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Weekend Knowledge Dump- February 5, 2020

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


The Backpack Gun Project: Part 2

Another excellent article from Lucky Gunner.



The Sound of Silence – An Overview of Firearm Sound Suppressors

Suppressor basics.



By the Numbers: Gun Ownership Through the Years

Very interesting historic statistics about gun ownership in America.



Where’s All the Damn Ammo? Federal Premium’s President Has Some Answers

There is no grand conspiracy to keep you from buying ammunition.  These shortages are cyclical and predicatble.  This one is worse because of the intersection of numerous factors outside the control of the ammo companies.  We have a record number of new gun owners who all want ammo.  There are shortages in some of the raw materials.  Riots/Pandemics/Election results all have people scared.  Covid-19 casualties, illness, and quarantines affect every stage of the production/distribution process.

After I lived through a couple of previous shortages, I vowed I wouldn’t be as detrimentally affected by future reductions in the ammo supply.  I bought enough ammo that I no longer have to worry.  When prices drop, I would suggest that you do the same.

For even more information about the issue, read Revisiting the Ammunition Shortage in 2021 with Nosler.



BABY DRIVER, Counter Carjacking and Critical Path Design

Marcus Wynne provides some counter-carjacking and curriculum development pointers.




In the days before the internet, this was one of the prime resources most of us used to get gun information. I remember reading these magazine issues when I was in high school. The lack of photographs in the articles and the language used is very different from internet gun articles today.

Read Askins’ “Revolver vs. Auto” article starting on page 32 for an example. Askins talks about pistol whipping a smuggler and “knocking him out colder than a whore’s heart.”

Sometimes I miss the more colorful language of yesteryear.



Do you carry religiously? You may not be as safe as you believe.


Grant brings up a very good point here and I tend to agree with him.  I travel out of the country about six weeks a year.  I can’t carry a gun, but that doesn’t mean I’m unarmed.  If you refuse to go anywhere in the world where you can’t pack your heater, you are missing out on a lot that this life has to offer.

Here’s another good article on the same topic.  You’ll also want to read about John Daub’s experience trying the exercise Grant suggested.



DIY J-Frame JetLoader Pouch

For all you DIY revolver aficionados.



Opening the Window

And speaking of revolvers, Tamara has some poorly understood information about the small S&W frame sizes.



Neighborhood Rapport/Community-Building Follow Up

Good advice.  I need to spend more time doing this.



E-Book Resources: Survival and Prepping Books

Some free survival books.




For those of you who shoot M1A rifles.  Guidance directly from the factory.



In Defense of Self and Others . . . Issues, Facts & Fallacies — The Realities of Law Enforcement’s Use of Deadly Force

What I’m reading…

It’s not a cheap book, but it is indispensable with regard to understanding police use of force.  Re-reading this one in preparation for a hearing where I will be an expert witness defending a police officer’s reasonable use of force.



Lessons from an accidental discharge


Scary stuff from KR Training.  Be careful who you let work on your defensive guns and be cautious about what modifications you make.



New CDC study says valved respirators/masks do just as good of a job as basic masks

Latest research shows that masks with an exhaust valve work better than cloth masks.



Avoid this dummy drill & how to turn it into a “smart” drill…

Some deeper thinking on the “ball and dummy” drill.  I think this drill has value, but a lot of people use it incorrectly.



Police SUV plows through crowd of troublemakers in Tacoma in sickening VIDEO

I don’t really think this video is as “sickening” as the article title suggests.

Cop arrives on scene. Immediately, his cruiser is attacked by a large group of people. They surround the cruiser and attempt to break the windows.

Cop blows air horn and siren to disperse the crowd. They do not disperse.

Cop puts it in reverse and attempts to escape. The group presses forward, continuing the attack.

Cop drops it back in drive and accelerates, striking several in the group and running over at least one to escape the attack.

A reasonable use of force? If you don’t think so, what do you think the officer should have done?

If you are an emergency responder (cop, firefighter, medic), you could have something similar happen to you.  I might suggest that you send this video to yours supervisors, administrators, and legal advisors.  Ask them specifically what they would expect you to do in a similar situation. 

If they suggest that it’s reasonable to defend yourself using the vehicle as a weapon, save their response for the future.  If they fail to answer or answer in a non-committal manner, it might be time to get your union involved or to start seeking employment elsewhere.

Don’t let your agency hang you out to dry when they haven’t provided viable options or training for successfully resolving an incident like this.

Also, if you have aspirations for promotion or advancement in your agency, please don’t do this.  If you do it, you’ll be considered instantly unpromotable within your department.  You’ll be like me, the dude who retires at the exact same rank he had when hired.  I’m cool with that role, but some of you might not be.



A Woman’s Place in Gun Advertisements – New Study Posted

A historical look at the role of women in gun advertising.



Critical Incident Briefing – January 9, 2021 – 600 West Van Buren Street

Why I’m in favor of LPV optics on patrol rifles. Watch the officer dial up the magnification at around the 3:00 mark before dropping the suspect who was shooting at people and holding his own toddler hostage.

The officer took the shot and then led the rescue team to get the kid. Strong work.




I think this drill is valuable.  I demonstrate it in many of my beginner classes, but I’ve never had students shoot it.  I’ll be changing that.  Read Part Two as well.



How to Read More: 8 Reasons and 7 Strategies to Read More Books

“I probably get asked this question more than any other: How do you read so much?

The short answer is just do it.  (Nobody asks, “How do you find the time to eat?”)”



OC instructor course, OH, April 10, 2021

My friend Chuck Haggard does an excellent OC spray class.  He’ll be in Western Ohio in April teaching his OC spray instructor material.  If you have any interest in the topic, you should take his class.



Can brain games train officers to control their minds for peak performance under stress?

How trained brains differ from untrained brains.



The Relative Draw Speeds of Pistols

Fast draw history from Elden Carl.



Book Review Choose Adventure: Safe Travel in Dangerous Places

Thanks to Gila Hayes and the ACLDN for such a generous book review.



Improvised Weapons

Some ideas to get you thinking about improvised impact weapons.




Tom’s excellent monthly journal.  The February issue also contains some information I provided with regards to body language one can utilize to avoid looking like a victim.  This edition also has Tom’s unique idea about understanding the relative advantages of having more magazine capacity in a gun fight.  Opens to PDF.



“No live ammo…”

I’m happy to see Kathy Jackson blogging again.  Her book is one of the best references in the gun world.





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