Paul was the man who connected John Benner at TDI and I with Craig Douglas.  Gomez also studied a lot of what Kelly McCann was teaching at the time as well.

I really think Gomez was the unsung underlying force of integrated combatives. He saw the big picture of what we were all doing and tried to work with Craig to focus on distilling the best stuff from each of our systems.

Paul doesn’t get nearly the credit he deserves for fast-forwarding the state of the industry’s integrated combatives training.



Check 360 Explained

“Don’t fall into range theatrics that look cool…truly LOOK AND SEE”



BOOTLEG TURNS | Escaping The Kill Zone

When I was a teenager, all my friends and I played with emergency brake-assisted turns.  They were fun.  I don’t think new drivers these days play with their cars the same we we did 30 years ago.



Car Wreck First on Scene: What to Do Pt 2

Part two of the series this week.





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