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Weekend Knowledge Dump- April 9, 2021

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Knowledge to make your life better. If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


100 Shoppers Became Hostages in a NY Protest. Here’s How to Survive in a Protest Turned Hostage Situation

With the never ending protests/riots heating up again, it’s prudent to plan for this contingency as well.




Mas shares a very useful analogy.



Defensive Gun Skills, Good Enough?

Some realistic shooting drills to assess baseline competence.  I’d also suggest that you read my article about being “Good Enough.”



Why Universal Background Checks Suck

Michael Bane’s take on the popular proposal of “universal background checks” for firearms transfers.  I agree with him.  UBCs will not reduce gun crime.




Everything you want to know about suppressors.  Part Two covers the legal issues involved in acquiring one and how to make the purchase.  Part Three covers maintenance and cleaning.



Cloud Defensive Weapon Lights in 2021 – An ARBuildJunkie Q&A

Cloud Defensive and Modlite are my go-to solutions for when I need exceptionally long “throw” on my rifles.  They aren’t always the best for indoors and short range use, but they will reach out farther than most other weapons lights on the market.



Why Can’t I Achieve My Goals?

Chris describes a process to maximize your ability to accomplish whatever goal you may have.  You may also like his article It’s Who You Are On the Outside That Matters.



Gun Digest Book of Combat Handgunnery, 7th Edition

What I’m reading…

This is a very comprehensive volume of information about every aspect of fighting with a handgun.  I was actually quite stunned to see the depth of content that Massad managed to cram into a single book.  It’s profusely illustrated as well.  Pick this one up.  The chapter on holsters was worth the price of the book itself.



The Essentials: How to Build a Mass Casualty Trauma Kit

High quality information here.  With that said, if you don’t know what you need to include in a trauma medical kit before reading this article, I would contend that you need more training, not more gear.



Lions, tigers and bears…oh S**T


Dr. House conducts an thought provoking search for what weapon he would choose if he was limited to owning just one gun.  His choice may surprise you.



Speedloaders make sixguns sizzle

Continuing on the topic of revolvers, this is a primer on revolver speedloaders.  The HKS loaders that the author recommends are not my favorite.  They are compact, the cheapest on the market, and are available for almost every gun, but they are significantly slower than other models.  I prefer products by Speed Beez and the Safariland Comp III much better.



Passivity Is a Choice, and We Made It

The realities of intervention in our modern culture…

“When we choose, as a society, to punish those who intervene, it’s hard to be shocked when people don’t. People can rationally calculate risk and reward – “Okay, that nice Asian grandma is going to have a black eye, and that’s bad, but I’m going to go home in one piece tonight and not be bankrupted or tossed in jail forever, so I can live with it.”



Vehicle Preparedness. Pat McNamara, Field Notes Ep. 62

“You never want to relinquish the opportunity to be Batman.”



Self Defense From Inside Your Car


Speaking of vehicle preparations, here are a few good tips for vehicular self defense.



Men vs Women’s Self Defense

I agree with Nick here.  Attacks on women differ tremendously from attacks on men.  If you have any doubts about that fact, I’d suggest you read this article and then follow it up by reading the book Little Black Book of Violence.



How to Become a Master of Dry-Fire Practice

Taking your dry fire practice to the next level.



Guide to Budget Ammo


With the current ammo crisis, lots of people are looking to shoot any cartridges they can get their hands on.  I’m not worried about steel cased ammunition in general, but I do stay away from a few brands.  I don’t shoot Hornady’s steel case .223 ammo after I witnessed a squib load blow up one of my police department’s M-16 rifles.  I also refuse to use Tula ammunition (in any caliber).  I’ve had two factory armorer instructors (for two different handgun companies) tell me that Tula ammo is responsible for more gun ka-booms than any other brand.

For more info, read Is Cheap Steel-Case Ammunition Safe to Use?



Scammers targeting gun owners on social media, offering cheap ammo and primers

While on the topic of cheap ammo, please realize that social media ammo scammers are a real thing. Be careful.



Trick Shooter Ed McGivern Used his Legendary Skills to Train Law Enforcement Officers

If you have never heard of Ed McGivern, it’s time for a history lesson.  Ed has some shooting records that still haven’t been broken nearly 100 years later.  His book Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting was published in 1938 and contains insights that are still useful in the modern age.



Adversarial Attraction: the Predator’s Optic


What do criminals look for when they choose a victim?

“The top cues to vulnerability were: Walk/gait – walking with confidence versus walking like a soft target. Gender – females appear as softer targets than males. Body type – In good physical shape (could put up more of a fight) versus heavy set or slow (less physically challenging). Fitness level – Greater probability of fighting back versus unable to defend self. Attention to surroundings versus Not paying attention; Appears to be cautious versus appears to be clueless.

In distilling the above, there are three overarching Soft Target Indicators that command a predator’s attention at first glance. These are; if you appear to be:

    1. Weak – physically, mentally or otherwise
    2. Unaware – distracted (lack of situational awareness) clearly not paying attention to your immediate surroundings – including them watching you
    3. Alone – easily accessible, vulnerable, exposed, or some combination thereof

You can appear to be any one of these or even any two of these, but all three combined – weak, unaware and alone –well, that’s the predator’s jackpot – three sevens in Vegas!”

You also want to be aware of anyone who is maneuvering to increase your “Scale of Injury.”



A Crash Course in Real World Self-Defense

It’s not enough just to be skilled with a firearm.  A genuine student of the art can fight empty handed as well.



How to Mount a Rifle Scope

Another stellar article/video from Lucky Gunner.



Big Tech Can Make Sure Billions of People NEVER See Dissenting Opinions

“Selco has warned us diligently about how the media bombarded people with the hate the inspired a modern genocide during the Balkan War, which was only 30 years ago. The same thing is happening right here in the United States of America and it’s being buried in 15 second clips and trendy social media pages.”



Brazilian Deadly Force Encounter Teaches Us About Keeping A Round In The Chamber

Wearing flip flops on the street and carrying empty chamber go together quite well.



Concealed Carry Corner: Validity Of A Backup Gun

I never worked a single shift in my 25 years as a cop without carrying a backup gun.  Now that I’m retired, it’s exceptionally rare that I choose to carry a second gun on my person.  Each individual must assess his/her own threat profile before making the decision to carry a backup piece or not.  For more information, read my article Backup vs. Hideout Guns.




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